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What environmental and sociological factors might promote hypochromic anemia?

well its a very rare inherited condition, so it'll be something to do with your family history, might be worth investigating.  (+ info)

Macrocytic hypochromic anemia is seen in vitamin b12 deficiency?

In fact, that kind of anemia, it is caused by B12 deficiency and/or folate, due to inadequate intake or insufficient absorption.  (+ info)

What is mycrocytic hypochromic anemia?

microcystic hypochromic anemia. Anemia is related to lowering number of Red blood cells or their function in carrying oxygen in blood stream to the tissues. Microcystic means RBC is smaller is size than normal and hypochromic means the RBCs manifest weak red color under microscopic examination of the blood. These features indicate this type of anemia which is caused due to iron deficiency in body, that in turn it is due to several reasons including prolonged leakage of blood (microscopically in size) from a gastric ulcer or hemorrhoid for a untreated at least for a period of 5 yrs. and it is easily curable by administration of iron supplementation tablets by physician.  (+ info)

Whats Hypochromic Microcytic Anemia? how common is it?

Any gender bias in this anemia? why so?

Microcytic hypochromic anaemia is a condition in which the size of the red blood cell decrease as well as haemoglobin content of those cells.in india the most common cause is iron deficiency anaemia.other causes include hookworm infection,Chronic blood loss,malaria etc.get your blood checked for Hg,serum TIBC,.also do you feel fatigued,get palpitations?most imp are your nails,eyes,tongue pale?if yes get opinion from doctor who will start you on iron supplements.
Its more common in females  (+ info)

A child aged two years presents with anemia. Peripheral smear shows target cells and hypochromic/microcytic?

what test you would like to do?


Thanks, Kasey for your explanation.  (+ info)

How serious is anemia for the pregnant woman and the child?

We just got back the 26-week blood-work for my wife and they said she has a mild case of anemia, and told her to start taking an over-the-counter drug 2 times a day.

How serious is this? What are the possible consequences of having anemia?

Also, what can we do, besides taking the medicine, to further prevent this?


It is very common in women when pregnant--and when menstruating... it can make your wife very tired and lethargic, and when anemia is severe, it can result in less oxygen being pumped through your body. I have had mild anemia throughout my pregnancy as well. It's not anything too shocking--pretty normal. She should be taking some kind of iron supplement--and there should also be iron in her prenatal vitamin. Some non-medicinal ways to prevent anemia are to eat a lot of veggies that are high in iron, and red meat. I take a natural iron tincture (I got it from herblore.com) as recommended by my midwife--it is a naturally derived iron supplement that is easier for your body to use than synthetic iron supplements. Good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine :)  (+ info)

What is the best way to treat anemia and polycystic ovarian syndrome?

I have pcos and anemia and have been on birth control for years. I took my doc.'s advice and have lost about 55lbs I totally cut out fast & junk food and my goal is to loose 50 more lbs. Is weight loss a cure for this disease? Are there different types of anemia?

I have PCOS too. For the anemia, my doc had me taking prenatal vitamins because there is iron in them. I don't think there is a cure for PCOS, we're just stuck with it!! :) Good job on losing the weight. I've only lost 15, but am looking to lose about 20 more.  (+ info)

What could cause easy bruising besides anemia?

I bruise easily without any explanation. I do not bump into things, they just appear at random times and sometimes in strange places that I know could not have bumped into something. I have had blood work done to test for anemia, but I'm not anemic. Looking for other explanations.

Hemophilia, low platelet count, factor deficiencies. Have your physician do a coagulation wkup with PTT, APTT & Factors. Also these OTC medicines Advil, Motrin, ibuprophen (NSAIDS), aspirin, fish oils, ginger, garlic,all thin out your blood. Also excessive exposure to the sun can thin your skin.  (+ info)

What are some ways to treat anemia after giving birth to a baby?

I have heard the iron tablets can deplete a bodies ability to absorb iron over time. So what are some other natural ways to treat/cure anemia (as a result of giving birth to a baby)?
Where can I buy liquid chlorophyll? Is it available at Walmart or do I need to visit the health food store? I have one nearby but if it is something I can buy some where else for less I would like to know.

The best way to raise iron levels is to drink two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll a day. You can buy it at any health food store and it doesn't cost much. I was seeing a midwife and was so anemic she said if I was at the hospital they would of given me a blood transfusion. They gave me a chance to fix it over a week. All I did was drink the chlorophyll and tried to eat more iron in my foods. I got my iron levels up so high so fast they were really impressed. Hope that helps and good luck!  (+ info)

What is the symptom and treatment of Anemia causes by iron deficiency or viral infection?

What is the treatment of Anemia causes by viral infection? Is the infection can still exist even after taken Antibiotic?
Please also let me know about the symptoms to detect whether it has caused by iron deficiency or viral infection.

idk,,,,,,consult doc......tc  (+ info)

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