FAQ - Alcohol-Induced Disorders, Nervous System
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long term consumption of what water contaminant may cause nervous system disorders?

-Carbon tetrachloride
- 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
-Trihalomethanes (THM's)
-Vinyl chloride
http://www.waterdrs.com/factsheet.html  (+ info)

Disorders of systems of the body! Any disorder u know in the digestive, immune, or nervous system? Pls answer!?

I need to know some disorders of those systems. Not that complicated though.
(and also, is meningitis a disorder?, for what system?)
Would a peptic ulcer be considered a disordeR?!

disorders could include...
Nervous: MS, Huntingtons, alzheimers, epilepsy, meningitis, parkinsons, muscular dystrophy
Digestive: irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, hepatitis, diarrhea, lactose intolerance
Immune: autoimmune disease, HIV/AIDS, SCID, allergies, cancers of the immune system

as for a peptic ulcer, i would say that yes that could be considered a disorder, as it directly affects the funtions of the system  (+ info)

how can disorders and ailments of the nervous system be prevented?

there are so many disorders. ailments of the nervous system which have may have different causes and in effect, different ways of preventing them. a lot of them have no known cause and several of them have no way of preventing its occurrence. diseases like parkinson's dse, multiple sclerosis have no real proven ways of prevention. there may be some theories as how to minimize getting brain cancer but again there is no sure way. for strokes, you would usually avoid the same risk factors that cause a heart attack like controlling blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, smoking, etc. but again, you may find someone who may have lived his life as healthy as one can but still suffer a stroke.
moral of the story, live your life in healthy way but still try to enjoy some of the joys of life and leave everything to fate. we cant live our lives worrying about things that are beyond our control.  (+ info)

What are the ill effects of alcohol and illegal drugs to the human nervous system?

and any idea how can i show these effects in a poster way ???

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What long term effects of alcohol haves on the nervous system ?

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What LONG term effects does alcohol have on the nervous system?

I've found plenty of short term effects on Answers but cant find any long. Anyone know? Thanks

May result in damage to the brain or peripheral nervous system. Brain
atrophy (loss of brain mass) is reported on 50 - 100 percent of people with alcohol dependency  (+ info)

The primary difference between alcohol and the other central nervous system depressants is:?

a) the other central nervous system depressants cause memory loss, while alcohol does not
b) alcohol causes physical/organic brain damage because it is a solvent
c) alcohol causes lapses in judgement, while the other central nervous system depressants do not
d) alcohol is addictive, while the other central nervous system depresssants are not

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What other systems in the body are affected by alcohol?(aside from the central nervous system)?

In the longer term, regular alcohol consumption increases your risks of: liver damage, cancer (of the liver, mouth, throat, and breast), mental health problems, weight gain, heart disease, stroke, shrunken genitals and reduced fertility. Alcohol reduces your body's ability to absorb nutrition, and the weight gain can also contribute to other conditions such as diabetes.

Visit http://www.drug-aware.com for free drug and alcohol information, testing kits, awareness, policy development and more.  (+ info)

Can marijuana cause nervous system disorders?

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Need help with nervous system diseases/disorders.?

I have to do a presentation on a nervous system disorder and i cant seem to find an interesting one. I dont want to do a boring topic. Can anyone help me find an interesting nervous system disorder?
And could schizophrenia be a nervous system disorder/disease? jw.
thank you in advance lol.

Try Myesthenis Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis or Neurofibromatosis.  (+ info)

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