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Difference between IgA Nephropathy and Thin Membrane Basement Disease?

What are the main differences between IgA Nephropathy and Thin Membrane Basement Disease, except for one being more benign than the other? Any specifics as to the differences in symptoms?

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IgA Nephropathy or Thin Basement Membrane Disease?

Without getting a renal biopsy, how can I tell if I have IgA Nephropathy or Thin Basement Membrane Disease (or something else)? Does Thin Basement Membrane Disease occur from birth or can it develop later in life? For the past 15 years I have experienced micro-hematuria, with occasional bouts of visible hematuria and severe back pain. I've seen GPs, Urologists, and Nephrologists and no one has mentioned either - they just say it can't be explained, but I want an answer. I'm exhausted all the time, catch infections frequently, and in constant pain. I've had a clear ultrasound and an MRI.
Thanks, but it's not a matter of being afraid to get a biopsy, it's that I can't get one. They only do biopsies if you have loss of kidney function.

Igan can only be diagnosed by a biopsy by identifying specific scarring in the kidneys. I don't really know about the thin basement disease, but several of your symptoms sound very similar to igan. I have it myself (was diagnosed via biopsy), but mine is very mild and slow progressing so far so I have few of the bad effects just slightly elevated levels of protein and hematuria.

My nephrologist ordered the bioposy so maybe yours has a reason for not doing so. I would mention igan and ask if a biopsy is the right next step. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt.

Update: My kidney function was not reduced when I had mine. I'm still at 95%+. It was ordered by my nephrologist because it was the last thing they could think of to try after no other tests were helpful. If it is a matter of insurance restrictions then I understand. If it is just your doctors philosophy then you may want to check with a new doctor. Certain medications can help slow progression so it is best to have it diagnosed before kidney function begins to decline.  (+ info)

Basement apartment bad for infant with Chronic Lung disease?

We have a preemie who is still in the NICU with Chronic Lung Disease. Will our basement apartment be a good environment for her when she comes home? And what do I have to do to keep our apartment safe for her condition?
We don't have the funds to move. Our landlords have given us a break on rent to save our money to go back and forth to the cities.

If the apartment is damp, it could be bad for her. Get a dehumdifer (a large one or several smaller ones) and use them all the time. Make sure there is no mold or mildew in the apartment. Talk to her doctor about it, he may have other suggestions...  (+ info)

How Many Confirmed Cases Of Hyaline Membrane Disease Have There Been?

(The Disease Patrick Kennedy Had)

It affects about .989% of newborn babies in the world each year, so millions.  (+ info)

Is there an introversion, shyness, or anti-social disease?

I need to know if introversion, shyness, or anti-socialness are a disease, or symptoms of a disease. Many thanks!!

Introversion and shyness are personality traits. An extrovert is outgoing. They aren't actually symptoms.

In psychology and the medical fields, antisocial personality disorder is a treatable mental condition.

But ordinary people use the term 'antisocial' lightly in every day conversation without implying the disorder.  (+ info)

why there is no anti toxin or other perfect medical treatment present for the disease?

Swine flu attack in 16th century for the first time then why there is no medical treatment 4 the disesase .
I mean at that time it was also treated to its end .

It mutates, so every time it comes back, you need a different antivirus. (Not antiviral like Tamiflu which is generic.) Also, until very recently there was nothing you could do about viruses. The diseases they did cure from Jenner in the 18th century on were bacterial.
GCSE equivalent science only, so take with a pinch of salt.  (+ info)

is it true that anti perspirant sprays can cause alzhemier's disease?

i've heard that they can go into the bloodstream and affect the brain. it's a theory and hasn't been proven but should we worry? i am worried.
the ALIMINIUM can go into the bloodstream, that is.

The symptoms known as Alzheimers disease are associated with a lesions in the brain in which there is a high concentration of aluminium. The mechanism by which the aluminium gets there is not understood.

Aluminium is widely used in food preparation and packaging. This is far more likely to cause problems than the aluminium in antiperspirant.  (+ info)

How long does it take for a Hashimoto's Disease (Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody) test to come back?

I took the test 4 days ago and still waiting.......................


It depends on the lab it was sent to...but I have never had an antibody test come back sooner than a week.

Hope you get it soon.  (+ info)

Is there a mental disease connected with anti-socialism?

withdrawal from society and a hatred for most but not all ppl, and feeling of joy and doubt, insecurity and rage?

mental conditions linked to what you have described :-

bi- polar - varioue types
PTSD- post traumatic stress disorder
BPD - borderline personality disorder
SA- social anxiety
AS- aspergers syndrome

to know exactly what was causing it you would have to have a psych evaluation....  (+ info)

What is an example of a viral, bacterial, fungal, and protozoan disease using the mucous membrane as entry?

Almost all viral, bacterial and protozoan disease enters the body through mucuous membranes in the mouth or nose. Fungal infections do not technically enter the body, they live on the outside skin, unless there is broken skin. All of them will enter through broken skin.  (+ info)

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