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Will new Zoonotic diseases that jump from animal to human cause the extinction of all Mankind in the future?


worse yet could these new diseases become a pandemic?

YEP! I have been working with animals for 26 years, and with the wide variety of Zoonotic diseases out there, I have no doubt. And ya wanta know what the sad part is, Doctors don't know what most of them are!!!! You are sick and tell the Doc you work with animals, and they won't even consider there could be something Zoonotic. My ex doc misdiagnosed Hanta Virus when I had it. I though I was going to die.  (+ info)

Diseases and Bad Health from Animal Overcrowding?

Hiya Im doing some work on Overcrowding in animals and i cant find any information on what kinds of bad health or diseases are developed from overcrowding in animals Thanks

Im having that same problem....  (+ info)

mention 19 animal diseases with the organisms that cause them?

  (+ info)

Do humans have more diseases than any other animal species?

It certainly seems that way ? i had a dog once that was never ill, but many people always seem to be suffering from something.


yes we do,, as we become more modern, we cause more, and as we become more modern, our bodies are not as stong or immune, so poeple become ill more easily, e.g a gardener gets flu less that an office worker, cause his used to working out side in the cold and wet..  (+ info)

An animal's nutritional health is most endangered by diseases that strike the?

A. liver
B. gastrointestinal tract
C. blood
D. kidneys

b gastro tract...your immunity is in your intestines...  (+ info)

Does anyone test each animal for diseases before they kill it and package it for sale in a butcher shop?

animals = cows, sheep, pigs etc

No. I'm an agricultural student and I know for a FACT that it doesn't happen. At birth, they get a check up. If there are any symptoms of illness etc we shoot it, or if it's only something small we'll get the vet out. We do as much as we can to PREVENT illness, by immunising them at birth, keeping sheds clean, paddocks fenced etc. But, nothing is done on the farm, at the abattoir or at the butchers. It's only, as previously stated, when someone gets sick. Then they trace it back and the farm either gets shut down or quarantined etc. Hope this helped :)  (+ info)

Why is it easier to use drugs to cure bacterial diseases than those caused by fungi/protists/animal parasites?

Bacteria are prokaryotes, while fungi/protists/animal parasites are eukaryotes.

Humans are also eukaryotes.

Thus, bacteria are different from all of the rest. It is easier to make drugs to target this difference and in a way not affect the stuff that eukaryotes have.

When you make drugs against fungi/protists/animal parasites, you target stuff that all eukaryotes, including humans, have in common. Therefore, humans can get more side effects from these medications since they are also eukaryotes.  (+ info)

What diseases can you get from the bathroom?

I sat on a toilet seat and this animal attached a wet piece of toilet paper to the inner top part of the toilet seat. My shirt touched the wet toilet paper and then my shirt touched my penis. What diseases can I get?

What diseases can you get from a bathroom?
Yesterday, I cleaned off a toilet seat with a person's blood on it. I think my hand touched some of the blood. After that, I defecated and wiped myself. I did not clean my hands off. What diseases can I get from that?

It's really not often that bacteria or organisms are transmitted via the toilet seat. When they are the most common bacteria involved is either streptococcus or staphlococcus, and even these are seldom. More often conjunctivitis, (pinkeye,) can be contracted by the use of roll-towels in public bathrooms and not washing the hands properly. But the spread of micro organisms from toilets, urine, feces, etc. is very, very rare.  (+ info)

How much money is spent on funding animal experimentation a year?

Does anyone have any idea how much money is being spent on doing scientific testing on animals?

I'm doing an essay and I'm trying to type up the paragraph about the funding spent on animal experimentation to better the health of humans, could be better spent on funding education on how to prevent such diseases in the west, but if I don't know how much money is spent on animal experimentation then the argument is pretty much not convincing and I'll have to take it out of my essay lol.

Billions are spent all over the world (excluding Switzerland I believe)

Here is something else to put in your essay:

85% of product said to be safe once tested on non-humans, later were proved dangerous once further tested on human!!

Can you believe that!?

Penicillin (one of the greatest and most important discoveries in medicine) was not used for years, because tests on animals showed it to be deadly. It kills rodents and most small animals. on the other hand dogs can take up to 10 times the dose that a human can.

Just goesto show they are wasting money on tests that anren't acctually relevent.   (+ info)

humans contracting animal diseases?

in order for a human to contract a disease/flu from an animal wouldnt the virus have to be geneteically modified in order for the animal to be able to pass it on to a human?

  (+ info)

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