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Explain how excessive vomiting causes metabolic alkalosis and explain why normal saline can be used to correct?

Vomiting results in the loss of hydrochloric acid with the stomach content, which consumes hydrogen ions, raising the pH of the blood.

Two Cases of Saline-Responsive Metabolic Alkalosis Associated with High Urinary Chloride Concentrations http://www.journalarchive.jst.go.jp/english/jnlabstract_en.php?cdjournal=tjem1920&cdvol=150&noissue=4&startpage=427  (+ info)

What is a good way to remember ABGs.....and metabolic acidosis/alkalosis and respirtatory acidosis/alkalosis?

Explain....I have a test over fluids and elecrolytles in the morning...if anyone has any good notes or good ways to remember these please do tell.....

The best way is to learn what they're all about. Acid-base balance should not be broken down to a mnemonic. Study and stop looking for easy ways to get through a test. You will need this knowledge in your profession. Don't put it off. It's not really that hard to understand.And if anyone on here gives you a simple way to remember acid-base balance they're not doing you any favors. Look up the Henderson-Hasslebach equation. If you're smart enough to be asking this question then you will understand it a lot better by learning the basics.
God bless.  (+ info)

how does excessive vomitting cause metabolic alkalosis and why normal saline can be used to correct it?

When you vomit you lose acid from the stomach (HCl) causing alkalosis.   (+ info)

If there is a loss of intestinal juices, would the blood pH indicate acidosis or alkalosis? Why?

  (+ info)

Why acidosis condition is more common than alkalosis?

Probably beacuase there are more metabolic and respiratory situations that will lead to acidosis ... alkalosis is usually found in third trimester pregnancy ... hyperventilation (usually short lived), low potassium levels and some other metabolic conditions ....

Acidosis occurs through respiratory failure ... which we see commonly in the hospital ... and when the patient suffers from severe oxygen depletion (hypoxia) ... lactic acid is formed reducing the bicarbonate stores in the body leading to severe acidosis ....
Renal failure leads to metabolic acidosis ... any loss of base  (+ info)

Need help with acidosis vs alkalosis?

Can anybody help me figure out the best way the figure if it is metabolic/respiratory acidosis/alkalosis and if it is compensated or uncompensated,etc. Somebody told me about a tic-tac-toe method for figuring it out but they didn't explain it well.

If your talking about a blood gas report, he Ph level should tell you if it is acidosis or alkalosis. Normal Ph is 7.35-7.45. Low is acidosis and high is alkalosis.

The Ph follows the problem. If the Ph is acid and so is the CO2 then it is acidosis and its a respiratory problem so it would be respiratory acidosis.

If the Ph is acid and so is the HCO3 then it is acidosis and it's a metabolic problem so it's metabolic acidosis.

The same would apply for alkalosis.

If the one value is acid and the other alkalotic and the Ph is normal it would be compensated.  (+ info)

Which of the following is the correct etiology for the metabloic alkalosis that develops...?

subsequent to right displacement of the abomasum with volvulus?
Is it
a.dehydration due to excessive treading by the affected animal
b.pooling of hydrochloride within a third space
c. lacctic acidosis due to calcium metabolism dysfunction

c  (+ info)

Metabolic alkalosis question?

What buffers are used by an organism to prevent excessive alkaline--alkalosis? I was thinking it had to do with the kidneys, but I do not know the process.

Your kidneys work very slowly to either retain or excret bicarb to change the amount of alkalinity in the blood. The 'buffer' you are talking about would be that a person would naturally start to slow respiration and/or become hypoponic (shallow respiration) in order to retain carbon dioxide which in the blood is an acid and would then help to balance the pH of the blood back to the mid range. Conversely of the person was acidotic they would breath deeply and rapidly and of occur the kidneys would slowly work to retain the bicarb to balance the pH. Higher Bicarb levels are most commonly seen in patients with renal failure and COPD patients with a history of CO2 retention.  (+ info)

explain how the respiratory and renal system's compensates for metabolic acidosis and alkalosis?

MMB has it wrong.

When your metabolic system is acidic, the natural response of your respiratory system is to increase your breathing rate. Hyperventilating will blow off CO2 which will raise the pH level in your blood.

To a certain extent the reverse is true with alkalosis.

However, change in the respiratory system is really more of a temporary stop-gap measure employed by the body while it tries to use other means to reset your pH to the normal level of around 7.40  (+ info)

can anyone help this is for a friend,its regarding metabolic alkalosis, gene mutation plz.?

hi a firend of mine needs helps on tis he needs to know this
"gene can be deleted/mutated by Metabolic upset/Metobolic Alkalosis or Hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis.

if anyone can help ill give 10 points to the most helpfull and informative answer , as his little girl is ill and he needs to know about this, thankyou.
hi yeah thanks for the answer but he needs info , on if the there is a gene mutation and also on gene deletion plz, he has info on metaboloic alkalosis but not gene mutation or deltion of it.

thanks though for your help, i really need more details on the above gene detetion etc. thanks though.

The short answer to your question is yes, it can be caused by a gene mutation, see the link below, but please read on.


Metabolic alkalosis describes an imbalance in the acid-base levels in the blood. It occurs for many reasons, including genetic causes which can be long term problems, but also as a result of other problems for example problems with the bowel which can be temporary. Treatment will obviously depend upon the cause.

Since your friend has already been told that his daughter has metabolic alkalosis then I assume that she is already being investigated for any underlying cause. I don't want to patronise you or dismiss your question, but in order to answer this question completely a lot more information would be required. Your friend's doctors will be able to provide much more information as investigations progress, but I understand his frustration whilst waiting with a sick daughter.

There was a typo in the part you added [detetion]- is it the deletion or detection you are specifically enquiring about?
The detection will involve blood tests and is likely to take some time (depending upon the lab), unless the problem is as a consequence of a chromasomal abnormality which could be identified quicker. There are several different genetic mutations (such as deletions) which can cause the metabolic alkalosis syndrome, if that is the cause. You would need to know which mutation or deletion the child has before seeking specific information on it and once that is known, the geneticist investigating the child will be able to give far more information. Hope that helps a little more. Good luck  (+ info)

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