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What formal tests and scans are recommended for confirming/dis-confirming anterograde amnesia?

If a patient shows symptoms of anterograde amnesia which neuropsychological assessments and imaging techniques would be recommended in order to confirm or dis-confirm whether a patient is diagnosed?

Anterograde amnesia, also known as fixation amnesia, is the inability to remember or recognize new information or new events that occurred after the amnesia’s onset. Retrograde amnesia, also known as evocation amnesia, is the inability to remember or recognize information or events that occurred prior to onset.

The Hanoi Towers Problem is one of the tests used to assess a patient cognitive abilities after the operation that caused his/her amnesia. Contrary to the image that many people have of memory as a vast collection of archived data, most of our memories are actually reconstructions. They are not stored in our brains like books on library shelves. Whenever we want to remember something, we have to reconstruct it from elements scattered throughout various areas of our brains.

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Whats it like as a day in the life process of someone who is victim of Anterograde Amnesia?

I was just wondering if anyone out there knew someone, and could shed some light on the subject for me. All the videos online weren't exactly enough to suppress my curiosity.

Have you ever seen "Finding Nemo"?
Dory has the same problem.
so, I think it would be like that.

"A boat?! Hey! I saw a boat. It passed by not to long ago. Come on follow me."
"Why are you following me? A boat?! Oh yeah I saw a boat. It passed by not to long ago.
Come on follow me."
"Why are you following me?"

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anterograde amnesia compared to a movie?

i have to write a paper for my psychology class about how anterograde amnesia compares to the movie 50 first dates.If the movies gives a true deatil of the disease or is it just for the movie. Anyone have any ideas?

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Implicit Memory Task with someone with Anterograde Amnesia?

How would someone with Anterograde amnesia perform on a typical implicit memory task?

I answer this cautiously... but I think that there should be no effect.

Anterograde amnesia affects semantic and episodic memory. This is the kind of thing you would see in patients with temporal lobectomies. Specifically, the left temporal is highly involved in semantics and episodes, whereas the right is visuospatial memory.

Implicit memory is predominantly procedural. Motor memory is linked with the cerebellum and basal ganglia. As far as I am aware, there are conditions (such as cerebellar damage) where patients cannot learn new motor tasks. Why I am uncertain is whether or not this counts as Anterograde Amnesia.

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Where can I find an anterograde amnesia case of a man named jeremy?i don't remember his last name.please help.?

Besides Clive Wearing and HM, there was one patient with anterograde amnesia i saw in my psych class, his first name was Jeremy but i can't remember his last name, any information you have would be good preferably the actual video would be great. thank you for your assistance.

I don't remember anything about the case of Jeremy unfortunately. But there was Patient KC who had anterograde amnesia you might find interesting. The first link below is to a journal article about KC. The next 2 links are to a couple webpages that mention a case of Jeremy with anterograde amnesia, but there isn't much detail and it may not be who you are looking for.

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Question about Anterograde amnesia?

I'm writing a screenplay and I'm using Anterograde amnesia as a big part of the plot. I know of it but I'm not 100% sure on how it works since I've never discussed it with anyone. How bad is it? Does it erase a majority of memories or are memories only erased after the amnesia has occured?

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seroquel possibly having anterograde amnesia?

I have asperger's syndrome, and I've been taking seroquel for my bipolar. However, I've noticed after I'm taking this medicine (100 in the morning and 150 at night) that I've been going through a side effect called, anterograde amnesia. During class, as soon as a teacher says out loud directions of what we're suppose to do, I'd have to ask again because I wouldn't remember anything that the teacher told me to do. I may have an aid to assist with me, but there's no aid around me to help remember telling my parents about important phone calls (even if I write them down, I'll forget to give the messages to them) or to remember that I need to exercise or take a shower or study. I may talk about a subject that I already discussed with either a teacher, friend, or family member. I called my doctor and he told me that he's never heard of this problem or any complaints. He's cutting me down to 50 miligrams in the morning and 150 at night. So, does seroquel have this memory problem?
I just found out that one of my friends, whom is also on seroquel, has trouble remembering about certain events and things just about the same exact way as me.
also, for however long you've been on seroquel (like maybe 4 or 5 years), could anterograde amnesia stay in your brain system permanantly?

Seroquel can have this side effect. I take 425mg every night, and have a bit of retrograde and anterograde amnesia, word-finding problems and frequently lose my train of thought. I have a small notebook on my desk and my coffee table, so I know where I've left my notes to myself. Get yourself a couple of notebooks (10"x6" works for me) with a red color so you can find them easily. If you put the phone messages in a notebook, your family can also look in them frequently and get their messages. This will help a lot, and reduce your frustration and anxiety when it comes to remembering.  (+ info)

what kind of amnesia is the "anterograde amnesia"?

Anterograde amnesia is the amnesia that one has after an accident. The person forgets events just BEFORE the accident. This is in contrast to 'retrograde amnesia' where the victim forgets what happened just AFTER the accident/traumatic event.  (+ info)

A new person every 15 minutes ? Anterograde Amnesia?

Anterograde amnesia or more commonly known as Short term memory loss is a disease that Associates with the brain and causes the person to loose any memory of what happens after the event that caused the amnesia to occur. Events that trigger this disease could be abuse of drugs or a severe brain injury which affects the left side of the brain. After this event has occured the patient only remembers memories of what has happened before the injury was inflicted. The patient would not remember how to do day to day tasks and would forget someone's name after 15 minutes.

In my opinion, a new person is born every 15 minutes in the person who suffers from this disease. The person does not recollect any information after the 15 mintues are done. He could be getting married, but after the 15 mintues are done wont remember who his wife was.

Should a person who suffers amnesia continue to live in the world ? In my opinion death is better than having to go through this, and hurt family members by not even remembering their names or memories.
Do you think death is better for a patient with anterograde amnesia ? why or why not ?
It sounds random, but i've just recently seen a movie and I got pretty inspired by it's theme and wanted to know what people think.
EDIT :- You loose memory EVERY 15 minutes, so you would only remember your family for 15 minutes ! Unless they tell you that they're your family after the 15 mintues is up, then you remember them for more 15 mintues.
EDIT :- You loose memory EVERY 15 minutes, so you would only remember your family for 15 minutes ! Unless they tell you that they're your family after the 15 mintues is up, then you remember them for more 15 mintues.

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How can I Iessen the effects of anterograde & retrograde amnesia due to trauma? PLEASE help me out if you can!?

Please help me if you can.

I'm sure I have both...
I'm 17, was raped at 14; 5 different times over one year and a few months by a "friend" I had a crush on. Same time it was all going on, my grandmother, who raised me, passed away due to cancer. I tried to take care of her when I could. Now I have nightmares about fire and rape every night.

I learned about retro & anterograde amnesia in psychology class at school, but no textbook I can find tells me how to cure it, or at least lessen the effects. It's really messing up my life and the relationships I'm attempting to maintain, despite my efforts to ignore it and move on. I have no health insurance to see a psych.

Thank you for any help you can give to me.
I appreciate it SO much.

By the way...I've already tried to see the school counselors; they've ignored the problem numerous times and instead insist on asking about what I'm going to do for college. I need a better source of information. Thank you to anyone who tries to help me out.

Try going to RAINN.org. They can help you find counseling and a support group. [Rape Abuse Incest National Network. A group started by Tori Amos (and others) after she was raped by a fan.]

Your memory loss is your brain trying to protect you. You need to go to a safe place where you can talk about what happened to you. When you can deal with it out in the open, your memory problems will probably improve.

You can also try your community mental health clinic. RAINN might be able to help you with that as well. They have a link to find a local clinic.  (+ info)

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