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What is the best tea to lose weight?

The best weight lost tea is Wu long anti-adiposis and 3 ballerina tea. It definately works, along with excercise. You lose weight and belly fat.

Wrong. Wu-long tea is another name for oolong tea. Oolong tea is the tea between green tea and black tea, in terms of processing. Green tea still has more of it's EGCG (it's what makes you lose weight in tea), since it hasn't been as processed. Best of all is white tea (no processing whatsoever), but it's expensive and rare.  (+ info)

What is Anesthesia Dolorosa?

Anesthesia Dolorosa is one of the most dreaded complications of neurosurgery and is considered to be non-reversible. It occurs when the trigeminal nerve is damaged by surgery or physical trauma in such a way that the feeling sensation in part of the face is reduced or eliminated entirely while the sense of pain remains.  (+ info)

What's a dolorosa?

It's on a song that I know about Jesus.

A condition charecterized by lipomas beneath the skin which are basically painful fatty tumors. It happens much more to women and is usually associated with obesity.  (+ info)

how can i convince my dr that i want a proper diagnosis?

i have been having knots for a while in my stomach, chest region, breasts, back, and a few other places. i have come to this possible diagnosis, and i think i could have Liposarcoma, Angiolipoma, or Adiposis dolorosa. i think it is a big possibility that i could have any of these things, i have been to the drs twice this year for a proper diagnosis, i did not mention these things to him because i didnt do my research yet, but i really feel like my dr thinks im full of $hit? why else would he keep telling me i just have IBS? any advice would be appreciated, ty :)
I am not a hypochondriac, i found those terms/diseases, from yahoo answers. I cant be thankful that IBS is all i have, because my symptoms are more beyond the symptoms of IBS.

Get a second opinion and then stop questioning the doctors. They are MD's and you aren't. Be thankful that it's nothing serious.  (+ info)

Norwegian Harry Potter names?

Ok, I know the questions "what do you think about the Harry Potter names?" is pretty used by now, so here I've listed some NORWEGIAN harry potter names. You see in the norwegian books even the names have been translated to norwegian, to make it more similar to norwegian pronounciation and to translate meaning of the names.

Anyway, what do you think of these names? better or worse than the english versions? Would you consider using any of them?

Norwegian - English
Hermine - Hermione
Gulla Wiltersen - Ginny Weasley
Lucifus Malfang - Lucius Malfoy
Dilton Fromm - Dennis Creevy
Anton Djervell - Amos Diggory
Jokum Finniman - Seamus Finnigan
Petrea Parkasen - Pansy Parkinson
Venke Dolorosa Uffert - Dolores Umbridge
Perry Wiltersen - Percy Weasley
Dudleif Dumling - Dudley

I quite like Gulla (meaning gold/the golden i.e. refering to her being precious) and Hermine, the name is getting increasingly popular in norway these days!
jigfam: Harry Potter has kept his name in the norwegian version, but the pronounciation is a bit different: har-RI

I like Petrea. What's the Norwegian for Harry Potter?  (+ info)

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