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What is the significance of alcohol induced blackouts?

Is it a bad sign for a person to be completely composed, fully engaged in conversation but unable to remember solid portions of the night?
and Why is it that less and less amounts of alcohol are necessary in order to 'blackout'?

Dear Jacklyn
Alcohol blackouts happen when the human body decides that you have had enough to drink. your brain is flooded with warning signals from all different parts of your body your Internal organs are saying enough is enough. Your brain being overwritten with these warning signals therefore becomes incoherent to everything else that is taking place at the moment of your Intense alcohol intake. Please remember a blackout can be the brain shutting down while the body stays awake. Hence how many young women and men fall victim to rape. Blackouts are not safe they can happen at any time sometimes without the help of alcohol. Be careful they can make your Brain shut down and when you try to reboot it only half of you returns. This why it takes less and less alcohol for this blackout effect to happen to whoever.  (+ info)

How do I know of my alcohol induced anxiety is gone?

After developing anxiety a few years ago, I found that drinking (or the morning after) always left me with severe panic attacks. I have no desire to get drunk, but to this day I am still scared to have more than a beer or two. How do I know if my body will react the same as it did when I had panic attacks due to alcohol?

There are several different mechanisms which can lead to anxiety due to alcohol consumption.

The first and simplest is a feeling of anxiety which occurs directly due to the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Some may feel uncomfortable, or drink heavily and worry about the effects. Others may be in a distressed state when they start drinking and their feelings may be amplified.

Another way that people get anxiety is by the breakdown of alcohol and the components and byproducts which are produced. For example, drinking causes the body to break down the alcohol, and some of the substances that are produced or converted from the chemical itself produce taxing effects on the body. Methanol is a culprit, and it's difficult for the body to break down. On top of that, it will convert methanol to formaldehyde. These chemicals can cause anxiety directly, or can cause anxiety due to the state that your body is in from a biochemical perspective.

Typically, morning after anxiety only occurs after heavy drinking or moderate, continuous drinking over many days. Most of the time, these byproducts are negligible and have a minimal effect on the body because their quantities are so small. However, when large quantities are consumed, this ups the levels of the byproducts and the anxiety (among other undesirable effects) can be more severe.

Some people are relieved from hangovers by consuming more ethanol (alcohol) the following morning. This is generally true for most people, as the body will stop breaking down methanol and other byproducts, and go back to working on ethanol. This produces relief for some. The problem is, those byproducts still have to be broken down, if not now then later. Consuming more ethanol eventually leads to an even greater build up of methanol and other compounds.

If you have anxiety the next morning after only one or two drinks, this is highly unusual. Your best bet is to simply try and see where you stand. However, I'd venture to say that if you're fearful to even drink, then don't bother at all.  (+ info)

Can hypnosis enhance recall of events that occured during a alcohol induced blackout?

Can hypnosis help someone remember what happened when they were extremely intoxicated with alcohol and do not remember anything that happened for approximately 3-6 hours?
3 days ago
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An excellent question. My guess would be yes.
There have been instances where an someone would, while in a blackout, recall an incident from a previous blackout, and the incident would remain in their memory the next day.
I am convinced that the memories are still there but buried very deeply and could probably be recalled under hypnosis.  (+ info)

What are the first symptoms of stimulant and alcohol induced heart trouble?

Also if you near black out does this put a lot of strain on your heart?

A lot of pain.  (+ info)

How similar is alcohol induced brain damage to dementia?

A friend of mine has binge drinked on and off for years.This last binge seems to have made their speech permanently slow and confused about basic common sense matters.Doctor said binge brain damaged them.

  (+ info)

Did my mother experience an alcohol induced psychosis?

She's an alcoholic and normally puts aside one week out of every month to stay in her room to wallow. A few days ago, she came out of her room rambling about calling an ambulance and seeing a doctor and called everyone asked if they could drive her to detox - she was acting very drunk and childlike. When she was there, bloodtests were done, and zero alcohol was found in her bloodstream. Now, even though she's back, she still seems a little "out of it" and off. What do I make of this?

Very strange. But yes, alcohol over a long period of time can even cause "wetbrain" and alcoholics who suffer from it lose touch with reality.  (+ info)

How common is alcohol induced sleep walking?

A close friend of mine came to my party and drank loads in the night he kept getting out of his bed and he was naked also. He peed on the floor. I had to keep getting up and he was like a zombie with no response on his face and at one point I had lost my temper shouted at him and he finally rested.

Alcoholic blackouts are quite common and dangerous.....find something productive to do...  (+ info)

Can alcohol and drug induced hepatitis be spread through saliva to another person?

My little grandaughter receives kisses from someone who was just diagnosed with alcohol induced hepatitis. I'm worried about him giving her kisses. Should I be worried that she might catch hepatitis from him? Serious answers please!

No, as was mentioned -- it should be noted that while 'hepatitis' is most notably known as a liver *disease* that is often chronic.. (With B and C).. any system with the suffix 'itis' means inflammation of the system.

This cannot be spread, because there is nothing to spread. Sort of like how hypertensive kidney failure cannot be spread.

Just as a follow up there are vaccinations for two types of viral hepatitis.. and are recommended if anyone is involved in a high risk environment.  (+ info)

Why does hard liquor agitate my alcohol induced anxiety?

Beer does not give me anxiety the next day. But any other type of liquor does- vodka, rum, wine, etc. Why is this?

  (+ info)

can hypnosis be used to help someone remember what happened during an alcohol induced blackout?

If someone drinks to the point of a blackout, could hypnosis be used to help them remember what occured during that time? Does the longer you wait from the incident make memory less likely?

No because being drunk is an altered state in itself. Hypnosis and memory is not altogether reliable. Probably a way to remember would be to get back into that state (being drunk) to access the memories, and obviously this is not an answer in a real sense or recommended!The longer time goes past a memory event the more the real facts tend to change and become colored.  (+ info)

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