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How to solve anal gland irritation?

My chihuahua has irritated anal glands. I take him regularly to have his anal sacs expressed, but the area is still irritated and inflamed. Does anyone have any suggestions BEFORE I consider getting his anal sacs removed surgically? I've tried using the hemorrhoid medication Preparation H (per my vet) but it hasn't really helped very much.

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medication to treat anal gland infection on dog?

Is the second time my dog secrete green liquid from his glands just today i find out at the internet if is green means infection. Some one knows what medecine the vet gives and if out there is any remedy. I am into do it yourself in my expirian the vet sometimes selle more medication of what you really need.

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my Shitzue? was at the groomers and they said they cleaned her anal gland and now she seems to drag her but?

smelly and dragging her but on the floor.what can I do about the gland thing?anyone

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Anal gland removal questions?

My dog just had her anal glands taken out on Tuesday. Her backside is really red and she is crying constantly. She has incontinence. I am really worried that this is going to continue. What do you think? Is there anything that I can do to soothe that area?

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how to treat an abcess from canine anal glands?

my vets offices dosent have weekend hours,and my chi poo has an abcess thats draining,near anal gland.what can I do for him untill I reach my vet?

Hot compress the area with a warm towel a couple of times for 15 minutes. Hot compressing with soothe the dog and promote drainage.  (+ info)

Wire haired dachshund anal gland issues? any help?

i have a 3 year old wire haired dachshund. we have been feeding her IAMS weight control dog food for a few months, the treats she get's are those $1.50 bags of bacon treats and some kinda of pizza treast, not sure of brand. she also eats tablefood, not tons of it or anything though.

she has always had this anal gland issue, she scoots her but then she'll turn around and sniff. it's pretty gross, we took her to the vet quite a few times, we finally learned to do this ourselves. problem is i can express those glands and the next day she will be scoottin again. the stuff that comes out is yellowish brownish tint but still kinda transparant ya know.

she had her worming ealier this year, along with her shots, i always look after she uses the bathroom to make sure i dont see anything out of the ordinary. ive never seen a worm or anything

what could be causing this so much, are there any products i can buy to control this. I've heard of gettin those glands removed.
is that safe for a dog of 3 years old. and what kind of recovery time.

im out of work at the moment, im not broke or anything but i am on a budget as we all are.
I wonder what a procedure like that would cost.

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Anal duct/gland cyst...What should I do?

I don't really feel comfortable talking about this but here goes...Recently I discovered a bump on my anal duct/gland ( pink area) Its pretty big, about the size of a pea. I think its a cyst, it usually gets inflammed and hurts pretty bad. Is there anything I can do to treat it, besides going to the doctor? Are there any medications I can find in my local drug store? Can I pop it myself? Someone please give me some advice! (More info on the cyst...Its round...kind of a purple looking color) Im not 100% sure its a cyst...but it happened in a matter of weeks, and it looks similar to other photos ive seen on the web. Thanks for any advice!!!

It is a thrombosed hemorrhoid. Don't pop it yourself or it might get infected. Try stool softeners, high fiber diet, preparation H otc, soaking in warm tub with cheeks spread. If it eventually does need to be drained have a doctor do it.  (+ info)

Does my dog have an anal gland infection?

I have a unspayed black lab who is seven years old. She has never had any health issues whatsoever and has never been crossed. A few weeks ago I noticed that she was licking her parts excessively and I thought this was because she was in heat. I then for the first time tried to clean out her anal sacs. I could not as it was very swollen and when I tried to pinch it, she was in pain. I also have another dog who is fixed and I did it successfully w/ her. Does my dog have an anal gland infection or are her anal sacs empty.

if ur dog licks his bum most likely its anal glands. you would know though because the smell is realllllllllly potent. please take the dog to the vet before it becomes an abscess and that will require surgery. good luck  (+ info)

What is the recovery process for Anal Gland removal on a dog?

My little dog (10 pounds & 10 months old) had her anal glands removed due to constantly not draining. It has been a week now and she is dropping poo all over. Has no idea she is doing it, no feeling in her anus, no muscle contractions, etc... It is not diarhea, it is firm like regular poo. Just when she gets excited, out pops a poo! Or when she's outside to go potty, she has no clue there is poo coming out, like she can't feel the sensation at all. Vet said it was a temporary issue and she will recover. He has done numerous anal gland surgerys. (he did 4 in the same week!) Anyone else have this issue? How long did it take to get the full pooping sensation to return to normal?
I know it has only been a week, and she has not healed yet. I have asked the vet who told me this is a "temporary" issue. Was looking for some answers from people who have had this same proceedure done to their dogs, and can give better insite to the whole recovery process.
PS: she isn't being punished. I haven't said anything to her when it happens other than "oopsie, we need to go out" and I wisk her out the door.

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Have clogged oil gland, anal region. Had two operations. Very painful. There is a topical oint. for this. HELP

Nearly 20 yrs ago had clogged anal oil gland, right side. Dr. who is no longer living did procedure of packing with gauze and removing after one week. He then recomended topical ointment, very low acidic content, to open back up in case of reoccurance. It worked. I can't remember what it was and is not in med. file. Within last 6 months left side also clogged and had to have another operation. Different procedure as very deep and gauze changed daily. Very painful. Asked Docter about topical agent. He checked to no avail. Now it is back and bigger than golfball size...Want to try anything but surgery again.PLEASE respond.

hiya it sounds a bit like a pilonidal cyst? these are soo painful and reoccuring.

Active Manuka Honey is a great ointment for wounds

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