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Can possible alcohol related problems harm during pregnancy?

Within the past couple years I started drinking more heavily, but I have been trying to quit/cut down for the past few months. Now I think I could be pregnant. I have no problem with not drinking now. I just wonder if any residual health problems (I don't even know if I have any, just wondering) related to drinking too much could hurt during pregnancy. Since the possible conception date I have touched no alcohol and have only been eating healthy and drinking lots of water and taking prenatal vitamins. When I was drinking, I would drink a few beers most nights and sometimes binge drink on a weekend. Oh, don't know if it matters but I'm not even sure if I am pregnant, just started with some of the symptoms that could be period or pregnancy related. I don't know my cycle, it's a little irregular, but I am certain I was ovulating when we had our unplanned possible fertilization... :) Too soon for a test, but I was just wondering about the alcohol thing.

You are fine, as long as you dont drink now everything will be ok. I was a bartender before I got pregnant, which meant lots of nights of drinking and I am 9 weeks now and the baby is developing exactly as it should.  (+ info)

Do more people die annually in the US from car-related causes or alcohol-related causes?

I realize that a lot of car accidents are cause by alcohol. But would you say this is an alcoholic accident or a car accident?

Too many die from car related causes and alcohol related causes.  (+ info)

Throat pain from throwing up in an alcohol related incident?

The other night I threw up from drinking too much alcohol and woke up the next morning with an intense pain in my throat. It's a couple of days later and the pain has not gone away. Can I do anything to subdue the pain? Currently I am only drinking a lot of water.

It'll go away on it's own. Nothing will make it go quicker. Cough drops will numb it like any sore throat. Heaved real hard, right? You tore your esophagus a little. Happens. Back off the booze for a while, too. I've had Jack Daniels induced sore throats that lasted a solid week.  (+ info)

What are your best alcohol related experiences on the tube?

please share your stories, whether you were witnessing the drunkenness or were the ones worse for wear.

I haven't travelled on the tube lately and you cannot drink on there anymore, thanks to Looney Boris Johnson  (+ info)

What is the percent of people killed from alcohol related crashes?

I am writing a paper on sobriety checkpoints and i need to know this. this is the one answer i couldn't find.
please quickly and accurately and maybe the name of the website if it is off the net.
thanks so much.
you are lifesavers.
10 points for the right and quick answer.

ok go look it up urself cuz it takes 2 fricken seconds. and for whtyear cuz there is a diffrent percent
and about 39% yourwelcome  (+ info)

Are disorders such as depression and bipolar related to the myelin sheath?

I know that a thinner myelin sheath is related to autoimmune diseases such as MS. Although I would like to know if it is related to personality disorders as well.
What?!? I wanted a real scientific answer! Don't waste my time with that! Yes I believe there is always more to it but really?? I was excited to find an answer now I'm pissed.

No it isn't. First, Depression and Bipolar are not personality disorders. They are Affective disorders meaning that there is a physical cause. Personality disorders (like Borderline) are learned patterns of behavior that do not have a physical cause.

Depression and Bipolar are a dysfunction of the chemical messengers in the brain... the chemicals that pass from one nerve to another. There may be too much or too little or the chemicals themselves are defective...... No one really knows for sure but no it is not related to demyelination.

However..... having a chronic illness like MS can cause depression (but not Bipolar).... but it is related to the stress caused by the illness and not a part of the illness itself.  (+ info)

What was the percentage of alcohol related fatal crashes during the week end?

  (+ info)

How to get rid of alcohol related acid reflux?

Nearly everytime I drink vodka I get acid reflux/ heartburn what can I do to prevent this or get rid of it once it already start hurting? And not drinkingis not an option because I already know that.

Why is not drinking not an option? If you're already having acid reflux, it won't go away by switching to a different alcoholic drink. All alcohol is extremely high in sugar and that can cause the heartburn. If you ignore the reflux, you can permanently damage your eusophagus, requiring surgery and a synthetic replacement of it. You can also get ulcers from constant reflux and heartburn. Untreated, ulcers can rupture and you risk highly dangerous internal bleeding and damage to other organs or your heart if your stomach lining ulcerates and the stomach acid comes into contact with other organs. You could end up in a preventable life or death situation and emergency surgery to repair the damage if possible. There is No alcohol worth the health risks. Be stronger willed than your urges. Get a grip and find something healthy to spend your money on.  (+ info)

How can one minimize alcohol related blackouts?

Tired of doing crazy stuff when I drink and not remembering it.

I can relate. Try drinking slower and feeling the effects of a slightly lighter buzz and enjoying it. Also, let the buzz hit you before drinking more, rather than continuously drinking until you feel it, as you could be piling up a "debt" of alcohol in your system during this time. Good luck!  (+ info)

Is bisexuality and personality disorders somehow related?

Is bisexuality and personality disorders somehow related? The reason why I ask is because I've dated a few girls who had borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. They were both extremely promiscuous, which is why i'm not with them anymore, and were very much into girls. They were all bisexual, but it seemed to me that a lot of them were more into girls than guys. They were all messed up in the head with their disorders and were always promiscuous and wanting to make out with girls all the time. Is there some relationship between personality disorders and bisexuality?

Bisexuality is highly correlated with borderline personality disorder specifically. BPD is characterized by identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self. Gender identification is one avenue in which identity disturbance presents.

One study found that 57% of consecutive male patients with borderline personality disorder who presented for psychiatric treatment at two distant geographic sites were homosexual. Homosexuality was 10 times more common among the men and six times more common among the women with borderline personality disorder than in the general population.

The above is in no way a judgment against bisexuality or homosexuality. Ambiguous or unstable gender identity is a benign symptom of the disorder and not a motivation for treatment.

The promiscuity aspect is of course less benign. Both disorders are characterized by volatile mood swings and inappropriately outgoing behavior. Borderline personality disorder is characterized by all-or-nothing thinking. An erotic target may be viewed as extremely attractive, and due to instability of perceptions, a former target may be suddenly devalued. Adding in a lack of a sense of boundaries, you have a formula for promiscuity. I haven't found any sources on the incidence of such behavior among borderlines and bipolars, so just because there's a formula there doesn't mean there's a high incidence of acting on it. So I'm hesitant to say this is a characteristic of either disorder. Given that it is happening in a subject, I would tend to attribute it to the disorder.

Bisexual women tend to lean more toward an attraction to men than women.  (+ info)

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