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Papillary Adenocarcinoma. Plz reply ASAP?

one of my family member is having CA in stage 4 with papillary Adenocarcinoma which has been diagnosed Metastatic and producing malignant cell.Doctors here in Pakistan sugessted Chemo for this and i dont know in this stage is this effected or not so please do let me know if there is any other treatment for this stage of desieas.
Abdominal sweeling is to much and thats is distention id also there .
her age is 51 years and Doctors have said that Chemo thrapy is the last soloution for this thing.

From what the physician are telling you, the cancer is a stage 4. This is not good news as the disease has spread to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy sounds to be the best choice as medication can be delivered to all cells of the body cancerous and noncancerous. You will need to know the chemotherapy regimen as the treatment can be very harsh on the body. You will also need to know what is her prognosis with and without chemo treatment. If prognosis is not good then the chemo treatment may do more harm than good. Then you will need to determine if palliative care is a better alternative as this way she can pass away more comfortably. There are going to be some very difficult decisions to make and I wish you and your family the best.

To answer your question cancer is normal treated either with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Surgery and radiation is not feasible as cancer has metastasize.  (+ info)

How common is Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis in patients who have never worn contacts?

I was diagnosed with Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis a week and a half ago. Symptoms began a couple weeks before that. I have never ever worn contact lenses. I'm just wondering how common this is among non-contact-wearers?

A similar condition can be seen in severe atopic conjunctivitis.
GPC is a reaction to protein deposits on foreign objects on the eye. Besides soft lenses, rigid lenses and hard lenses one can see it from prosthetic eyes ("glass eyes"-really plastic) and foreign bodies such as sutures following eye surgery.
Another possibility is you were misdiagnosed when in fact you might have an infectious conjunctivitis with a lot of lid conjunctival reaction.  (+ info)

what are the next steps in papillary thyroid cancer reoccurance?

i had papillary thyroid cancer 2 years ago. it was removed with a total thyroidectomy. i had radioactive iodine treatment after surgery and i've been tested here and there since. i just had a routine ultrasound where they found a suspicious lymph node. i'm scheduled for a FNA (fine needle) my question is, if the results come back positive for a reoccurance, what will ne my next step? more surgery? more RAI? chemo?

When I had a recurrence in my lymph nodes I did a low dose RAI followed by a body scan to see where it traveled to and since it was only in 4 of my lymph nodes they removed 11 and then I went off my meds for awhile did another small dose body scan followed by a high dose RAI and body scan but im sure every doctor does things different but that was my experience with it and now I am cancer free again.
I dont think chemo is the treatment of choice because the iodine is move effective on the thyroid and its safer i believe  (+ info)

Why would a thyroid tumor have both papillary and follicular cells?

My friend was just dx'd w/ thyroid cancer. She had surgery to remove the 1.2 centimeter tumor in the middle of her thyroid. 3 of the 6 lymph nodes that were taken were found to also have cancer. Why would her tumor be both papillary AND follicular? What does that mean for her?

Thyroid cancer is not rare. It's the easiest to cure. I am surprised they did not take all the thyroid. All this means is the thyroid cancer went into the nodes. I had thyroid cancer the same kind with lymph nodes also cancer seeded with thyroid. I was given after surgery, radio-active iodine in large doses to get rid of all thyroid cancer several times. And yes you are radio-active to others. You stay away from children, women who are prego. It's not as bad as you think I am still here and trust my doctor to do his best for me. I sure will be praying for your friend. Now smile people do care.  (+ info)

Which is the place to get treatment for papillary thyroid cancer in India?


I am male, 30 years old. Which is the place to get treatment for papillary thyroid cancer in India and How much it cost?

Kindly Reply,
Cancer Fighter.

I don't have an answer, but I do have a site with more info and maybe they can help. www.thyca.org (thyroid cancer survivors for america)  (+ info)

Can anyone please share their experience or advice regarding papillary carcinoma?

My mother, aged 69, had a 2 centimeter invasive papillary carcinoma removed in a lumpectomy recently. Thankfully, there was no evidence of any of the lymph nodes involved.

Of course, we are very concerned, and would like to know what are the experiences of those who have been diagnosed with papillary carcinoma. What treatments did you undergo? For how long? What were the side effects/possible contraindications and outcome of your treatments? How did you choose your oncologist?

