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Is it possible to have a tatoo done over a keloid scar?

I have a keloid scar on my chest, a few inches below my collarbone. I am so conscious of it because it attracts alot of stares. I can't wear any low neck outfits because of it. So now I want to put a tatoo over it to camouflage it and make it more presentable. Is it possble to tatoo a keloid scar or will I be making it more ghastly to look at? Are there health implications?

Yes it is possible but u have to do it with a specialist in order to avoid wounding the scar again.  (+ info)

What could be the reason my navel keloid is hard and raised?

I developed a keloid a few months ago from a infected navel piercing. Today I woke up and it was itchy, swollen, and hard. I have started exercising, so could that be the reason? Also I've been using scar zone on it to try and fade it, do you think that will work or am I just wasting my time? I really don't want to do any steroid injections and surgery. I've tried tea tree oil and it dosen't seem to work on it.

Honestly the best way to get rid of keloids is to take two ibuprofens once a day for a couple of weeks. This will help to break it up. Just be sure to consult your doctor about starting an ibuprofen regimen beforehand if you are on any medications or have any health problems (especially dealing with your stomach, kidneys, and liver).

The scar zone could be infecting your piercing. The tea tree oil is an antiseptic so I don't think you have any problems there other than it just irritating the area. Don't put anything else on it, ok?  (+ info)

What is the best treatment to remove a keloid permanently?

I have two keloid that I already remove three times with laser and surgery. they come back in bigger sizes. Does anyone have them and know what I can do to remove them permanently because I'm tired of seeing growing skin on my body

I actually have a keloid on the cartilage on my ear from having it pierced with a navel piercing gauged needle. I went to a dermatologist a couple of months ago, and he recommended a Cortisone steroid injection in my ear right through the keloid. It took about two weeks to notice the difference (it didnt hurt at all by the way) but now, I can hardly even see it. I'm going back to see him in a week to see if I need another injection or to get it cut off, but I can hardly even notice it even more. It worked really well for me. Have you tried this yet?! I certainly recommend it. Painless, cheap and it worked great for me. Hopefully it can for you too! Definately look into though ok? You shouldnt have to suffer with those.  (+ info)

How can I tell if this is a keloid or not?

I got my nose pierced a few weeks ago and recently (within the last couple of days) it started puffing up and turning red around the piercing. It doesn't hurt or itch. I've been cleaning it with bactine since I got it. Does this sound like a keloid? And if so, what are some home treatments I can do to reduce its size/redness?

*I do plan on going to the piercer, I'm just stuck at work and worrying about it until then.

Actual keloids are pretty rare in piercing, and are much more prevalent in more highly pigmented skin and people of African descent. While I can't rule it out (since I'm not looking at you) it's more than likely not a keloid, unless you already have a history of them.

A small bump next to a nostril piercing is usually a clogged pore, which swells and looks red and irritated. This is how to get rid of it:

Prepare a warm saline soak (the warmer the better, just don't burn yourself!) and soak a cotton ball in it. Press the cotton ball on the bump until it drains- clear fluid may come out of the lump (this is lymph- containing white blood cells). Do the soaks until the lump drains. When the lump has drained you can apply 100% tea tree oil using a Q-tip twice a day (morning and night) to make the bump shrink down.

In the meanwhile, continue to use saline soaks to clean the piercing, and things should improve. Good luck!  (+ info)

What kind of tea tree oil should i use to get rid of a keloid?

I'm looking for tea tree oil to get rid of the keloid on my nose, but there are so many different kinds of tea tree oil i don't know which one i should use? There are kinds like Herbal Harvest tea tree oil, Gena Tea tree oil, Radiance tea tree oil. Ect.

Go out and buy some real tea tree oil. I don't know what kinds of brands of tea tree oil you are talking about, but whatever kind it is, make sure that it is real and 100% natural, and not like that fake and diluted stuff people buy from some drug stores. You're only criteria for buying tea tree oil should be that it's the 100% natural kind. A lot of the stuff at the drug stores that are supposedly real oils and things are fake and diluted. The bottle may say tea tree oil, but when you read the ingredients on it tea tree oil will be way down on the ingredient list and it will mostly be soybean oil or mineral oil mixed with different cheap oils and only contain the oil. These don't work as well as the real oils. It will also be loaded with fragrance. Some companies do this because it is cheaper and easier to produce more.

It doesn't really matter which brand you buy, just make sure that it's the 100% natural kind and the only ingredient listed should be tea tree oil. You should avoid buying from some common drug stores which sell the diluted kind and instead, buy from a health food store. They almost always sell the completely natural products. It doesn't matter much, it is mostly all the same as long as it's natural.  (+ info)

Where can I find Silicon Gel Sheets to help in the treatment of a keloid scar?

Ive been wanting to try silicon sheets to help reduce the size of a keloid scar. Are these available at any pharmacy, medical store? Or are they by prescription only.

Silicone scar sheets are over-the-counter and readily available. Be prepared for the cost, though. A quick search at Drugstore.com turned up the following choices:
- 28 Neosporin Scar Solution 1.5" x 2.75" sheets, billed as a 12-week supply, $29.99
- 1 ScarFx 1.5"x3" sheet, billed as reusable, $18.99

Curad makes a non-silicone scar sheet from polyurethane that's less expensive (21 pads for $17.99) you may also want to consider.  (+ info)

How do you knoe if you are getting a keloid, from a piercing?

i got both my ears pierced, my left ear seems 2 b fine, but the right ear hurts a little more than the left one, and it also feels a bit swollen. My friend said that i could put a new earing in after 2 weeks so i did, and now after i did the right ear has began to feel this way, am i getting a keloid?

a keloid would not really hurt i would take the ear rings u put in out and put in the original one cause it is most likely a reaction from them  (+ info)

Is it possible to get rid of a keloid without medical help?

I have a keloid on my industrial piercing. I used to have a keloid on my tragus piercings but they healed. I thought the same would happen for my industrial but it didn't. Is it possible to remove these without seeking medical attention? What would I use?

I started getting keloids on mine and I just used a dab of Tea Tree Oil on mine, and they began to get smaller and now it's fine.   (+ info)

How do I remove a keloid caused by my cartilage piercing?

I recently got my ear cartilage re-pierced after it closed, and I seem to have a small bump behind it. It's called a keloid. Does anyone know how to remove it? Only people who have had experience with this please.

Try getting surgery. If you pop it, you might leave some scarring tissue that might not heal properly.  (+ info)

It iches and is the most uncomfortable thing ever. How do I get rid of this earlobe keloid?

I am 23 African female. I pierced my ears myself and my left ear seemed irritated after a while. As soon as I took the earrings out, it begun to swell. I tried a scar therapy gel but it did not seem to work. I cannot afford surgery now but I really need this keloid to be gone. By the way how much does it cost to get it done?

More than likely have it surgically removed by a physican. It will only grow bigger without that. Radiation treatment so that it doesn't grow back. Please don't treat yourself, don't pick at it and make it worse. Let a qualified person take care of this.  (+ info)

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