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Advise from others with Alopecia Areata?

I found out last week that I have Alopecia Areata. So far I have not had any significant hair loss (I have 4 quarter-sized patches). I did some research and found out that there are several treatment options, both prescription and over-the-counter.

Any personal experiences with either treatment or coping with this condition would be greatly appreciated. If it helps any, I'm neither elderly nor a child.

I am 36 and have had AA for the past 7 years. It began with just a small quarter size patch, I was not too alarmed. about 3 months later it had gone nuts and I had about 4 spots on my crown that were spreading like wildfire. I went into a panic!! I began to see a derm and began injections. They have helped somewhat but the hair is going to do what it wants and run its own course regardless of what you do. I have accepted this over the years. I had a time when my hair went curly which was wonderful and beautiful but then last fall it began to really fall out again and I lost most of the hair. I wear it in strange little twists now. I think the sun this summer has helped as it is coming back almost in full minus a few little spots. I know it will probably never go away but I figure it does not define me and it is only hair. I have my health otherwise and you have to stay positive!  (+ info)

Does alopecia areata cause eyelashes to fall out?

I have alopecia areata. was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. My scalp hair is falling out (ive lost about a third so far), but im noticing eyelashes coming out. Is this alopecia areata or could my condition be developing into alopecia totalis?

it can do yeah it just depends some peoples do some dont, my friends brother had it and his eyelashes were white  (+ info)

I have alopecia areata. Is there any chance it will ever stop and regrow?

I've had diffuse alopecia areata on every hair growing legion of my body for about 6 months. There is still a lot of hair, but it keeps coming out. It is going extremely slowly. The doctor gave me steroid injections into a few areas of my scalp and my eyebrows, but to no avail. How long do outbreaks usually last, and is there any chance of regrowth after it stops?

I'm confused by your question. Alopecia areata means you have smooth bald spots (and is caused by an auto-immune reaction), and diffuse alopecia is basically thinning hair (which could be hereditary or caused by stress).

Alopecia areata usually does not respond to treatments and is definitely not caused by stress. It can be triggered by it, but that is not the cause. Once it has begun, it is very unpredictable. It could all start growing back tomorrow or you could begin to lose every hair on your body. There's absolutely no way of knowing what will happen. Some people have had luck with injections and creams, but in my opinion they have not helped enough of the alopecia population for it to be considered a true "cure."

I don't know as much about diffuse alopecia. I wonder how long you have been doing injections. I think they usually work pretty quickly.  (+ info)

How do I cure my alopecia areata?

I'm fourteen years old and unfortunately, I have alopecia areata. I've had it since I was 5. Well, this year I will start my freshmen year at high school, not only that, but it will be my first time at a public school! I'm so scared, and I'm sick and tired of these spots. What can I do? I've tried Nioxin, but it obviously isn't working.

  (+ info)

what is the inheritance of alopecia areata?

What is the inheritance pattern of alopecia areta. I would appreciate it if you would give me a site for it.?
What is the history of alopecia areta and who first discovered it. What is the inheritance pattern of this disease. Is it dominant, recessive, sex-linked, chromosomal, etc. I need a site, if you can, showing these details.

All I can say, is that i have it and it sux.  (+ info)

What can I do about Alopecia Areata?

I am 18 years old and I have alopecia areata. The dermatologist gave me this steroid foam to apply on that spot as well as told me to take biotin. Is there anything else I could do?

The steroid foam is a good starting point. I usually give my patients about three to four weeks trial of it, to see if any new hair will regrow. If it doesn't, then injecting the areas with cortisone is usually beneficial, assuming that there aren't too many spots. If there are a lot of spots, then I usually use topical immunotherapy, with SADBE. Perhaps your dermatologist can do that for you. I've had huge success using that chemical. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can Alopecia Areata cause tissue death under affected area?

I was recently diagnosed with alopecia areata and have had steroid injection in scalp. Last night i discovered that my scalp seems to be indented right at affected spot. Can the alopecia be causing tissue death? If so what are treatments for this?

i too have been diagnosed with the same thing, i have had it for about 7+ years, and it was never a huge issue, until i got pregnant and my body went crazy. my hair fell out so much, it couldnt be hidden and i had to wear bandanas and even a wig while pregnant. I went to my doctor for steroid injections all over my scalp, that was in June, now a month after my son's birth, hair has stopped falling out, and the steroids stimulated the growth in the bald spots( there were sooo many.), as to the small indentions in your scalp, i have them too. It is not dead tissue or anything like that. I freaked out when i noticed them cause some seem like deep craters, and i thought people would notice. It is one of the side effects some people experience from the injections. Your doc should have told ya, even before the shots, mine didn't either until after i noticed them- he thought the nurse had filled me in. anyway, they arent noticable unless you shave your head:) but they will always be there, so my doc says. The "dent" isn't from alopecia- it's from the steroid!  (+ info)

How to treat Alopecia Areata?...shampoos& conditioner,what vegie?

I have an alopecia areata,little spot on my head. From one spot ofmy hair i loss some hair,but when one ior two it grows back. And when months goes by another spot on my head it loose some and grows back. It repeatly everytime. It all started two yrs ago,and now it still happening on and on

There isn't really any conclusive treatment for alopecia areata. The condition eithers continue or stops suddenly. Some bald patches might face with regrowth while some won't even grow back at all. However, doctors might give you some minoxidil to help stimulate hair growth. That is the only viable option besides taking your corticosteroids treatment.  (+ info)

My son has alopecia areata. Does anyone know of any solutions to help with the condition?

My four year old has alopecia. I'm not sure why, but now he has bald spots on his head, and I'm searching for solutions. Does anyone know of anything that could help? Some medicine that you know of that might actually work? I know there are wigs, but considering he's four...I'm not sure he'd be one to wear a wig. Please help.

The best thing to do is take him to a dermatologist. Most likely he will prescribe cortisone in either the form of a cream (most likely a cream since he is only 4) or shots right into the bald areas. I know this because I had it twice. I had it when my father died and right before my wedding. It is usually triggered by nerves. Does he go to preschool? If so he could be going through some kind of separation anxiety that may be causing it. Don't worry too much it will grow back. I am also a hairdresser and I have seen this many times. Best of luck.  (+ info)

Anyone have positive stories about having Alopecia Areata?

I have a bald spot on the top of my head - and I've become so paranoid that the rest will fall out - I've seen one doctor who told me it was a fungus...and the other told me it was Alopecia Areata...I'm confused now...Is there anything I can do to save my hair? Please help me...i'm feeling disturbed about this.

Hello, i'm sorry that you're feeling paranoid about having Alopecia.
I've had alopecia since i was 12, it started with a very small bald patch on the side of my head then slowly more started to appear. I went to the Dr's and got told i had Alopecia Areata and that there wasn't a cure for it. From 13 to 14 my hair fell out in large quantities until about 90% was gone, i bought i wig because i got self conscious but i decided not to wear it, i'd grown in confidence and thought i'd be lying about who i was if i wore it, so i just went by as normal with 90% hair gone- winters were COLD! Stubbornness meant i didn't even want to wear a hat lol.

Now i'm 16 and i still have it but my hair has grown back A LOT.
I've tried everything the hospital has offered, spent hundreds on pills and nothing helped, it just decided one day it would give me a break and start growing back! I now have only about 20% hair gone but it could all fall out at any time although that doesn't bother me anymore, it's all about the right attitude!
If you want to discuss having Alopecia you can contact me dlousia@yahoo.com, i know what it's like to have no one experienced in Alopecia to tell you about it!

Good luck  (+ info)

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