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What medicine can I take to ease the pain of alcohol withdrawal?

Don't doctors prescribe benzodiazapines or vicodine to ease the pain and suffering? And can I get some if I go to the hospital or free clinic?

Go to a Detox. you will need to be evaluated before they give you drugs anywhere.

lots of water, it will help the dehydration.   (+ info)

Why does alcohol withdrawal kill you?

Alcohol is the only drug that withdrawal from it can be lethal. So what does the withdrawal do to your body to cause it to shut down?

There are a number of ways severe alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. Alcohol withdrawal causes autonomic hyperactivity which means it increases heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and breathing rate. If severe this can cause heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiovascular collapse or respiratory collapse. Withdrawal seizures can sometimes be fatal. Repeated vomiting and profuse sweating caused by the withdrawal can quickly lead to fatal dehydration. Alcohol withdrawal delirium (delirium tremens or the "DTs") is the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal. Delirium tremens is uncommon but if it develops and is left untreated it carries a mortality rate of up to 35%, mostly due to the severe cardiac disturbances that I described. Fortunately due to advances in treatment and medications called benzodiazepines fatalities from alcohol withdrawal are rare. But alcohol is not the only substance that can cause a lethal withdrawal syndrome. There is a class of drugs called "Sedatives, Hypnotics and Anxiolytics". Withdrawal from this class of drugs is remarkably similar to alcohol withdrawal and can cause the same autonomic hyperactivity, seizures and delirium tremens as AW.  (+ info)

Can an alcohol withdrawal occur on the 8th after a 7 day binge?

3 blackouts in the week. Severe intoxication the other 4 days.
I'm not trying to prove a thing. I had the shakes and was cold sweating last night after a week-long binge and I was worried.

yeahh and it might also last a while too.. not good for you mann  (+ info)

How long will it take to get over alcohol withdrawal?

I am on my 4th day and I am still pretty edgy. I used to drink alot every weekend so how long would it take. Please don't say over a month this is horrible.

Detoxing from alcohol can be really dangerous and if you feel really bad my first piece of advice would be to get to a doctor asap.

Despite what the movies depict alcohol can produce more physically damaging withdrawal than any other illegal drug. If you were drinking a lot before you stopped then you should be reducing your alcohol intake by no more than 10% per day (known as the reduction method). Just stopping cold turkey can induce the worst withdrawal symptoms and you put yourself at significant risk of having a stroke.

The safest way to detox is in a detox clinic, where clinicians and professionals are on hand to make sure you are physically safe and psychologically supported and can help to make you feel as comfortable as possible through, what is otherwise, a very uncomfortable process. Detoxing in a clinic typically takes between 7 and 14 days, depending on how much you have been drinking and your medical history. (but it can take longer...so be careful and get some help!).

Hope this helps, but if you want more info on detoxing check out http://www.steps2rehab.com/alcohol-detox/  (+ info)

Which is worse alcohol or nicotine withdrawal?

I quit smoking and I did have some trouble but nowhere near the alcohol withdrawal. The alcohol withdrawal is pure hell with terrible anxiety and mood swings. Why is this stuff legal and is nicotine withdrawal worse than alcohol withdrawal? Thanks ☺

  (+ info)

Are alcohol withdrawal symptoms signs that a person really needs addiction treatment?

I have a friend who happens to be addicted to alcohol. Since she stopped drinking two days ago, she has been experiencing what I think are withdrawal symptoms. She's having a hard time sleeping, and when she does get to sleep, she experiences bad dreams. She's also nauseous a lot of times, and her hands get clammy. I've already told her to seek medical help, but she's stubborn and doesn't want to. Will this go away?

Your friend is having mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. The best thing to do would be to contact the local hospital and find a doctor who will be able to assess your friend's condition. Your friend needs to be treated for her withdrawal. Consequences can arise if she doesn't get treated. She needs social support groups, medication, counseling, and therapy too. You can do an alcohol intervention for her if she refuses to undergo treatment.  (+ info)

Have ever you try alcohol withdrawal symptoms? Do anyone know how long it takes to recover?

I had drink a plenty of red wine every night for a year? Then I day I stoped and suddenly the second day I started to have insomnia. Almost 3 months. I try valerian and melatonin only sometimes works. Now I still don't know the reason that I can't sleep well because when I don't need to work next day I sleep better. Maybe job stress.
Don't say to me I need 18 months to recover.

When you have drank for long period of times you "mess" with the chemical receptors in your brain. This leads to insomnia with people that become chemically dependent on substance, such as alcohol. It may take up to 18 months for chemical receptors to become normal again. Stress can be a leading cause of insomnia, but if it persist go and see your PCP.  (+ info)

Why is alcohol withdrawal associated with over-excitation in the brain?

I want to know. Anyways, I hate my older brother cause he fucked my best friends sister.

  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal?

i think im experiencing some. has anyone else experienced this? what can i do about it
im shaking and feel anxiety. i usually never feel like that.

Calm down or you will add to the anxiety. Are you trying to stop drinking alcohol? If yes, then Hooray! Go Girl! How long and how much have you been drinking?

Alcohol withdrawal refers to a group of symptoms that may occur from suddenly stopping the use of alcohol after chronic or prolonged ingestion.

Not everyone who stops drinking experiences withdrawal symptoms, but most people who have been drinking for a long period of time, or drinking frequently, or drink heavily when they do drink, will experience some form of withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking suddenly.

There is no way to predict how any individual will respond to quitting. If you plan to stop drinking and you have been drinking for years, or if you drink heavily when you do drink, or even if you drink moderately but frequently, you should consult a medical professional before going "cold turkey."

Symptoms of withdrawal are;

Withdrawal Symptoms:
Mild to moderate psychological symptoms:

Feeling of jumpiness or nervousness
Feeling of shakiness
Irritability or easily excited
Emotional volatility, rapid emotional changes
Difficulty with thinking clearly
Bad dreams
Mild to moderate physical symptoms:

Headache - general, pulsating
Sweating, especially the palms of the hands or the face
Loss of appetite
Insomnia, sleeping difficulty
Rapid heart rate (palpitations)
Eyes, pupils different size (enlarged, dilated pupils)
Skin, clammy
Abnormal movements
Tremor of the hands
Involuntary, abnormal movements of the eyelids
Severe symptoms:

A state of confusion and hallucinations (visual) -- known as delirium tremens
"Black outs" -- when the person forgets what happened during the drinking episode
Source: National Institutes of Health  (+ info)

How long will these symptoms last due to alcohol withdrawal?

I have been drinking vodka heavy for 2 years. I stopped this habit yesterday, but I'm having very annoying symptoms. My hands are shaking, I'm nauseous, light-headed, and had cold sweats all night. Also kept waking up with a feeling that something was crawling on my body. Also bruise way too easily. How long can I expect this to go on? When does it start getting better? Any personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms typically peak between 48 -72 hours and then start to resolve. When I quit I went to detox. I had a withdrawal seizure on the second day and had to be taken to the hospital. The whole experience was enough to keep me far away from booze. It's not really a good idea to quit cold turkey on your own. You should see your dr first. He/she can give you a short supply of benzodiazapines. The benzos are very good at greatly reducing the withdrawal symptoms.  (+ info)

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