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what's the difference between atypia & anaplasia ?

Does both means Cancer ?????

Anaplasia means lack of differentiation or loss of structure. This is a typical characteristic of cancer. Atypia means abnormal.  (+ info)

does anaplasia mean cancer?

i had a test done a couple days ago. they did an endoscope. i have to have one done almost every year. this time they want to do a different test. on the papers it says anaplasia and dyphgia i cant remember how to spell it. i was a lil out of it and my father drove me home after the test. he did not ask any questions and is hard of hearing. i asked him but he cant remember. i remember they did say my bp was low.

You really should talk back with your doctor -- anaplasia as defined means to form backwards which is the most extreme form of malignancy, so yes, that would be cancer.

Dysphagia has to do with difficulty swallowing -- a common sympton of GERD or Barrett's esophagus, etc.

BUT . . . if you're not sure of the results, you need to contact the dr for clarification!!

Good luck.  (+ info)

describe the pathophysiology of lung cancer caused by cigarette smoking?

lung cancer caused by cigarette smoking, hyperplasia, dysplasia, metaplasia, anaplasia, cillia, smoking ceasation

I'm not a doctor or have any professional or eductional teachings of cancer. But I found out last year from the D.A.R.E. program at my son's school is that each time you smoke a cigarette, the chemicals that are in the smoke are drawn into your lungs and they adhere to the vili in the bronchial tubes. This tar substance lines the tubes and weighs heavy on the vili, hairlike tissue that is used to clean the air that enters the lung. The tar substance ends up lining the tubes and narrows them, like cholestrol in arteries, making the tubes smaller and smaller. This makes it harder for the lungs to inhale air and the lungs stop absorbing the oxygen they need to properly oxygenate the blood cells. Your lungs have to work harder to inhale oxygen and your blood cells carry less oxygen to all the other organs. Also the tar substance will eventually close of some tubes all together and will less oxygen in the lung itself, lung tissue cells die off and are never replaced. Parts of your lung die, parts can't work properly and other parts form cancer cells.

This is part of the information that my son brought home from D.A.R.E. 2 years ago and I stopped smoking after reading this. I don't know how my damage my lungs are in or if I will end up with cancer some day from the 13 years of smoking I did do, but I do notice that I breath better, I don't cough or wease anymore and I have more energy. My son saved me.  (+ info)

what is hallmark of malignancy?

Metastasis or Anaplasia? guys i m really confused in this MCQ question, clever fellas jump in and help me out :)

Of the two choices I think the best choice is anaplasia!

Anaplasia is considered a hallmark of malignancy - the earliest. Anaplastic means the cells are undifferentiated.

What are the others hallmarks of malignancy?
1. Sustained angiogenesis
2. Evading apoptosis (cell death)
3. limitless potential for replications
4. Tissue invasions and metastasis
5. Insensitivity to antigrowth signal.
6. Self sufficiency in growth signal.  (+ info)

tumor breast mcq step 1?

A 49-year-old homemaker presents to her physician because she noticed a lump in her breast during self-examination. Biopsy of the lump demonstrates invasive ductal carcinoma. The connective tissue adjacent to the nests of tumor is very densely collagenous. This is an example of which of the following processes?
A. Anaplasia
B. Carcinoma in situ
C. Desmoplasia
D. Dysplasia
E. Metaplasia

C. Desmoplasia.

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