Any advice or details you could give us would be sincerely appreciated.

I don’t know how many responses you are going to get, as papillary carcinoma of the breast is fairly rare and the information you provide is a little vague. Breast cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease, the grade and if the hormone receptors are negative or positive none of which you mention. From what you stated your mom is a stage I, right at the edge of a stage IIA.

She is very luck that it was caught this early as they grow more rapidly than others and when found the tumors are often larger than your mother’s. The lymph nodes are usually negative, but hopefully a sentinel node biopsy was done to be sure. This type of cancer tends to happen most often in black women. For some reason we do not yet understand cancer in general is more aggressive in black patients, so if your mother is black I would have this treated as aggressively as possible to be on the safe side.

I firmly believe when faced with a significant medical decision you should get at least 2 opinions. If your mom lives in a less populated area she may want to get an opinion from the closest teaching facility as they tend to be involved in the most unusual cases and the cutting edge treatment. It may be too far to travel for treatment, but they can create a treatment plan that can be followed locally. Hope this helps. Best wishes to you both.

  (+ info)

is thyroidectomy the ONLY way to determine if a papillary lesion / follicular neoplasm is benign or malignant?

My wife recently underwent FNAB for the thyroid gland and the findings were:
Suggest thyroidectomy for a definitive diagnosis.
Microscopic Description:
Smears disclose a fairly cellular aspirate composed of cohesive clusters of follicular cells, in attempt to form acini and short papillary fronds. The cells show vesicular nuclei, with focal areas of pleomorphism. The background is hemorrhagic containing thin colloid materials and few mixed leukocytes.

I really would like to know if the it is benign or malignant but is there any other way besides invasive surgery? Thanks a lot in advance for all the answers and help.

If FNAB demonstrate follicular neoplasm , we must perform thyroid lobectomy for determining if it's malignant or not , and regarding to this , we will design the further definite and main operation .

There is no way other than this yet .

In some situations , we can perform total thyroidectomy as a plan to determine the permanent pathology at first ( there is several indications : old patients , mass more than 4 cm , ... ) .

But about Papillary neoplasm it's somewhat different : we can plan for a definite operation , also with a FNAB .  (+ info)

Is it possible to surgically remove adenocarcinoma ( Cancer) of Lung which has slightly invaded a bone?

My father is suffering with adenocarcinoma (Cancer) in right upeerlobe of lung, and the tumor has invaded a bone, is it possible to remove it with surgery?
Please note that it has not spread to any other part of the body till now !

They may decide to operate if they can destroy the cancer in the bone thru means of chemo and/or radiation. Seldom do they operate if the cancer has spread to another area other than the original site. There is an exciting new trial being used right now with lung cancers, I'll attach the link for you. You could print it off and your Dad can ask his oncologist if he may be suitable for the trial.  (+ info)

What is the average prognosis for pancreatic adenocarcinoma?

I realize this is different for everyone, but is their about an average survival percentage for pancreatic adenocarcinoma? and if not, how long patients have to live?

You have to tell us which stage - I,II,II,IV ?
Here's a good overview from the NCI (National Cancer Institute)
If you give us a stage, we can give you averages.
Note that averages are not specific predictions for any single person.
Some do better than average. Some do not do as well

From this site http://cancer.emedtv.com/pancreatic-cancer/pancreatic-cancer-survival-rates-p2.html
Stage plays a role in the pancreatic cancer prognosis. Based on historical data:
7 percent of pancreas cancer cases are diagnosed while the cancer is still confined to the primary site (localized)
26 percent of pancreas cancer cases are diagnosed after the cancer has spread to regional lymph nodes or directly beyond the primary site
52 percent of pancreatic cancer cases are diagnosed after the cancer has already metastasized (distant stage)
14 percent of pancreatic cancer cases had staging information that was unknown.

The corresponding 5 year relative pancreatic cancer survival rates were:
* 16.4 percent for localized
* 7.0 percent for regional
* 1.8 percent for distant
* 4.3 percent for unstaged.  (+ info)

What is the definition of adenocarcinoma?

My sister-n-law was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then the doctors mentioned the word "adenocarcinoma" what does this mean?

adenocarcinoma=means cancerous tumor of a gland  (+ info)

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