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Has anyone tried Alexia breast reduction pills? If so what were the results and are there side effects?

I've been looking for alternative methods to surgery to reduce my breast size, they're just too big for me. After seeing the ad for Alexia it seems too good to be true.

Look, if they REALLY worked, do you really think that many women would be trying to get approved by their health insurance?

SURGERY is the only way. Pills and herbs and creams are scams.  (+ info)

What are the characteristics of pure honey, and what ways to indicate whether it is pure honey or a synthetic?

I need the answer as quick as possible! and it would be better if someone tell me the method of testing a honey to make sure it's a pure honey and not a fake.

the right way to check the purity of honey is to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water.if it dissolvesit is not pure.  (+ info)

Where can I find pure white yogurt?

I am using this to make my own yogurt but I can't find pure yogurt.
all other types have added flavor and none are plain yogurt.

Any ethnic grocery store like Greek or Lebanese should carry it in it's pure state because both of these cultures use it for their cuisines. Try the deli where it should be sold by the weight.  (+ info)

How can I identify a pure 100% genuine honey?

How can I identify a pure 100% genuine honey? Please I having using all this kind of super market's honey, but I am doubt about their quality.
I mean do they add preservatives, additives, sugar or water. Please if they do or don’t then, how can I identify a pure 100% genuine honey? I want to buy pure honey, but I am afraid that the counter shelves honeys are not pure, if there is any please tell the name of the brand?

If it is 100% pure it should say so on the label, but if you are worried about additives buy from a local farmers or produce market instead of the supermarkets.  (+ info)

Is it safe to use pure sweet almond oil with fragrance?

I have purchased sweet almond oil for my sensitive, dry skin. I then read the ingredients and it listed 100% pure expressed sweet almond oil, fragrance. I hope this doesn't cause any irritation.

If it's pure, I guess it wouldn't have fragrance. Do a spot check on the inside of your forearm to test for sensitivity. If there's no problem there, it should be safe to use.

If you have an allergic reaction, it will be much better if it's isolated to your forearm instead of spread out all over...  (+ info)

What's the difference between pure heroin and cut heroin?

I know shooting up pure, uncut heroin will basically kill you instantly, but what does it mean when you "cut" heroin? I don't ever plan on doing heroin, or any other drug for that matter, I'm just curious. Thanks.
I'm not going to do heroin!

when you have "uncut" heroin your purity starts around 90% the term "cutting" means mixing other chemicals into the batch to give it more weight, so you get more money for your batch. these chemicals can be anything from vitimans, to benadryl, hell even ajax. (not that this is at all recomended) buy the time its street level heroin its only 5-10% heroin  (+ info)

What are the effects of swallowing pure silicon?

I can't find what I want with 1 google search so I come to answers. I'm doing research for a creative product and I need to know if there are any health risks of swallowing pure silicon.

Tough one!
Try this site:
http://www.azom.com/Details.asp?ArticleID=529  (+ info)

What is a good company to purchase pure essential oils for aromatherapy?

I want to get into aromatherapy, but do not know what company I can trust to purchase pure essential oils from. I want real quality oils at a inexpensive price if possible. Also, what are good starter oils and what tools do I need? Any input would be very helpful! Thanks!

Wyndmere Natuturals is a good reputable company to buy from. They have individual oils and synergistic blends for different issues.  (+ info)

What is the difference between virgin and pure coconut oil?

I have heard really great things about using Virgin Coconut Oil on your skin. BUT when I went to look at my local grocery stores they only carry "Pure" Coconut Oil. I bought some but I am afraid it will clog my pores or something. Can anyone tell me if it is ok to use or should I go to the health food store and find Virgin Coconut Oil? Thanks so much!!!!

Virgin and pure coconut oil are the same. Although if its labeled virgin you can be sure that it has no chemical process.Virgin coconut oil is the best for your skin,it absorbs quickly and helps skin retain its suppleness.
Try this Australian supplier. www.rudanetrading.com.au  (+ info)

How good is the Garnier clean and soft range or pure range?

So I have sensitive and sort of combination type skin, and after i found garnier pure (though never tried it) i found garnier clean and soft- is the range good? Better yet, which product from that range which do you reccomend? What about the pure range? Which would be better for me (like i said i have sensitive comination skin!) thanks!
Oh, im also trying to avoid redness!! thanks.

I have sensitive combination skin too. I'm 15. I have oily areas in the T-zone.

I use Neutrogena's face wash. It works better than anything else. It's only $4 at drugstores.

Don't try Clean and Clear or anything called Morning Burst, especially with exfoliators. They will be too harsh for your skin.

I've never heard of Pure Range.

Just stick with Garnier Clean if you want, I've heard good things about it.

Avoid Proactive.  (+ info)

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