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what is acrodynia?

It is a condition wherein there is pain in the extremities (the hands and feet) and is caused by chronic exposure to mercury.

It is very rarely found in the US nowadays. Acrodynia primarily affects young children. Some of the symptoms include irritability, photophobia, pink discoloration of the hands and feet, and polyneuritis.

Acrodynia most often occurs in infants and young children. The age of onset is between 4 months and 8 years. Newborns and adults appear to be less susceptible to the disease.  (+ info)

hi pls ans to my question by letting me know my son suffering from acrodynia wld he b ok after chemet drug?

he is anacute case of mercury poisioning with pink hands and feet an has completly lost his appetite kindly let me know wheather he could be recover as his behaviour has changed completly can't stand sunlight and has murmer in his heart urine mercury was 50 and serium mercury was <5 ie 11

I don't really understand the question ...  (+ info)

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