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what is a genetic disease or disorder that i could do a project on for science class?

i have to do a project on a genetic disease for my science class and i need help picking a good one. i need an interesting one, but i cant seem to find it! can anybody help?

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common and many people share it. Try that one. Downs Syndrome is another. But these are very common.

Try Canavan Disease.  (+ info)

How can I find out if my deafness is genetic?

This is something that is important to me yet no one has ever told me. My parents are not deaf.
The doctors decided I must have been born half deaf but it wasnt noticed until I was 3/4 so no one knows for sure. In cases where children are born half deaf is there a reason is it usually genetic?

You will probably find something on any website dedicated to the hearing impaired. I remember this site has a webpage - I can't recall which one - about the different types of deafness and also about Home remedies for light Deaf  (+ info)

Is there a genetic test that shows who is more at risk for osteogenic sarcoma?

My daughters brother died from Osteogenic Sarcoma. Is there any genetic testing that can be done to determine whether she is more at risk for it?

Thank you.

There are some indications that osteosarcoma (osteogenic sarcoma) in some cases is hereditary as there are reports in the literature of siblings having this type of cancer. There also appears to be some type of connection with some subtypes of osteosarcoma with Li-Fraumeni.


you can check with her brothers pediatric oncologist to see if there is any genetic test, but I don't think that there is one . . but because her brother has the disease, she probably has a higher risk for the disease than someone who does not have a sibling with the disease.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11003561  (+ info)

What is the genetic cause associated with ALS disease?

What is the genetic cause associated with ALS disease?
A. Gene coding for over secretion of the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.
B. A mistake in the DNA that prevents muscle cells from taking up calcium.
C. A mutation that causes a faulty protein to be made that adheres to mitochondria.
D. A deletion error that prevents muscle fiber from being made properly.

as far as i know... None of the above.  (+ info)

What is a fatal disease that strikes quickly and is genetic?

When I say "strikes quickly" I mean that it takes less than a week for the person to die.
When I say "genetic" I mean hereditary (passed down from mother/father/aunt/uncle/grandparents/etc to child).

Is this another writing project?  (+ info)

If a disease is genetic, does that mean that everyone with that disease is related?

If you go far back enough, that is?

For example; the blue eyed gene was supposedly traced back to one single genetic defect, which was carried forth, which makes everyone with blue eyes, or blue eyed family members, distant genetic relatives.

Would it be the same for all genetic illness?

That would be the case for some genetic diseases

Other genetic diseases are caused by random mutations of chromosomes. During meiosis, many deletions and insertions occur into the DNA which make it unique. These are all random. Some of these can cause genetic diseases or disorders. So it is not inherited, but is a random event when the genes are made. However it can also become inherited to the children of this person

But yes, with some genetic diseases, everyone would be (VERY) distantly related at some point in their history  (+ info)

What are some disorders or genetic diseases that only affects Female (not male) offspring. Only Female?

I need to know which genetic diseases ONLY affects female offspring and not male. Last time I asked this question, ppl listed anything which were mostly male disorders or both. I specifically need disorders/diseases affecting Female offspring only. Thanks :-)
Help!!! I understand that Turner Syndrome is one of these diseases. I need to know more. Please list other genetic disorders that affect only females.

Aicardi Syndrome.
It affects only girls (well, and some boys with an extra chromosone)  (+ info)

what type of diabetes is genetic and how can you avoid or delay it?

If you have the genes, does it definitely mean you will get it? My grandma on my moms side has it, so what should I be worried about? Which type of diabetes is most genetic?

Type 1 diabetes is genetic.
You cannot delay it, and it will usually make itself known before you're forty.
The closer related someone is to you, the more chance you have.  (+ info)

What are your thoughts on genetic modification?

I don't have a problem with the technology itself. The aspect of genetic modification that I don't like is the fact that companies like Kraft are already using GM crops in things like their macaroni and cheese, and salad dressings, and started it just after the technology was released. Scientists hadn't even started researching it further for the effects on human beings, and we're already eating it. I think after it's better researched, we can begin using it.

I don't like the idea of eating these foods. What are the long-term effects of playing God like this? How will this affect human health in the long-term. It's scary to me and I think I like the idea of sticking with natural foods so that I have a fair idea atleast of what I am putting into my body.  (+ info)

What do u think about genetic modified foods?

Nowadays genetic modified foods is pretty common. Do u think it is hygienic or it will kill mankind faster. Plz share ur views. Are u accepting or against it?

Against it...the whole thing is a pandora's box. The premise is sound..in theory...but creating 'super' crops that can become invasive weeds (cant be sprayed because they are herbicide resistant), having plants that have pesticide generating genes (say potatoes) within them just to name a few fills me with distrust. Very risky  (+ info)

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