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Is islet cell transplant or stem cell transplant cure for type 2 diabetes?

If it is how much does it cost?Plz give as much as detail as you can , I will be most thankful.

Right now, neither one.

BOTH are in the experimental stage, but neither method has been PROVEN to cure diabetes in man. A great deal of research is still needed.

AND, in order for the treatment to be made available to patients, it requires approval by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This often takes YEARS, even when the "fastr track" method is used. The FDA is VERY careful to see that a treatment doe not cure the disease but kill the patient!

in order to provide proof that the method works, the FDA requires data taken from YEARS of Clinical Studies (using human patients) and follow up. This makes sure that the treatmenmt doesn't have problems. Like, you cure diabetes but the patients dies of cancer in 5 years.

BOTH methods must first be proven to work in humans and THEN given the clinical trials AND THEN go through the approval process.

These "cures' -- IF they work -- will not be available to buy for 20-30 YEARS.

Direct answer to your question:
Neither method has been proven to cure diabetes, and they are not avaialble for human use at any cost.  (+ info)

My wife wants an islet cell transplant. What do you think?

My wife has an appointment to meet with doctors this month. I think she should wait till the stem cell procedure is available. But it's her body. I want your PROFESSIONAL opinion. Doctor's, nurses, and people with direct knowledge only please.

First of all, sir, stop talking like an idiot. Why would you think that professional people would be waiting online just to hear your questions.

Secondly, it's not quite so easy to just go get an islet cell transplantation surgery done. There's quite a lengthy process to go through where doctors would assess your wife's suitability for the surgery, plus she'd have to have counselling [counseling] as there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration. (There are risks involved with the continued use of anti-rejection drugs that must be taken for the rest of your wife's lifetime, but this is something that would be discussed with her.)

It really is something that you both should discuss with your wife's doctor(s) as to whether your wife would be willing to accept the risks involved, and whether she would gain any long-term benefit from having the operation done.

I take it your wife has already been advised that, if she already has complications, these are not necessarily going to get any better?

Whatever you decide, I wish you both the very best of luck, and hope that you both live a long, happy, healthy life.  (+ info)

Has anyone out there had the islet cell transplant for Type I diabetes; and if you did, how is it working?

I was in a clinical trial in Philly. I was a great candidate for 7 months but they had to be let go because of a medical problem. I made it through a bunch of really vigorous medical tests that will benefit the study and hopefully other diabetics. The pain was worth it just to know I may have contributed something towards a cure.
They had great success in Philly with a few patients. I know there were at least 3 people that were cured for 8+ months.
I believe many of the the hospitals involved in the study are still looking for Type 1 diabetics that fit the criteria. I found it by searching NIH islet transplant clinical trials.  (+ info)

Can islet cell transplant for Diabetes be done in India?

Sure .

India has all the moden treatment facilities

Its cheap compared to EU  (+ info)

What is islet cell antibodies. My dr has ordered this lab test after my a1c of 6.4?

Islet cells are located in the pancreas and make hormones including insulin, glucagon, somatomammotropin, and pancreatic polypeptide. In some people, the immune system produces islet cell antibodies, which attack and destroy the islet cells as though they were foreign substances; this can lead to serious health conditions, such as type 1 diabetes.  (+ info)

Liver cell adenoma?

I have been diagnosed with a liver cell adenoma - discovered during laproscopic surgery (3cms) & am having a contrast ct scan in 2 days to see how far into my liver it extends. My surgeon doesn't tend to remove them (resection) unless they are bigger than 4cms but I have read lots of clinical studies that state that the risk of rupture is the same no matter the size. That's without the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, which they are unsure about. A biopsy is out of the question because of the risk of spreading the cancer or causing a possible bleed. Has anyone else been in this situation? Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Australia? I live in Tasmania and am not sure I want to go through a resection here when there are better specialists elsewhere. Also, has anyone had a resection? Thanks heaps. Oh, and is it possible to take the progesterone only pill when you have a liver cell adenoma? I currently take the combined pill but will stop it shortly.

Read www.cancertutor.com  (+ info)

how can i find out if the islet cell transplant is for me, or if im eligable for it?


here is a couple of web sites. i know my transplant doctor in Houston Texas is working on research for this. his name is Dr.Richard knight you can look him up also.  (+ info)

I need to compare islet transplant and Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas transplant and say which is safer and why?

I am writing an article on islet cell transplant. I need to compare islet transplant and Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas transplant and say which is safer and why
I mean transplanting both kidney and pancreas together and islet transplantation

the islet cell transplant is still in early stages and still has many kinks to be worked out, one of the main ones ive read about is the incidence of cancer occuring with the islet cell transplant, theres also some difficulty with the anti rejection drugs and the islet cell transplants. usually pancreas' will not be transplanted alone, and they do not go to diabetic patients because they go along with kidneys that are transplanted, so unless you need kidneys donated you have no chance of getting a pancreas transplant for the purpose of curing diabetes  (+ info)

Heard of Pancreas Islet Cell Transplnt?

If you have heard of this please let me know what you have heard, read, etc about it

I've heard that when it works, it's great at reducing or eliminating the need for supplemental insulin. I have heard that it has a pretty low rate of sucess however, and usually ends up not working. I am not sure how accurate the info is, though.  (+ info)

will medicare cover pancreatectomy & auto islet cell transplant for people with chronic pancreatitis?

I don't know..here are some links to medicare and medicaid and SSI..

How to apply for Medicaid or medicare
http://www.rxassist.org/providers/resources.cfm#medicaregeneral (help with problems with Medicare part D)
http://www.cms.hhs.gov/default.asp? (medicare and Medicaid page)

http://www.medicare.gov/ (Medicare)
http://www.maprx.info/ (Medicare prescription info)
http://www.maprx.info/states.php (Medicare resource link list by state)

For information about Medicaid, contact your local social service or welfare office. You can also find information about Medicare and Medicaid at

For information about Social Security, Medicare, and disability benefits, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.
http://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/index.htm (filing Social security disability online)
http://www.disabilityfacts.com/ (SSDI) E -mail: [email protected]
This organization provides information, publications, and workshops on Social Security Disability issues.
http://www.siteboxparking.com/?dp=www.disabilityresource.com&aid=40118 (disability resource links)
http://www.disabilityinfo.gov/digov-public/public/DisplayPage.do?parentFolderId=500 (disability info)  (+ info)

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