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Is eating ice a symptom of anemia or is it the other way around?

I've heard for a while that eating ice is linked with anemia. Is that a symptom that comes with anemia or does it cause anemia?

Its not a cause, but it might make you feel dizzy. I just got back from the doctors office like 2 seconds ago because of my anemia. :P  (+ info)

What happens if anemia is left untreated?

I think I have anemia (have all signs and symptoms, and a quick check up from a doctor that said he thought so, too). Problem is, I cannot afford to get to the doctor now.

Is leaving anemia untreated really bad? What will happen? Can I just start taking supplements?

The important part of anemia is knowing what's causing it. You can't afford not to see a doctor because if you have a serious problem that is causing you to lose blood, you may also lose your life.

Is your stool (poop) tarry looking, as in dark black? What signs and symptoms do you have?
Since we don't know the cause of your anemia, it's difficult to give suggestions. However, you can try taking a vitamin with iron (some of the women's formulas are good). Eat healthy foods like dark leafy vegetables (spinach, salads like romaine lettuce), cantaloupe, strawberries, baked potatoes with the skin, eggs, dried beans, and cereals fortified with iron.
If your symptoms increase, or if you notice bleeding, get to a doc asap.  (+ info)

What Causes Anemia, and what does it feel like to have Anemia?

Like what are the signs of having anemia?
And also, is it possible to get anemia from losing a lot of blood from being in a car accident?

And when you have anemia, aren't you supposed to take iron pills? About how often would you have to take them?



there are many causes of anema, e.g. folic acid defficiency, iron deficiency, vitamin B deficiency and yes blood loss after a car accident.
the exact cause can be found out from a blood test carried out by your clinician.

common symptoms include paleness, tiredness, aches and pains.

yes you can get iron tablets over the counter in any pharmacy you need to take them every day (100mg) and you must take them for a long period 3-6 months as it takes that long for red blood cells to be produced again.  (+ info)

Is it appropriate to take iron supplemets for aplastic anemia?

A family member has aplastic anemia. He was not given any type of prescription. So, he plans to purchase iron supplements. Is this acceptable for his type of anemia. I appreciate the responses.

Please read the full wikipedia article:


This is not like regular anemia. It is very complex, requiring very complex testing and treatment. It could be he is in the process of receiving different tests to determine the course of treatment. In one section of the article, it indicates that based upon the levels of all blood cell types, not just red blood cells, a determination of remission can be made. I believe that your relative needs to receive a complete description of his disease, his prognosis, his treatments, and where he is in his testing/treatment right now. I mean, are they waiting for more test results or to see if he improves before beginning a next treatment, or even the first one? It appears to be a serious disease, and I would hope that all of his questions are being answered by his doctor, and that he is not wondering about any of his possible treatments. They should be being administered by his doctor under supervision, and he should not, it appears, be medicating himself for this rather complicated and potentially life threatening disease. If his current doctor is incapable of answering his questions, and fully explaining the course of his disease and treatment, then he needs to see another doctor immediately, and I would suggest a hematologist (a doctor specializing in blood disorders). Good luck.  (+ info)

How can i get rid of my anemia?

I know I should increase my iron in take, but is there anything else I can do? Also, what are some of the symptoms of anemia?

You feel tired & weak, can't seem to concentrate. Your skin can get pale (although if you are black, as your avatar would indicate, this may take the form of an ashy look to your skin). Your gums can get pale; if you push on them with your fingertip, they stay pale for a few seconds before turning red again.

You should see a doctor if you think you are anemic, she can give you diet advice and medication, also help identify why you are anemic & fix it up. In general, dark greens (like spinach) are high in iron. Womens vitamins also help with iron and various vitamin deficiencies that may be connected to anemia. You would want to be careful with iron supplements, you can actually get iron poisoning if you are very weak, and seriously damage your stomach lining.

If you think you are anemic, see your doctor.  (+ info)

What natural remedies work best for pernicious anemia?

