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What organism causes anthrax? Who was the first person to discover and or record it? What were the first cures for it? what was the worst case of anthrax?

are you writing a paper? homework?

Anthrax is a disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, bacteria that lives in the soil. Animals such as cattle, sheep and goats are the usual hosts for anthrax and contact with infected animals or animal products infect humans secondarily. It can infect the skin, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract.

Discovered by by Robert Koch in 1877

2001, terrorists spread anthrax by sending spores through the mail in the United States. (How you don't remember this is beyond me, you must be terribly young)

Penicillin is the only known treatment option available and only within the first few days of exposure.  (+ info)


where did it come from? what is it made from? Chemical make-up?

I googled this and I cant really tell if it's man-made only or if it come from the ground.. help!

Theres probably a reason you cant find any info on it. If you can find a site that says how to make it then you will have a crap load of FBI cars at your front door in the morning.  (+ info)

Why anthrax virus is called so and why not its called anthrax bacteria?

Everywhere on net its given anthrax virus but it is caused by anthrax bacteria.Then why is it called virus?

Its call a virus on the news because the word virus is scarier than the word bacteria. Much Scarier, as it implies contagion. And since most people didn't know anthrax existed before the big scare on the news. Its commonly called a virus.  (+ info)

Can post office detect Anthrax letters and Mail Bombs sent to me?

Can post office detect Anthrax letters and Mail Bombs sent to me?
Can post office detect Anthrax letters and Mail Bombs sent to me?

I had argument and involved pissed-off situation with a guy, and he may have access to stuff to make letter bombs or plant some virus/bacteria/poison vial in envelope to try to kill me.

Can the post office sniff and scan out these contaminated letters this crzy kiler tries to send?

As far as the bacterial side, I would not worry about that in the least...

I am a microbiologist by profession and the chances of an average joe being able to get his hands on a virus or bacteria that is going to harm someone else are slim to none. First he would have to know how to maintain and propagate this bacteria and virus. Chances are someone who doesn't know what they are doing would kill off the bacteria. Furthermore, that stuff isn't something that just jumps out and kills people.

You have nothing to worry about.  (+ info)

How long should the Anthrax shot hurt?

My husband had the anthrax shot and is complaining that it hurts and I was just wondering how long it would last for. He had it done on Tuesday and today is Thursday. Can someone please help a little here, should I take him in or is it normal?


If your husband received the anthrax vaccine, he should ask the medical person who gave him the shot(s) what to expect. This vaccine, which I have received in the past, is usually reserved for military and/or medical researchers and personnel. He should also report his reaction and ask any questions. The formaldehyde in the vaccine usually causes the stinging, as it also does in the tetanus vaccine. It should disappear within 48 hours.

The Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program is a Department of Defense initiative to protect military personnel against the threat of anthrax. Surveillance for adverse events associated with anthrax vaccination has shown that mild local reactions are not uncommon while systemic reactions are extremely rare.

The anthrax vaccine is given as a series of six shots plus an annual booster as part of the Anthrax Vaccination Program for military personnel. The vaccine is a sterile cell-free filtrate vaccine from an avirulent nonencapsulated strain of Bacillus anthracis. Bioport Corporation of Lansing, Michigan manufactures the anthrax vaccine. It contains small amounts of aluminum hydroxide (no more than 2.4 mg per 0.5-mL dose) as an adjuvant. It also contains small amounts of formaldehyde (no more than 0.0037%) and benzethonium chloride (no more than 0.0025%) as preservatives. Medical surveillance by the Department of Defense for adverse events has shown that about 30% of males and 60% of females get small local reactions to the vaccine. This is described as swelling and tenderness at the injection site less than 2.5 cm.2 Between 1 and 5% of the population get larger local reactions of 2.5 to 12.7 cm. Around 1% of vaccinations produce local reactions larger than 12.7 cm. There has been an extremely low rate of less than 0.2% of systemic reactions. The independent Anthrax Vaccine Expert Committee reviewed 843 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System cases in June 2000. Urticaria or other rashes where found in 22 of these cases. Workers at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases have used the anthrax vaccine since 1973. Under their reporting system, 4% of doses produced a local reaction, which consisted of swelling, erythema, induration, and itching at the injection sites With 0.5% of doses they reported systemic reactions which consisted of fever, chills, malaise, headaches, and muscle and joint aches.

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Are they any allergies or other conditions that can make someone inelligible for the anthrax vaccine?

Looking for any food or other allergies or medical conditions that might make someone unable to receive an anthrax vaccine.

anthrax is generally grown in eggs, so if someone has an allergy to eggs, they can't have the vaccine. It is also a very limited supply, so most of the general public can't get the vaccine at all without very good reason, like going to a known area of infestation.  (+ info)

How do i make fake anthrax?

I'm doing a project and i want to make a replica of anthrax.

Something cheap that has the same texture and colour. Smell is irrelevant.

Why not just use salt.
That seems to be enough to panic the forces of security nowadays - but be warned you may get your school shut down and yourself shot dead by police (who go for the "ask questions later" approach whenever they think they have the remotest opportunity to "save the world")  (+ info)

Just found out that military babies born with birth defects may be linked to anthrax vaccines is this true?

I met a women in the ER who mention that her husband was affected by the anthrax vaccine. And her son who was born after the vaccine was given was born with birth defects. My daughter has almost the exact same problems. Are there more out there. I would like to have more children. But if this is true, I would like my husband to get check before so.

A small, increased risk of birth defects has been found when women receive the anthrax vaccine during the first trimester of pregnancy. I do not know of any studying the effects of men receiving the vaccine.

Even if there were evidence of increased birth defects, there is no way for your husband to "get checked" about whether your next offspring would be affected. Birth defects are the result of subtle genetic defects in sperm or egg. There's no test to detect whether or not those defects are present.

Sorry for such an uncertain answer. Basically, there is no test you can do to know if your husband is more likely to produce a child with birth defects, so you'll need to make your own decision.  (+ info)

What effect does anthrax have on the body cells?

I'm talking about the cells in particular, not the body in general.

Anthrax is a bacteria that releases a toxin. The toxin forces macrophages to release huge amounts of interleukin 1, a signaling molecule that causes shock and death in excessive amounts by lowering the blood pressure way too much.  (+ info)

How many times can a person get anthrax?

how many times can a person get anthrax? anyone know?

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