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I was told by Drs that I had a tumour called Adenosarcoma?

and they told me to have a radical hysterectomy with lots of my lymph nodes removed. Has anyone out there in the world ever had this tumour? If you have could you please contact me I would be very grateful Thankyou

Yes, it is cancer of the soft tissues.   (+ info)

Adenosarcoma? Rare?????????????????????????????

Please if anyone has had this tumour anywhere in thier body please can you contact me. Ive been told this is a rare tumour but surely someone else out there in the world has had this If you have pleeeeeease could you contact me Thanks
Thanks for your prayers and internet information but I want to talk to a actual patient who has had this Thanks

I appreciate your lack of interet in links but I am listing two organisations that can offer support links.

You may find it difficult to contact another patient through a general site like Yahoo!.  (+ info)

Does colon cancer qualify for social security disability bennifits.?

I have colon adenosarcoma and am undergoing treatment , surgeries and chemo and was wondering do I qualify for social security benefits.

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PLEASE HELP ME!~ My momma had a full hysterectomy 2004?

at which time she had a pollup removed which was "cancer". SARCOMA they at first said it was ADENOSARCOMA.

Flash forward to NOV 2007 a tumor the size of a basketball was removed and after the pathology reports came in they said it was SPINDLE CANCER.

What is with all the name changes? I cannot for the life of me set this up in my head. Also she has a mass in her lung 3 inches. They are not as of now calling it cancer. She had a test where the "wash" came back with no cancer cells....The scrub also did come back negative for cancer but its inclusuive.

Is this cancer really bad? Is her life expectancy not that long? Could I also have this cancer? Please help me get this all together. THANK YOU!

From what you've said, it is very likely that your mother has metastatic uterine adenosarcoma. Spindle-cell neoplasm is an old term, and applies to the sarcomatous component of the adenosarcoma. Don't worry about the terminology -- fundamentally, it's more your oncologist's problem. Stick with adenosarcoma.

It is a difficult disease to treat, and when metastatic is usually incurable. You and your doctors should make sure that a proper diagnosis on the lung mass is made, even if it requires surgery to do so. It's of central importance.

If it is indeed metastatic adenosarcoma, you should try to have her seen at a major cancer center, as it's an uncommon tumor.

Good luck.  (+ info)

I want to ask how come I cant sweat anymore?

I was told by Drs that I had a tumour called Adenosarcoma and they made me have a radical hysterectomy and took lots of my lymph nodes out and also my omentum whatever that is? And ever since this operation I can not sweat anymore when I get hot. I thought when ladies get menopause they get night sweats but I dont all I get is a Prickly heat feeling and I have to scratch myself and pour cold water all over me it is horrible I used to sweat when I got hot but now I dont. Does this happen to anyone else with menopausel symptoms or hysterectomy? I think they did somethink to my sweat glands because they dont work anymore since this operation Is anyone else suffering like this? I would be grateful if you could tell me Thanks
ps Ive heard of a operation they do to stop sweating does anyone know whats this is called please I want to sweat again I think they did this to me because they were jealous of me

I dont have the answer to your question, but you should go to the doctors and ask them. It sounds terrible what you are going through. If you dont want to go to the doctors then you can talk to the doctors online. They seem very helpful. Just go to google and type in online doctor and you should come up with a website. I have seen many and asked them questions.

Good Luck anyway, I really do hope you can sort out this problem

xxx  (+ info)

Adenosarcoma? Rare?????????????

Please if anyone has had this tumour please could you contact me Ive tried to talk to people on support groups that some other people have told me about but every time i put my password in it doesnt work? i dont know how to do it im not very good at computers and this is the only place i know how to get my question in So please if anyone has had this tumour could you please cobtact me Thankyou
The Dr told me this tumour is malignant he also told me its the worst cancer of all!
He told me it killed one lady 2 weeks after she was diagonised and some people still die even though theve had surgery and other treatments

Where is the adenosarcoma located . .in the uterus, cervix . . is this a malignant mixed mullerian tumor of the uterus? Do you know the specific type? If this is a gynecological cancer you will get a better response at the following support group for this type of cancer:

UterineMMMT ยท Carcinosarcoma/ MMMT/ Adenosarcoma GYN

There are also other types of adenosarcoma that are located elsewhere and would have a different name . . .

Your doctor was wrong to tell you any of that . . contact the above groups who will be able to guide you to a better cancer facility and specialist who deals with this type of rare cancer.  (+ info)

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