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Is there a safe and definitive way to give yourself permanent retrograde amnesia?

Does anyone (particularly doctors) know of a safe and surefire way to give yourself permanent retrograde amnesia? I am assuming this would only be possible with pharmaceuticals, as a hit on the head is not at all safe.


Uh, no. But don't most guys have this condition, naturally, anyway?

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What cures/treatments exist to help people who have retrograde amnesia?

What can be done to help them remember (if this is even possible), or to help them live their life normally as they had before the amnesia?
Also, I've heard that photos and videos help amnesiacs to remember people they knew before, but what about people they just met (as in days before the onset of amnesia)?

Do they have any chance of remembering that person clearly?

You might call a neurologist in your area or ask your physician for a referral to a cognitive rehab specialist.

The cure usually depends a good deal on the cause of the amnesia and can vary patient to patient.  (+ info)

does retrograde amnesia show up in any brain scan?

i was wondering if you got retrograde amnesia or for them to diagnose you with retrograde amnesia would there have to be proof that youve damaged your brain i.e would it show up in any brain scan?

they would look for signs of brain damage but the first thing would be your memory they would check  (+ info)

Psychological trauma, selective memory loss and retrograde amnesia?

Is it possible for a rather severe psychological trauma* to cause selective memory loss** and also retrograde amnesia***? And for retrograde amnesia, is it also possible to eventually and to permanently remember only a few(like 1 to 2) details like one's name?

*like witnessing brutal murder of parents as a child
**forgetting about the incident entirely
***loss of most or all information relating to personal history before that incident like forgetting one's family, parents and friends.

Thanks! :)

I think your problems and questions are just too complicated for the average person to understand, much less answer. I assume you are seeing a mental health specialist since you are so articulate about your mental health issues. If you are not seeing a psychiatrist, please see one very soon.  (+ info)

is there such a retrograde amnesia?

ok is there such a retrograde amnesia that you just forget everyone youve ever met or heard of and maybe even like where you live, how to get around your neighbourhood.
and if sooo wat are the details on what you remember and dont

Yes. there is such a thing and you can read all about it here:


I am a social worker and have met people who have it but this is a good article about it.

It is different for everyone and there are different types of it so read about it.

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is there a Sedative that causes Retrograde amnesia?

i have a blowgun and darts and i need a Sedative thats is safe to use on a friend - but i dont want them to remember getting tranqued

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midazolam  (+ info)

would i still remember (retrograde amnesia)?

say that you were in year 12 and got retrograde amnesia (car accident) and you completely froggot the last 3 years of your life
would you recognise your mum?

Not sure since retrograde amnesia is a partial or total loss of memory before a traumatic event. However, new information can be processed, stored and recalled. The loss of memory may be temporary or permanent but goes beyond ordinary forgetfulness.  (+ info)

A Question About Retrograde amnesia?

What would be the first thing a person with Amnesia would say?
I didn't know which category to put this in.

There's no "one thing" they would say. They would appear confused and disorientated and could say a number of things.

You sound confused yourself about something. Here's some more info on it: http://www.healthline.com/galecontent/amnestic-disorders  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a heart and/or lung transplant while having amnesia?

I need to know if it is possible or not. I'm working on a project for school. The kind of amnesia is the retrograde amnesia, which cause people to forget things before a bad event happens.

depends how old is the patience and who has power of attorunty  (+ info)

Is there a safe way to give yourself amnesia?

Is there a surefire method to give yourself permanent, retrograde amnesia? I would assume this would involve chemicals.

i dont know but i wish there was a way  (+ info)

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