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what effect does these drugs have on the nervous system?

What effect does these drugs (look below) have on the nervous system?


Thank you.
im sorry i might not have explained it properly i mean how do each of these effect the nervouse system. thanks.

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does the anti-depressants like citopam has got long time effects on nerves or the nervous system?

What I want to know is that do the anti-depressants have got some chronic effects on the brain involving nervous system??What is the most simple define of function of this SSRI drugs??What do they actually do to impress the mood n anxiety disorder?
Do they harm or having bad effects on our brain physically or mentally?

ooool good question

Im just coming of this drug now after being on it for 4years... And i feel like im dying...

The SSRIs function much the way as do other antidepressants in that they change the chemical concentration of neurotransmitters within the brain. One of the most important aspects of these medications are their ability to selectively effect serotonin while leaving other brain chemicals alone.

Check out this site

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Is restless leg syndrome a muscle disorder or a disorder of the nervous system?

I need a muscle disorder to write about, so if restless leg syndrome isn't a muscle disorder can you list a few for me?

So far no specific cause has been identified. However, one can check the Thyroid hormones profile, haemoglobin level and the deficiency may be corrected. Excessive coffee & smoking may be avoided and also if necessay a drug to calm the nervous irritablity may be taken on advice of doctor.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Lupus affecting the nervous system and MS?

What symptoms are different for each? How are they different and how are they the same? How common is it to have Lupus (SLE) and a neurological disorder such as MS?

Both lupus and multiple sclerosis are autoimmune disease in which the immune system goes haywire and attacks healthy parts of the self.

In multiple sclerosis, the immune system destroys the myelin sheath or fatty covering of the nerves. This can result in loss of transmission of signals.

In lupus, neurological symptoms can include things like seizures and neuropathy, or nerve pain. The mechanism by which lupus causes these things is not the same as in MS.  (+ info)

How do I get help to Fund my Wife's treatment for central nervous system disorder?

She was effected by Mercury Poisoning, has not been able to claim disability, due to a lack of medical records. We have a faith based foundation that will provide two thirds of her treatment, but we need $2500.00 They provide the other $5000.00 and will study her case for research in return for supplying the supplements she needs for treatment and we believe a total cure.

Many local grocers or conveniance stores will allow you to put
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you may get with local school, churchs, or any other organizations as this and see if they will help you with a bake sale to raise funds. Fund raisers can also be found by most candy producers such as Hershey and M&M's. Look on these websights. You may contact them and tell them your story and see what they may offer to do for you.  (+ info)

How is the nervous system affected by Tourette Syndrome?

I get that it is a neurological disorder characterized by tics and that it affects the neurotransmitters but does anyone know where I can find something more in depth?

There was a study done at Harvard by Dr. Matthew State and it had to do with the gene (SLITRK1).
See it here:

also check http://www.tsa-usa.org

and click on "medical" for more information.

Also, look up DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) for severe cases of Tourettes.  (+ info)

What causes the nervous system to become very sensitive?

Last year I had this infection in my smaller intestine.. and since then I cannot drink alcohol, smoke, drink coffee, sodas, or eat too many artificial sugars.. basically anything that would normally upset a stomach and/or change the way my senses feel. Anything that is a "high" is bad for me. It has been 9months now.. what is up?

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Is a pregnancy test accurate while alcohol is in your system?

I've been throwing up almost every day, been craving weird foods, moodiness etc. (Basically all your signs of pregnancy.) My boyfriend got nervous and made me take a pregnancy test -- problem was.. I downed a couple of beers and was drunk. It came out negative, but could this be inaccurate? Should I take it again while I don't have any alcohol in my system?

No alcohol does not effect the outcome.  (+ info)

how does the nervous system work with the respiratory system? How do they work together?

Does the respiratory system and the nervous system actually work together?

The nervous system effects every single part of your body. The nervous system consists of every nerve tissue in the body. You have nerve tissue in your fingers to tell you when something is hot or cold, in your stomach to let the brain know to send the impulses that digest food, and in your lungs to tell you when to breathe and how much air to breathe in. There are 3 respiratory centers in the brain that control the respiratory rate.

There are stretch receptors in the lungs that tell the brain that the alveoli are completely expanded and that it is time to stop breathing. Your breathing also controls the acidity of the blood. If the blood gets too acidic, the brain tells you to breathe faster to release carbon dioxide. There are also receptors that tell you when to cough, sneeze, sigh (breathe in deeper), etc.

In addition to all of that, you have smooth muscle (involntary muscle) lining the respiratory tract. The nervous system tells the smooth muscle when to contract and when to dialate in response to various stimulation. There are many, many, many stimuli that cause responses - far too many to go over here.  (+ info)

What do the integumetary and the nervous system have in common?

I am 12, and doing a project on human body matchmaking. It's srtof like, a dateing thing, ex.- the immune system likes to fight because it likes to fight off disease. So it would be perfect going with the integumentary, which is protective because it likes to protect the skin from anything that could hurt. I really cannot find anything that would make the integumentay and the nervous system go together. Or any qualitys that it could have. HELP!! I REALLY WANT A GOOD GRADEEE!

Well, the integumentary system is the essentially the skin, which is the largest organ in the body, since it covers your entire body. The nervous system also covers the entire body, so it too is very large. They have that in common.  (+ info)

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