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Will a vitamin B injection help me avoid the seizures and DT's associated with alcohol withdrawal?

I am an alcoholic and I'm currently weaning myself off alcohol, I'm afraid to go cold turkey because I tried that once before and had a couple seizures, hallucinations & DT's, the Dr's at the time told my family that I might not survive, after 5 days in ICU I did recover and stayed sober several months but about a month ago I sucumbed to my addiction at started drinking heavily again. I want to stop drinking but I don't want to risk death in doing so. This time I hope to wean myself by gradually reducing my daily intake of alcohol. I'm currently down to 10 beers a day and my plan is to reduce my daily intake by one beer a day until I get down to no beers a day. Is this weaning method safe or do I still run the risk of severe alcohol withdrawal even if I wean myself vs stopping cold turkey. I've heard the Vitamin B is essential for the proper function of the nervous system, will a vitamin B shot help minimize the chance of me experiencing severe withdrawal systems? Please advise.

You do need B vitamins but they do not prevent seizures alone.

But the bottom line is the following-
You have a history of DT's therefore you are high risk for more DT's upon withdrawal.

The standing orders we used in the Jail Clinic in Houston were the following:

Librium beginning very high and tapering over two weeks is crucial to preventing DT's and early seizures.

Phenytoin loading dose immediately then maintenance dose. This is an old line seizure medicine.

Thiamine to prevent brain damage- which is given by IM injection 100mg/day before anything else to prevent Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.

B Complex tablets which is the source of Niacin, twice a day, for 10 days, then daily.

Multivitamins with minerals and trace elements twice daily for 10 days, then daily.

Balanced plate lunch diet three times a day.

Daily physical examination for neurological status, and close management of concurrent chronic diseases (usually Diabetes, COPD, Hypertension, Liver disease and Heart Disease as a base-line).

Observation, supervision and on duty medical providers 24/7.

Immediate referral to Ben Taub General Hospital for complications and medical or surgical emergencies.

This is NOT a prescription, but is a functional outline of one protocol that worked 100% without seizures, DT's or fatalities over a year period that I worked there.

Absolutely positively do not try this at home.
That is rock solid, do not even think of doing it at home: you need prescription meds, close 24/7 medical attention and care to prevent seizures and DT's which is a medical emergency and kills.

The best treatment for the seizures and DT's of alcohol withdrawal is prevention. Prevent them during the fragile period and you do not have fatalities. Allow them to begin and you have serious problems.

Rock Solid Advice- you should not only not go through withdrawal with your history at home,
you should not do it in any hospital or clinic that does not do this every day with good success and outstanding prevention of seizures and DT's altogether.

Since this is your life in the balance: find the in-house treatment facility which not only treats but totally prevents the life threatening complications of alcohol withdrawal.

They exist. It can be done. Do it right and live.

Good Luck on the rest of your life and remember Hoss, God Loves You. That makes a difference.  (+ info)

How can I stop alcohol withdrawal seizures and shaking?

Is there something I can take that will help prevent a seizure while trying to stop drinking? I have stopped in the past and had a seizure. I am shaking badly and I make a drink to stop it before I have a seizure. I am not going to the hospital, I want to do this at home,

Honestly with your past history and the fact that alcohol withdrawls CAUSE seizures it is not advisable to do this at home.

It needs to be done with medical supervision in a hospital setting.

Alcohol and diazapams are the most dangerous things to withdrawls from. DEATH is common.
Not to scare you but to let you know what you are getting yourself into doing this at home.

Your Doctor EVEN if he dose prescribe something WILL advise against this. Plus he would risk loosing his License if you did get so unwell that it caused risk to your life.

Please reconsider doing this in hospital or Rehab.  (+ info)

Alcohol withdrawal?

I just read a good article on alcohol withdrawal. Is this what you all have experienced? What do you think of the article? Just curious...

p.s. I think it is good for people with drinking problems and responsible drinkers to leave posts in their forum, it supports a good cause...(okay, off the soap box, I apologize)

No, I don't think I've quite experienced anything like that. Sometimes, I get a little "antsy" if I can't or don't have something to drink, but it's never been anything bad.

Sometimes, you just want a nice glass of wine, or a mixed drink to unwind at the end of a hectic day. You want it.... but can't have it, because the night is turning out to be just as hectic as the day was. lol

I may have an addiction to the alcohol. I had to go at least 10 days without a single drop, because I was on antibiotics. The only alcohol I had was the wine at communion, and you only take enough of that to wet your lips, not take a drink, so that doesn't count. lol But I was going crazy, wanting a glass of wine or some of my slush made with whiskey.  (+ info)

Alcohol Withdrawal?

