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Are there any genetic diseases that would prevent a person from developing an average level of intelligence?

I think the question above says it all. Is there any known GENETIC disease that can cause a person's intelligence to become underdeveloped?

Retardation. Its an accual disease!  (+ info)

How much does genetic testing cost in Canada?

I'm from canada and my husband and I are interested in genetic testing to help us decide whether or not to have kids (we both have mental illness in the family, as well as heart problems and autism run in his family). Does anyone have any idea how much it costs?
Feel free to answer even if you're not from canada, but please let me know what country you live in.

  (+ info)

What website analyzes photos of a child for percentage of genetic traits from each parent?

That's all I want to know. It is a website that takes a photo of a child, analyzes photos of each parent, and determines the percentage of genetic traits inherited from each parent.


Its free to try as much as you want.  (+ info)

What are your concerns regarding genetic mapping? How would it impact your personal life?

I'd like to know your view regarding genetic mapping of the human genome. Some issues are insurance, philisophical; religious; quality of life; and funding to name a few. Please be genuine with your input. I already have a list of pros/cons in each but to top it off I think getting input from others here would make it interesting.

no impact. I am who I am. Sum of my facts...  (+ info)

Do people abort due to genetic disorders identified in the unborn child?

I wanted to know if people would go through abortion if they found out about a genetic disorder present within the unborn child during prenatal or ultrasound scans. Please list a few reasons; detail isn't really important. I just need a few basic reasons. The reasons can pretty much range from anything - ethical, religious, social, etc. Thanks in advance.

It might be easy for some to forget about religious views and social stigmas, but that is one of the huge reasons that this is so difficult for people. I see prenatal patients who are making these decisions, and the issues that many people consider include not only the well-being of the child, but of the family themselves. Some conditions come with a normal life span, but the person cannot be self-reliant (think Down Syndrome or other mental handicaps). There are some conditions that are a little "easier" for people to make this choice with, such as anecephaly or trisomy 13 or 18, where most likely the child will not survive after birth. But conditions like spina bifida, Down Syndrome, or Cystic Fibrosis (where the child will survive but will need lifelong assistance, or there is a variable outcome that we cannot predict) depend on the individual family.

I personally would not abort except in the case of something as serious as anencephaly, but the choice belongs to each family individually.  (+ info)

How long does it take for the state of Michigan to establish genetic paternity of a child after they are born?

Alleged father is already aware and willing to do genetic testing once my baby girl is born next month. I'm curious how long before the state/court will help me get this taken care of as we are trying to establish compete paternity right away. any help is appreciated! thank you!

It could be done now.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  (+ info)

Hemophilia: What are the symptoms, diagnosis, genetic patterns of inheritance, and cure/ treatment of it?

I just want to know what the symptoms of hemophilia are, the diagnosis, the genetic patterns of inheritance, and whether or not there is a cure (is there one being worked on?). Thank you for your help!

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder. The symptoms are easy bruising, prolonged bleeding and in some cases can lead to death. Most hemophiliacs fall under the heading of Factor 8 ( hemophilia A) or Factor 9 (hemophilia b). The factor simply put is the clotting that they are lacking. Factor 8 is the most common.

It is important to remember that like many things there is not just one type of Hemophilia. Some hemophiliacs may only need treatment for a major injury or surgery. While others may get muscles and joint bleeds and not know how the bleed started.


Mild hemophiliacs may only get treatment when need to before a surgery. While those with severe hemophilia may treat 3 times a week regardless if there is a bleed or not. This is done to improve the quality of life. Many hemophilics are often taught to treat at home. This means finding a vein and sticking yourself with a needle.

Factor 9 hemophiliacs are often given Benfix. While factor 8 hemophiliacs are now getting Whety more often as it just hit the market in Jan 2008. Both are VERY VERY expensive.


There is no cure for hemophilia. Much hope was put into genetic engineering and still is however it still seems far away. Oddly enough hemophilia has been cured in mice. Researchers in short with through the mice liver and forced the body to produce the lacking clotting agent. It is important to note that while promising mice and humans are worlds apart.
Sources are listed below I hope this helps.
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How much would it cost to get a genetic screening?

I'm just studying cystic fibrosis and where I'm from (Ireland) we have the highest rate of carriers of the gene, 1 in 19 compared to 1 in 25 elsewhere. This means that 1 in 19 couples have a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with cystic fibrosis. So I was wondering how much it would cost to get a genetic screening to check if you are a carrier before you considered having children.

I'm not certain of the facts, but my understanding was that if members of your family had CF then you are entitled to genetic counselling and screening for that specific condition.

CF carrier testing is not that accurate though. There are certain mutations in the CF gene that the test cannot find. Not all CF mutations are known. The unknown mutations are actually rare though.

I do agree, screening should be available so parents can make an informed choice. I disagree with terminating a pregnancy if someone has CF simply because one cannot ascertain prior to birth just how much one will be affected by CF (just my opinion though). CF affects people to a greater and lesser extent. You can always pay for private genetic screening, but it is costly.

Here read this link:- http://www.ukgtn.nhs.uk/gtn/CF_Testing_Criteria?contentId=345

This is the current NHS criteria
"Family history of CF in close relative (up to 4th
degree), (ie. in 1st cousin’s child or closer relative), or
in similar close relative of partner.
OR: Partner a known CF carrier
OR: Close Consanguineous couple (1st cousins)
AND from ethnic group with high carrier frequency
(Caucasian)"  (+ info)

What mental disorders are strictly genetic?

I have to do a research paper for school and i wanted to know what mental disorders are strictly genetic. I was going to do something like schizophrenia or bipolar. However as some of you may know, these disorders are highly debated whether they are genetic or acquired.

none that are 100% proven to be genetic, although there can be some genetic factors. Honestly, it's a mix of lots of things. Think about it: if evolution and natural selection did happen what would be the benefit in a genetic mental disorder?

here are some that are thought to have some genetic factors:
Postpartum depression
Delusional disorder  (+ info)

Can lifestyle and the environment effect the severity and development of a genetic disease?

I have a genetic disease for which there is no cure. I am trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle to slow down the disease but sometimes wonder if it's all worth it. Does having a genetic disease mean your life is already mapped out for you?
The disease is Retinitis Pigmentosa.

It depends on the disease. I have celiac which is a genetic based autoimmune disease. As long as I eat healthy and gluten free, I have the same risk factors for cancers, etc. as everyone else.
What disease are you talking about here? There are so many diseases out there, it is impossible to give you advice without that information!  (+ info)

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