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Does alcohol make epileptics more prone to having seizures?

I have a friend who rarely has seizures, but she IS epileptic and she has come a long way with her seizures when she was little. I was wondering if alcohol triggers seizures because the only time I've seen her have a seizure is when she's been drinking.
*what was your experience? (if you had/have seizures)

It can, indeed! Being drunk in itself will relax a person and they probably won't have a seizure, but when the alcohol is LEAVING your system you are at a much higher risk. Once your body starts trying to metabolise the alcohol, you will start having the effects on the epilepsy.

Not to mention that alcohol has an effect on the levels of medication for epilepsy in your system.  (+ info)

is thoughts of suicide a symptom of withdrawal from alcohol?

A 22 year old caucasian male has been drinking 2 bottles of alcohol every day for the past 2 years. Otherwise, his health is "normal".

2 days ago, he quits drinking, cold turkey.

He then start developing thoughts of suicide, is this normal?

How much more longer, will the symptoms of withdrawal last?

(a) 2 weeks
(b) 2 months
(c) 2 months plus 2 weeks
(d) none of the above

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

When you stop drinking you are suddenly faced with all the emotions you had been trying to block out and it can be very overwhelming. Try to get him to an AA mtg or to a mental health professional. It is very hard to deal with stuff when you stop using the very thing that was helping you cope. AA helped me get through the first 6 months and right now i am seeing a therapist. He needs all the support he can get to make it through this rough spot.  (+ info)

What alcohol withdrawal symptoms can happen after only about 3 or 4 weeks of nightly consumption?

Been on kinda a partying stinge with my friends for the past few weeks, but i already stopped and i want to know what withdrawal or mild symptoms i might face?

none...DTs are a phenomenon of long term alcoholism, years.  (+ info)

If you have had a history of seizures before and are now seizure free, are you allowed to drink alcohol?

I'm unsure about this. I have heard about people not allowed to take in too much alcohol when they are on medication, but none about if they are off it for many years. I was hoping I could find out if I posted this on Yahoo! Answers.
The person was on medication to prevent seizures. Hence, they have not had them in a long time.

  (+ info)

How much alcohol does a person have to drink regularly in order to die from withdrawal if they suddenly?

stopped drinking? my friend was telling me that it only takes a 6 pack everyday for 6 months. I don't know if thats true. That doesn't seem like enough to cause death from withdrawal symptoms.

Well I can tell you, that probably would not do it. My mother-in-law started drinking at the age of 18... in the entire time that I knew her she was always intoxicated. In fact I never saw her drink anything but alcohol. She is 68 now, and after discovering significant brain damage and cirrhosis she has not had any alcohol for 2 months and is still alive. I know with 100% certainty that she used to consume way more than a six pack a day... and this was for 60 years.  (+ info)

Do people who are trying to withdrawal from alcohol become isolated?

Do people who are trying to withdrawal from alcohol become isolated

  (+ info)

Is a bad hangover really just alcohol withdrawal sumptoms?

Or not? whats the difference in the symptoms the? i mean how much worse is alcohol withdrawal then a hangover, if the hangover is not really alcohol withdrawal? I drink alot of days way too much but im never sure if i am just having a normal hangover or something slightly worse? How many days of straight drinking dose it take for me to become physically dependant on it an have withdrawal symptoms? As Its confusing me what the doctor says

Check this out... Hopefully it answers all your questions :)

http://www.diagnosishealth.com/hangover.htm  (+ info)

How long can I expect alcohol withdrawal to last?

I have been binge drinking daily, 10-12 beers for the last couple of months only.

I have not drank in almost 3 days.

I still don't feel good, lots of anxiety.

How long will this last, what should I expect?

Usually the major symptoms (tremors, sweating, increased pulse rate/blood pressure, nausea, headache, etc.) peak at about 72 hours. It usually resolves within a week. Some long-term, heavy drinkers may experience milder symptoms (depression, anxiety, insomnia) for weeks or even months. It can take some time for the brain to completely re-adjust to the absence of alcohol. But you've only been drinking heavily for a couple months so I doubt that you'll have any prolonged problems.  (+ info)

How long can I expect alcohol withdrawal symptoms to last?

I have been drinking about 1/2 to 1 bottle (a fifth) of rum everyday for months now. I am qutting today and the doctor gave me ativan for the withdrawl symptoms but I am still nervous and anxious. How long can I expect the symptoms to last? I have not been vomiting but I am a little shaky and have diarhhea. I had my last drink at 9PM EST last night. I already know about AA and am going to that too, but I just want to know how long I can expect to be physically ill and when I should stop taking the ativan. Thanks.

The worst part is the first 3 days. After that you'll start feeling better. Drink lots of water and eat food that is light and not fatty because that will definitely get you feeling sick to your stomach and even more uncomfortable.

Take the Ativan, it'll help. I'm starting my second week sober and just finished my Ativan last night. Starting to sleep better.

Hang in there and good luck (really just be strong!!)  (+ info)

What can i do to help alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

my best friend is trying to quit. i don't wanna see him die.
he's throwing up just cuz he hasn't had a beer since last night.
it's only barely the afternoon.
his heart hurts and he feels weak.

is there anything i can do to help?

anything but rehab?

some people experience more severe withdrawl symtoms than others. Please be careful! Don't hesitate to call for medical help. In the meantime, I would think that fluids are important. Hot baths, nutrition, and exercise are also beneficial.  (+ info)

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