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What happens if stents in the bile duct continue to fail?

Plastic, metal and covered stents have been used in the bile duct but due to tumor ingrowth they continue to fail very quickly. Quickly as in 3 days!! Also, an external drain was recently inserted and this is now causing pain and jaundice is increasing.
So, anyone know what could be going on and what the outcome could be??

These are very serious questions that only the patients doctor can answer.  (+ info)

Would apple juice, epsom salt and olive oil flush help eliminate the stones that clogs in my bile duct?

I still have a tube inserted below my nabel after my gallbladder removal on August 2008 to extract the remaining gallstones in my bile duct. Would the stones that block the ducts be removed by drinking an apple juice and olive oil plus the emsom salt solution? Please suggest any natural remedies that I could use. Thanks a lot in advance.

Please ask your doctor. With the tube still inserted you are going to have other problems if you do not watch your intake.  (+ info)

Why would someone shake after having a stent inserted into the bile duct?

I know someone who recently had a stent put into their bile duct. After the procedure she started shaking quite badly and was cold. She was aware of what was happening so it wasn't a seizure.

yes  (+ info)

For whipple procedure, why do the surgeons cut the bile duct as well?

If a person has got pancreatic cancer, and the doctor recommends whipple procedure. in Whipple procedure, the doctor will cut the bile duct , part of the duodenum and sometimes part of the stomach as well. My question is , if the cancer is at the pancreas, why did the doctor cut out the bile cuit and duodenum as well?

I'm not sure but I'm guessing it's because you want to lower the risk of the cancer spreading. The pancreas empties its juices into the duodenum at the same site that the bile duct empties. Because everything is contact doctors opt to take it all out. Better to have one surgery than two because of recurrence.  (+ info)

Does any blockage in the bile duct causes pain and what are its effects?

does any blockage in the bile duct cause pain?if so where does this pain appear?And if a blockage in the bile duct is to be diagnosed,what are its consequences on the body?

Sometimes it causes pain and sometimes it doesn't ... if your passage there is blocked due to cancer(usually with pancreatic cancer) then you will most likely feel pain. I think the most damaging effect of a blocked bile duct is the inability of the patient to break down food in the stomach and absorb nutrients for the body. Another possible effect of blocked bile duct is that the patient would be more inclined than normal to throw up food (even liquids).  (+ info)

What is an artifact in the bile duct?

My father is having pancreatitis because of the presence of gallstones. The doctors delayed the surgery because they found an artifact in the bile duct, but provided no more information. Is an artifact dangerous?

Artifact is a word used when they see something on an xray but are not sure exactly what it is, or if it may be something outside the patient. I suspect they may have done a test that put dye into the bile duct and saw a space where the dye did not run, a "defect", caused by something that may or may not be a gallstone, the "artifact." The doctor may be hoping, if this is a stone in the bile duct, that it will pass by itself without needing extra surgery besides taking out the gallbladder. Then when they get the gallbladder out, there will be no more stones to go into the bile ducts, and hopefully the pancreatitis can be cleared up.  (+ info)

what is the name of the check up if the bile duct blocks the passage of bile from the liver into the intestine?

if the jaundice results from obstruction in or about the liver; usually a stone or stricture of the bile duct blocks the passage of bile from the liver into the intestines. what is the medicine for this ?
write the name of the medicine and suggest me how to take it.

it is an investigative as well as therapeutic procedure  (+ info)

should I get an attourney? my dad had a stent placed in his bile duct due too narrowing.n they forgot about it?

should I get an attorney? my dad had a stent placed in his bile duct due too narrowing. n they forgot about it, we went to the doctor numerous times because he had a fever, chills and really bad jaundice.
he was suppose to get blood taken and mri's too see if it was in the right place still, and nobody ever called us for follow up appointments.
is this a malpractice case?

It's the patient's responsibility to make the call and schedule follow ups. Because your father shoulders a portion of responsibility, I don't believe he has a case.

A first year law student could pick him apart on the stand: How much has he bothered to learn about biliary stenting? How does he know the stent was "forgotten"? Why didn't he pursue this if he thought it WAS forgotten? Did he ever ask if the stent was temporary or permanent? He saw his doctor for fever & jaundice and did he mention the stent at any time while he was there? He was supposed to "blood taken and mri's too see if it was in the right place still". Well, did he have these diagnostics done or not? And did he ever call to find out the results? And can you, sir, prove to the court that you sustained permanent injury caused by your doctor??

A few questions that might be asked. Don't bother getting an attorney. No reputable lawyer would take this case. Move on and take care of what is in front of you now. If your father is unable to care for himself, perhaps you can take over to some extent or hire a part-time caregiver who can manage this for him and drive him to his appointments.  (+ info)

What is a distended bile duct and what causes it?

Had an ultra sound done yesterday and was told I had this, have some kind of ct scan next week but was wondering if anyone had any info about this. Thanks

it just means your bile duct connecting your gallbladder to your intestine is inflamed and bigger than it should be. It could be casued by a number of things, including gallstones. Dont worry about the CT, that is just to find the cause.  (+ info)

What problems can you have, when you do not have a gallbladder or bile duct?

I have had both of them removed and also a part of my pancreas.
I have been getting sick lately, like my food is not digesting.. My mouth goes dry, too and I want to pass out--until I throw up and/or go until I have diarrhea. Can anyone help? Thanks

I can help!!! I too had my gallbladder removed and all my food went right through me. The reason this happens is that your liver produces bile (a green liquid substance that helps your body to digest fats). Once the liver produces the bile, it stores it in the gallbladder. When you eat a meal with fat in it, the gallbladder squirts out as much bile as your body needs to digest the fat from that meal.

Your liver still produces bile regardless that you have had your gallbladder removed, however now it has no where to store the bile that it is producing. So what happens is, once the liver produces the bile it goes straight to your lower intestine and sits there in a pool. Once you eat a meal, it hits the pool of bile (which is more bile than is necessary to digest that meal) and you have diarhea.

Being the research queen that I am, and doctors being as useless as they are (because no doctor was willing to acknowlege this problem or offer me advice, even though EVERYBODY I have ever talked to that has had their gallbladder out has had this problem), I have found the antidote.

You must take Calcium suppliments every day. I find that the calcium carbonate works better than calcium citrate (although I have heard the exact opposite, you have to find what works for you). Calcium once digested becomes like a powdery chalk which absorbs the excess bile sitting in your lower intestine. If you do this, you will never go through this again. I take two 600 mg tablets every morning and this works for me. You have to play with the dosage for yourself to see what works. If you take too much calcium you will become constipated, so once you find your dosage stick with it.

I was very happy to come upon this question and that I was able to help you. I promise you that this works. Good luck!

P.S. They sell a very large bottle of calcium carbonate at Walmart and it lasts me a long time :)  (+ info)

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