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My grandfather was just diagnosed with adenocarcinoma with signet ring cell features. I am in a different state so the deatils are kind of sketchy. It sounds like it is in his intestines or colon? Can anyone give me some information on this in laymans terms?

This is a cancer of the colon. The signet ring cell features means the the cells from the cancer look like "rings". Unfortunately this cancer is VERY hard to treat.

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There are many other good books about surviving this disease, and you should know about this option, even if you choose to go the traditional route with it's abysmal prognosis. Best of luck.  (+ info)

Is it possible to surgically remove adenocarcinoma ( Cancer) of Lung which has slightly invaded a bone?

My father is suffering with adenocarcinoma (Cancer) in right upeerlobe of lung, and the tumor has invaded a bone, is it possible to remove it with surgery?
Please note that it has not spread to any other part of the body till now !

They may decide to operate if they can destroy the cancer in the bone thru means of chemo and/or radiation. Seldom do they operate if the cancer has spread to another area other than the original site. There is an exciting new trial being used right now with lung cancers, I'll attach the link for you. You could print it off and your Dad can ask his oncologist if he may be suitable for the trial.  (+ info)

What is the average prognosis for pancreatic adenocarcinoma?

I realize this is different for everyone, but is their about an average survival percentage for pancreatic adenocarcinoma? and if not, how long patients have to live?

You have to tell us which stage - I,II,II,IV ?
Here's a good overview from the NCI (National Cancer Institute)
If you give us a stage, we can give you averages.
Note that averages are not specific predictions for any single person.
Some do better than average. Some do not do as well

From this site http://cancer.emedtv.com/pancreatic-cancer/pancreatic-cancer-survival-rates-p2.html
Stage plays a role in the pancreatic cancer prognosis. Based on historical data:
7 percent of pancreas cancer cases are diagnosed while the cancer is still confined to the primary site (localized)
26 percent of pancreas cancer cases are diagnosed after the cancer has spread to regional lymph nodes or directly beyond the primary site
52 percent of pancreatic cancer cases are diagnosed after the cancer has already metastasized (distant stage)
14 percent of pancreatic cancer cases had staging information that was unknown.

The corresponding 5 year relative pancreatic cancer survival rates were:
* 16.4 percent for localized
* 7.0 percent for regional
* 1.8 percent for distant
* 4.3 percent for unstaged.  (+ info)

What is the definition of adenocarcinoma?

My sister-n-law was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then the doctors mentioned the word "adenocarcinoma" what does this mean?

adenocarcinoma=means cancerous tumor of a gland  (+ info)

What to expect with Adenocarcinoma cancer?

My brother was just diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma cancer after he had a tumor removed (they tested the tumor after removal). This is the same type that our mother died from when she was in her early 40's. My brother is only 27. He is going to see a specialist soon. What should he expect? Will they give him a stage that his cancer is in? I don't understand how this could happen, because he's only 27. He smokes, for most of his life he has, will this effect it?
The tumor was in his neck in a gland.

They will give him a stage when he goes to the doctor. i dont think it is a good idea for him to be smoking anymore best if he quits. i cant give you an answer right now on what to expect until you know the stage he is in, but if its in like stage one or two then it might be operable and some kemo and radiation, but after that im not sure. let me know what stage and i will find out more.  (+ info)

What are the causes of adenocarcinoma of the pancreas?

EMERGENCY!!! Please, give me the causes!

No one knows what causes cancer.
How is this an emergency?  (+ info)

Does anyone have Adenocarcinoma and can you tell me your experience and how you are dealing with it?

I am a 54 year old male and I need some information about anybody out there who has adenocarcinoma which is cancer in the small intestines. I am in and out of the hospital because of the blockage in the intestines and I cannot eat and can barley drink fluids. I just found out from my doctor I have less than a year to live and I believe that there has to be something or someone out there that can help me. Thank you.

You’re a 54 year old male with a name like Vanessa?
Cancer in the small intestine is not very common, but they should have removed the tumor.  (+ info)

how long does a person with stage 4 Adenocarcinoma of the lung have to live?

my mom just got diagnosed with stage4 Adenocarcinoma of the lung. i really need to know how long she has. also what are the best treatments for Adenocarcinoma of the lung? and where would she get the absolute best treatment and how much would it cost. and are there any experimental treatments available. please help!!

read as much as u can information on internet or books, ask doctors everything and demand everything,
and stay strong! (my grandma has cancer, and she is dying right now because doctors don't give a shit so we didn't know what was right at that moment ) know ur rights and use them!  (+ info)

How does one know which adenocarcinoma they have contracted?

What are the markers for the different types?

adenocarcinoma means cancer arising in glandular tissue or a gland. It would be typed by the affected organ, gland or body location.

Examples would be:
adenocaricnoma of the lung
adenocaricnoma of the stomach
adenocaricnoma of the breast
adenocaricnoma of the pancreas
and numerous others


http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/help/default.asp?page=1453  (+ info)

What is the prognosis for adenocarcinoma with bone cancer?

I hope someone can help.

Recently a close friend of mine who had beaten breast cancer(she had been cancer free for 5 years) was diagnosed with cancer of the outer lung and bone cancer.
The doctors are telling her that they will be doing chemotherapy once a month only. There is another treatment (hormonal) that they want to try, but they're worried because she has not finished menopause.
Can anyone tell me what the prognosis is when you have both of these cancers?

I dont want to alarm you. But my mother had breast cancer and it spread into her bones after being told 4 years earlier that she was cancer free. After her dignosis in May of 2003, sadly it took intill Dec of 2004 to kill her. She was only 49. They tried everything from chemo to radiation. They even had her on a hormone pill but the cancer had just spread so much. I am really sorry about your friend my heart goes out to her. I would find out what stage she is in. My mother was in stage four so there was really not much they could do. Through the treatments they provided it did prolong her life for a year and half after given a timeline of 6 months. And again I am truly sorry about your friend.  (+ info)

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