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ADDISON DISEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

ok so i am 14 years old and i am always tired even after 11 hours of sleep sometimes have diaherra like maybe 1 every 2 weeks loss of appetite and nausea

Are the creases in your skin looking darker? That's a sign of Addison's, especially in areas not exposed to the sun (armpits, on the cheek inside the mouth...). Your best bet would be to see your doctor, who can perform blood tests to determine if you do in fact have Addison's. However, the symptoms you're describing are really broad and can occur with a number of different illnesses, anything from the flu to inflammatory bowel disease...
You should get it checked out.  (+ info)

Addison Disease?

Anyone got it or know of anyone with it?

How are you or them?

I was diagnosed 3 years ago but I have never met or spoken to anyone with it.


I have never had a crisis (thank god)

You share your disease with JFK,Osama Bin Ladin and my Mum.My Mum died a few years ago with Mixed connective tissue disease(unconnected to Addison's.)It's actually thought to be under diagnosed.  (+ info)

Can you get Addison's Disease if you take 5 prednisone pills after the frist seven days of usage?

Two of the pills were taken maybe a day after the one week mark... The other three pills were taken about 4-5 days after the one week mark. What are the odds of getting Addison's Disease from this? It it a high or low percentage.

5mg prednisone is equilavent to how much cortisol each day by the average person, so chances of this actually causing addisons disease are close to 0%.  (+ info)

Addison's Disease - Looking for healthcare help for someone with no healthcare insurance?

I'm looking for financial help / assistance for a person residing in Fort Worth, TX who has advancing Addison's disease. He has no health care insurance and is having increasing trouble dealing with the acute episodes that occur and prevent him from being able to work.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction to help him get some assistance to get the care that he needs? I know there are grants & funds for various conditions & medications, but I'm not sure where to begin helping in this case.

Many thanks in advance for your response.

I have met the similiar problem before -- still a little bit annoy,here http://www.healthinsurance-onlinetips.info/health-insurance-for-free.htm is a good resource that help me out.
  (+ info)

Why do patients with Addison's disease become hypotensive?

Why do patients with Addison's disease become hypotensive, if you can answer it will help a lot?

there is a lack of steroids in the body that are necessary to regulate blood pressure  (+ info)

might a womanizing tendency be a result of suffering from Addison's Disease?

addison's disease is a failure to create glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids, so their precursors build up and get shifted to the pathway that makes steroids like testosterone. would a build-up cause behavioral changes?
hussain, i think you read my question incorrectly. thanks.

Not likely. Behavior is still, at least in part, a choice.   (+ info)

Does the name Addison make you think of the disease?

I see so many people liking it, but whenever I see it, I just think of Addison's disease..........Anyone else feel that way? I know I wouldn't want to share my name with a disease!

Yes, I think of a disease, and I think of the fact that it's a masculine boy's name meaning Son of Adam. Don't see why anyone would be attractive to such a horrible name, especially for a poor little girl.  (+ info)

Does anyone on here have Addison's Disease? Can you tell me about the symptoms and how you got diagnosed?

I've had some issues in the last few years...severe fatigue, low blood pressure, joint pain, major allergies, high heart rate, foggy head, salt craving ,etc....just wondering if this may be Addison's? Would like to hear other peoples knowledge and experience of this disease?

Get to a doctor - an endocrinologist. Find a good one - some will not have ever treated a case and will not have a clue how to do the stimulation testing.

You will need cortisol, ACTH, sodium and potassium testing at a minimum.

ACTH is a very hard thing to test. Lab error keeps a lot of people from getting testing accurately. It should be in a chilled lavender topped EDTA tube, drawn promptly, spun as soon as it is drawn and frozen as soon as it comes out of the centrifuge. Busy lab (or not knowing the procedure) keeps the sample from being processed correctly and the results are then not accurate. Urine cortisol samples also need to be kept cold no matter what they say.

I had Cushing's (too much cortisol) and then had my adrenals removed so now I have none. I take salt tablets daily and florinef (fludrocortisone) to keep my blood pressure up and my pulse moderate. I take replacement steroids, hydrocortisone, and have to adjust for illness. Too little steroids is dangerous - too much and it damages the body (hence why I had to have them removed) so it is a balancing act.

You need to find out the source of the issue - be it pituitary or adrenal. The ACTH test is the best way to know that is why that test needs to be accurate.

In the end, make sure you get ongoing monitoring as when one hormone goes awry, others tend to go awry as well. Watch vitamin D, ferratin, calcium and all... cortisol eats bones and you need to be careful.  (+ info)

Can smoking cigarettes complicate addison's disease?

I Have addison's disease and take Hydrocortisone twice daily for it.
Does Smoking effect my addison's or my cortisone?

  (+ info)

Can a person diagnosed with Addison's disease drink alcohol or get "drunk"?

Does taking Hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone interact in anyway with the consumption of alcohol? Those are two prescriptions that are used to treat addison's. What are the possible consequences of an occasional drink or drinking with these at all?

You can get drunk for sure... but alcohol may have side effects that are probably a bit more dangerous for a person with Addison's than the normal person. One drink should not be an issue as long as the person drinks plenty of other fluids. Getting plastered, well...
First, you get dehydrated which is not good as it may interfere with the electrolyte levels and as you should know, the adrenal crisis is created when sodium and potassium levels go out of wack. Which is why you want to stay hydrated and have a high sodium diet.
Second, if you get drunk and start to vomit - that also can create a life threatening crisis.
So, moderation is probably ok - but overdoing it can be dangerous especially if the people around you do not understand your health issues.  (+ info)

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