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What is the specific gravity of the copper sulfate solution they test blood for anemia with?

Like when you go to a blood drive and they have to test you for anemia, I know they use a copper sulfate solution. But does anyone know the ratio of copper sulfate to water they use? (well I'm assuming it's just those two chemicals)

The specific gravity is 2.28 (hydrated) 3.6 (anhydrous).  (+ info)

What should i eat or drink to stop my anemia?

hey people i am about to turn 13 in april and i just found out i have a little bit of anemia. i knoe it stinks. so i was wondering what things should i eat or drink to make it better? p.s. i dont like taking pills.

If you don't want to take vitamins (which you should be doing anyway for good health) then I suggest meats like steak and dark green veggies such as romaine lettuce which are high in iron. Iron is what you need to help with being anemic.  (+ info)

Can you develop anemia out of the blue during your pregnancy?

I'm 14 weeks, and they already did all the blood tests and I was fine then besides having that RH negative factor with my husband positive. Today I just felt awful, light headed, nauseous, like i was going to pass out. I'd eaten plenty and had plenty of fluids. It was an odd rare occurence, so I thought of the possibility of anemia. Anyone else just develop it further into pregnancy? I'll bring it up to my doctor the next visit coming up soon of course, but curious if this posed any complications for anyone?

I got blood tests at about 12 weeks and found out I'm Anemic...you possibly could have developed it, but it's more likely that you're just feeling pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy in and of itself makes you tired, having Anemia on top of it is flat out exhausting though lol. Just check with your doctor and see what he thinks.  (+ info)

Can sickle-cell anemia be detected from a test that determines blood type?

I know that the typical test for sickle-cell anemia is a hemoglobin electrophoresis, but I am wondering if the prescence of hemoglobin can be detected during a test that identifies a person's blood type? I'm not sure what the test for blood type actually consists of. Do you just examine the blood sample under a microscope? If so, wouldn't you be able to see the sickle shape of the blood cells?

No. Blood typing is based upon an antibody-antigen reaction that is not examined under a microscope (except in certain rare conditions). Some times on the stained slide portion of a CBC, fragmented and sickle cells are seen which would then trigger the electrophoresis test for Hgb S.  (+ info)

Is there any home test kit I can order for anemia anymore?

I used to use the biosafe anemia meter, but it seems that they have been discontinued. Does anyone else make anyhting like this? I want to see if I am anemic again? I dont have medical insurance. I will go to a doctor, I just want to try the home test first.
I have been losing weight rapidly, and been extremely pale?

Do you know what's causing your anemia? You could always try going to a blood donation center. They give you a check-up for free and also check your hemoglobin levels. (If you don't qualify to donate, please do not give blood)

Also, you could pull down your lower eyelids and see if they are red (healthy) or whitish (anemic/not healthy).

Rapid weight loss and paleness..... you need to see a doctor really soon. This could be serious (unless you're dieting).  (+ info)

What is the life expectancy for someone with Diamond Blackfan Anemia?

A friend of mine has a son..His son has Diamond Blackfan Anemia..I dont feel right asking him this question. And all the searching I have done on the net have comes up without an answer..Can someone help me out? Thanks again.. And please dont be afraid to donate blood for the needy..There are less than 1000 people in the world with this disease, and they require frequent blood transfusions..So, please again..Donate blood for the needy..Thank You

Diamond Blackfan anemia is a diagnosis about which it is difficult to make generalizations. First, because it is rare- only about 800 cases. Second, because it probably has several different genetic causes which may vary in intensity. Third, because if often it is NOT severe enough to justify a bone marrow transplant (which doesnt always help). Fourth because in about 1/3 of cases there are other malformations which might affect the prognsosis independently. Finally, it depends upon the rate of complications from the treatment- chronic steroids and transfusions sooner or later generate complications which are seldom mortal, but affect quality of life.

That said, if you regard "life expectancy" as something more than a number, read the story of the kid in the first source. His story, over 900 gallons of blood, his life in hospital, his anger, and his attitude toward "life expectancy"- are sure to be more informative than a date.

If you really do need a number, it can be said that most patients live to adulthood now (but formerly did not due to the effects of iron overload from transfusions).  (+ info)

How can you tell if you have anemia?

My mom is anemic, and lately I've had anemia symptoms like:
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Increased heart rate
Fainting spells
I've also had some menstruation troubles...Is this a cause of anemia? I'm really pretty worried, because I've had a lot of problems with my immune system before, and I have no idea about any symptoms, diseases, or any other problems I might have. Does anyone have any idea???

You should probably make an appointment and see an MD for blood tests. Many of the symptoms you describe can be associated with anemia, but you cannot diagnose anemia with symptoms only. Try not to worry about it so much; basic anemia is easily treated with diet and vitamins. Are you taking a multivitamin with iron? If not, you should probably start taking them soon. As far as the cause maybe being linked with your menstruation problems-- that is a likely culpit. But that should be followed/treated by an Ob/Gyn MD.

PS--I really can't tell online, but some of your symptoms could also be caused by anxiety disorder. Talk to your MD.............  (+ info)

What r some things I can do to help anemia?

For the past 2 years I have had really heavy periods with a lot of clots. Because of this I have anemia. I've been taking iron pills and doing other things to help. Recently I went to the doctors for irregular bleeding and found out that my anemia has gotten worse. I have an appointment for a Specialist, but I don't go until Aug 27. Is there anything I can do to help my anemia until then?

Eat lots of beef!!

If you hate meat though, like me ((I'm VERY near anemic)) eat eggs, peanut butter, or even fish.

Hope it helps. :)  (+ info)

Is it anemia or breastfeeding that is preventing the return of my period 13 months after childbirth?

I have a 13 month old daughter who I still breastfeed and I have not yet seen the return of my period. I was also told by a doctor recently that I have fairly severe anemia and I've been taking iron supplements for about three weeks now. What I'm really wondering is if it is the anemia or the breastfeeding that is preventing the return of my period?

Have you mentioned this to your Dr???  (+ info)

Why is it difficult to treat gonorrhea while having sickle cell anemia?

If a patient has sickle cell anemia and is diagnosed with gonorrhea, why is it difficult to treat the patient with a "normal" dose of antibiotics? What can happen if the gonorrhea is not treated right away?

Gonorrhea is not more difficult to treat in patients with Sickle Cell Anemia, but patients with Sickle Cell Anemia are at higher risk for more serious infections with Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is treated with antibiotics and if appropriate antibiotics are chosen then treatment has the same effectiveness whether the person has sickle disease or not. Patients with sickle cell disease can develop widespread disease, which can produce a rash and joint issues. If the gonorrhea is not treated properly, then it could lead to spread through the bloodstream which leads to joint infections and a rash.  (+ info)

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