Only reply if your medically educated or wise please.I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia a year ago, now I don't have medical insurance and cannot afford a doctor. I need to treat this as it is hard to deal with. I was told to take iron supplements and sublingual B-12 and I do take those but now I'm peri-menopausel and suffering from frequent bleeding. Im desperate for answers.

Hun, you probably already know all this, but I'm listing a bit of info...

"Pernicious Anemia (PA) is a deficiency anemia that only involves vitamin B12 and comes from a need of "intrinsic factor".

Initially, B12 supplements should be given as an injection by a qualified medical professional. When blood abnormalities are inverted, supplementation may then be given orally with vitamin B12 at 1,000 to 2000 mcg per day. People who lack intrinsic factor will normally only absorb 1% of this amount, which is enough to help with future vitamin B12 deficiencies. Some doctors will recommend continuing lifelong B12 injections, even though it may be unnecessary."

There ARE foods that are high in B12, so you should try and include them in your diet as often as possible, especially now that you're bleeding more frequently.
Since you're already on supplements now, and if you start to include more high B12 foods, it might be enough to alleviate the problem with your periods.

Foods rich in Vitamin B12
Meat: liver (best source); beef/mutton; chicken; pork/ham; fish; whole egg

Dairy products: milk; cheese; yoghurt; maas

Liver should always be included more often in the diet, especially with PA .... as it is an excellent source of Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, iron and other important nurtients."

I hope this helps.. and that you can start to feel a little better.
*hugs*  (+ info)

How do I explain to my job that I have an inherited hemolytic anemia disease?

A lot of people do not know a lot about G6PD, but it's real. I sometimes go into crisis which inables me to be able to do things because my body gets really tired and it can be very painful sometimes. It's kind of like sickle cell anemia.

If you are just being hired, don't tell them yet.

If you're already on the job ask to speak to your immediate supervisor or manager in private. They will help you decide how to deal with it (IE: Whether entire staff need to know, you need certain accommodation in work area, etc.).

Just explain the symptoms that might be visible to others & might affect how others respond to you.

Best of luck  (+ info)

What causes a high platelet count and anemia?

My son has had a high platelet count and anemia for years. We have him tested twice a year now, but no one can give me a diagnosis,cause, or reason to keep testing him. They just say he does not need to get dehydrated. Has Anyone ever heard of this?


In thrombocythemia, too many platelets are produced. Excessive clotting or bleeding may result.

In the bone marrow, the cells that become platelets increase in number (proliferate). Why the cells proliferate is unknown. But the result is too many platelets. If there are too many platelets, blood clots can form spontaneously. Clots may block blood vessels, especially small ones. Sometimes in thrombocythemia, platelets do not function normally. Then, excessive bleeding may occur.


Usually, no cause can be identified. Other disorders that can cause thrombocythemia include iron deficiency anemia, cancer that has spread (metastasized), leukemia, lymphoma, polycythemia vera, and rheumatoid arthritis.

This is the closest diagnosis I can make. However this usually only occurs in 50 year olds, not children. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What happens when you get diagnosed with Anemia?

I got test done and I got the doctor said that I had low iron, but they took blood and are running future test. Can anyone tell me what you do if you have Anemia.

take a vitamin. preferably a one a day WITH iron. or you can just take an iron supplement. but the doctor will probably make sure you get on one any way. eat things with iron in them. and stay hidrated cuz anemia people have a tendancy to get dizzy or light headed. eating small snacks in between meals seem to help me.  (+ info)

Can a blood test meant to test for anemia detect an early pregnancy?

The sex was a few weeks ago right around ovulation. It is still too early to take an at home pregnancy test, but I have already experienced one very early symptom, dizziness. I got blood drawn today to test for anemia and many other problems including a thyroid problem. The results won't be in until Monday, and they will only call if they find something. Could that detect pregnancy this early if at all?

unless they are testing for the hormone HCG then no it wont depends if you told your doc you might be pregnant other wise all the blood test will test for for is anemia  (+ info)

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