I've been drinking pretty heavily, for the last year and a half, vodka mostly, i usually have 4-6 drinks a night at 1 1/2 oz each. I want to stop, but i want to know if i've going to experience withdrawal symptoms and if so how severe, i'm only 24 and anyone with any experience would be greatly appriciated. I want to know if i should do this on my own, or consult my doctor.

You need to go to detox probably, my dad went through this.. withdrawals can be life threatening

you need to do this with your doctor for sure, dont be afraid either a doctor isnt there to judge you he is there to help you.

Before you know it you will be good as new and sober :)  (+ info)

How long do alcohol withdrawal symptoms last?

After getting out of a rehab center for 21 days, would one still have alcohol withdrawal symptoms? If so, how long would they last?

def not after 21 days. maybe cravings and a "wanting" but def no withdrawals.
Alcohol withdrawals only takes 3 days. but I do know.......
If you stay drunk for 3 or more days in a row, then stop suddenly, can send you into seizures and kill you.  (+ info)

How long does it take for withdrawal from alcohol dependence to stop?

I quit drinking in November and was in the hospital because i was withdrawing really badly. The doctor said I was alcohol dependent. He said it would take three weeks to withdraw from the alcohol. Anyways, I slipped up and had some drinks in January and February and still managed to have withdrawals symptoms. I still had the really bad anxiety and confusion like right before i stopped drinking. So how long does it take to not have withdrawal symptoms??

usually 10 days  (+ info)

How much alcohol is required to experience withdrawal?

I usually drink twice a week. However, around a month and a half ago, I began drinking three times a week (spaced out, not three days in a row). I'm not sure how exactly it started, but I'm cutting back to twice a week if not once a week. I normally drink four or fewer units of alcohol each time when I drink.

Is this enough alcohol to make me experience withdrawal symptoms? As I said earlier, I space my drinking out, so I don't normally drink one day after the next.

no, i think your in the clear, i gout maybe 3 to 4 times a week ( sometimes in a row ( im in college so give me a break ) , and consume alot of alcohol each time.
HOWEVER i am healthy and active in public (i work)
so i believe if you are mentally strong and a busy body withdraws are un herd of . but if your drinking for the wrong reasons or with the wrong people your ffucked, and shouldnt be drinking.  (+ info)

How can I support my bf through alcohol withdrawal?

My bf just got diagnosed with pancreasitis which is the inflammation of the pancreas. The doctor told him, he cannot drink anymore alcohol. He is not an alcoholic, but he does drink regularly. Today he snapped at me on the phone, for no reason. Is this moodiness part of withdrawal? And if so, what can I do to help?

When my man gets snappy, I give him lots of sex! He becomes a different person believe me.  (+ info)

Is a hangover actually a withdrawal from alcohol?

It is very true that a shot, or a beer can help a hangover the morning after a night of excessive alcohol consumption. Seems to me like the reason for this is, if it wasn't a (although mild) withdrawal it wouldn't be relieving. Feedback?

The causes of a hangover are not entirely known. That is considered to potentially be a part of it. However, I personally disagree with that because it is very unusual for the human body to become so powerfully addicted to something so fast, and withdrawal usually requires the body to be used to a substance.

I normally trust that a hangover is a combination of the effects of dehydration (drinking alcohol dehydrates you, and you WILL suffer worse if you do not drink several glasses of water before sleeping after a night on the town) and the fact that you have just been ingesting poison (yes, alcohol is technically a poison.) The reason that having another drink is relieving is that alcohol tends to dull the pain centers of the brain. You may have noticed that banging into walls or falling on your face hurt less when you're drunk. Alcohol is a nerve depressant.  (+ info)

Just curious what are the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol?

This question has NOTHING to do with me but I'm just curious if a person is addicted to alcohol and doesn't have it for awhile, what are the withdrawal symptoms? How many days sober does the symptoms start?

Sweating, shaking, headaches, vomitting, mood swings, insomnia, dry mouth, hallucinations, fatigue, depression. For a serious alcoholic the symptoms would be similar to that of a drug addict trying to kick the habit. Depending on how much and how frequently they drink, the symptoms could start only hours after their last drink.  (+ info)

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