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CPR: Why is it best to immediately ventilate an unconscious person with a severe airway obstruction?

When a person becomes unconscious while receiving the Heimlich maneuver; and after laying the patient supine and seeing that there is no visible obstruction to clear via the mouth, the next step is to attempt to ventilate.

Doesn't this pose the risk of forcing an obstructing object farther down into the airway? Wouldn't it make more sense to immediately perform chest compressions?

Two thoughts: Most AHA text books indicate the rescuer should immediate begin CPR (Which could be interpreted as Chest Compressions First)....
More Likely: The Object will not be forced further "Down" the airway because most objects are "on top of" the airway and if the object could have moved further down, it would have already, by the vacuum the victim (patient) creates by trying to "suck" in air before collapsing.
Also, many victims relax their muscle a bit when falling unresponsive and are no longer "sucking" air in (No Vacuum) and the object falls off the top of the airway to the "other tube" esophagus or other part of the Oral Pharynx. Thanks.  (+ info)

why would depakote be prescribed for a patient with chronic airway obstruction?

trying to learn if/how depakote would benefit an elderly person w/chronic airway obstruction. thanks!

I really don't see how depakote would be related to chronic airway obstruction. In fact, I think the sedative effects of the depakote would make the symptoms worse!
Please talk to your doctor. He/she may be treating something else (seizure, mood swings) with this medication.  (+ info)

How is an ET tube supposed to help if you have upper airway obstruction?

Lets say a child has a little toy stuck in their throat and you have tried the heimlich maneuver and its not working. Why would health providers insert an ET tube? Wouldnt that push the toy further down the throat and create more problems?

If the child is able to move air the health care providers are more likely to just pull the obstruction out under some kind of sedation. If the airway is totally occluded then establishing an airway is of utmost importance. If the child is in the hospital they would probably remove the obstruction. If outside of the hospital I would think that pushing the toy further in would be preferable to death.  (+ info)

Is it legal to deprive people of oxygen through means of airway obstruction?

Yes.  (+ info)

Why is the expiration phase of ventilation prolonged and difficult in patients with chronic airway obstruction?

  (+ info)

My mom has just been diagnosed with Chronic Airway Obstruction. What is this?

She smoked when she was younger. Is there medication that makes breathing easier for her? Is this an illness that is progressive? She is 75 years old.

Chronic asthma, emphysema or bronchitis are considered conditions that are chronic obstructive airway disease. Basically what it means is this. The airways are lined with mucous membrane going from your mouth and nose right the way down into the lungs. This is the pink lining that you see inside the mouth as well. When irritated this lining with swell up, become red and produce mucous that will then block the airways causing difficulty breathing. People who smoke or who are exposed to pollution, or people that have had repeated lung infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis will have the mucous membrane lining swelling up so often that it eventually becomes damaged. When damaged it becomes scared. The scar tissue will cause a permanent narrowing of the airways in the lungs. This combined with mucous production will cause permanent breathlessness and a need to cough up mucous frequently. The sufferer is always breathless and the slightest exertion will leave them exhausted. This is treated by administering broncho dilators, which are drugs that are inhaled and cause the airways to dilate. Oxygen is also administered and expectorants which will help them to cough up excess mucous. Oxygen can be prescribed by the GP and the patient will have a tank in their own home. Unfortunately this is not a curable condition. It puts a lot of strain on the heart which has to pump blood through the now congested lungs.  (+ info)

what is the difference between COPD and chronic airway obstruction?

your question is your answer!!!!!!!!!!  (+ info)

why does airway obstruction in chronic lung disease cause hypercapnia?

a. airway obstruction causes pulmonary edema
b. airway obstruction causes alveolar destruction
c. airway obstruction causes prolonged inspiration and rapid expiration
d. airway obstruction causes air trapping


a. pulmonary edema is generally cardiac related
b. the airway obstruction did not cause the alveolar destruction
c. prolonged expiration is caused by airway obstruction  (+ info)

One way to relieve an upper airway obstruction is called the abdomonal thrust or the ____________?

  (+ info)

CPR is given to the unresponsive adult with airway obstruction by using:?

a. the palm of one hand
b. the palm of two hands
c. the heel of one hand, with the other hand directly on top of it
d. the fist of one hand, with the other hand directly on top of it


Why?  (+ info)

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