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What's a remedy for premature graying hair? Besides dying the hair are vitamins helpful or is it all genetic?

I read on the internet about a year ago that there's a product that claims to reverse genetic tendencies specifically for this condition. I never checked it out further but now I'm curious how they can claim that and if that is true. My sister is a cosmo-tologist and she says it's nonsense or just a marketing ploy to get you to buy there product. Has anybody seen what I'm talking about anywhere. I don't even remember the name of the company but there was a guarantee also I believe. Are they a legit company and does it work I'm wondering. Any further ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Its a scam. you can't change nature, go gray or dye it if it really bothers you.

Be happy  (+ info)

What are the names of 5 genetic disorders?

i have to name five genetic disorders and explain the causes of each, and symptoms of each and perhaps the overall effects.

please help!

sickle cell anemia
cystic fibrous
celiac disease
tay-sachs disease  (+ info)

What are the options for individual genetic testing?

I heard that there are some companies that do genetic testing and determine susceptibility to various diseases.

For example Market America has "Gene SNP" program when you send your saliva in and get report with recommendations and some food supplements.

How reliable such tests are?
Which company's tests have the widest disease coverage?
What is the reasonable price to pay for such service?

I wouldn't waste your money on this type of test. This type of science is not advanced enough to give you much in the way of useful information. Even if a company can test for 100 different diseases, that doesn't mean that the genetic markers they test for account for much of your overall disease risk. Most common diseases are caused by a combination of many genetic and environmental factors, most of which we probably have not yet discovered. Additionally, we don't really have enough data about these types of genetic variants for doctors to know what to do with the results. Your doctors probably wouldn't (and really shouldn't) change your medical management, regardless of what your results found.  (+ info)

If you found out your husband could pass on a genetic disease?

From a genetics doctor & your man had a 50% 50% chance of passing on a genetics disease to your child would you
A. Have his baby anyway.
B. Adopt a child.
C. Have another mans baby & pretend its his and act like you were lucky that your child didn't get the genetic disease.
I have 2 kids w/ a genetic syndrome myself & am wondering if other women would risk having a child w/ a genetics syndrome or disease.

if you knew i would adopt or do some surrogacy,ovum,sperm donation process for a healthy child.  (+ info)

Does it take a certain gene or genetic makeup to smell infection?

I cant recall the source but a few yrs ago i heard only people with a certain gene or genetic makeup can smell infection (in self or others). i.e. dogs ears, another person, etc... Is this true, if so why/how?

nope.......  (+ info)

What genetic disease should I write a report on?

I have to pick a genetic disease and tell about it.. and also tell whether I would want to be tested to see if I have it or not.

pick a disease your intrested in or one that is close to your heart eg a family member or friend with it. chose something with lots of readily available research such as:
cystic fibrous/ sickle cell anemia/Huntington's disease/colour blindness/hemophilia/ cancer/ Dementia
Good luck
Rainbow  (+ info)

What genetic disorder is caused by only having one chromosome 12?

my biology teacher gave us a blank karyotype sheet and a bunch of chromosomes to cut out and we have to figure out the disorder. when i cut and glued the pieces i found that there was a missing 12th chromosome, but i cant find the genetic disorder that this lack of chromosome 12 causes.

i want to say down syndrome but im not sure  (+ info)

Is there any treatment or medicine to cure AUTISM? What about stem cells or genetic engineering?

Are there some research in place? What about new techniques like steam cells, new drugs, genetic engineering? What about alternative medicine?

Makes you wonder what's wrong with so many kids being diagnosed with this disease lately. No cure, just therapy over the years and ongoing support as adults.  (+ info)

Do you have to have genetic relatives to develop schizophrenia?

Do you have to have genetic relatives to develop schizophrenia?

Is it possible to develop schizophrenia without genetic traits at all?

P.S i don't have schizophrenia

It is possible to get schizophrenia and not have relatives with it. more common than that first answr you got, I'm sure, but I don't know the number offhand (and nobody really does).

besides that, you may not know your genetic history - a lot of people with severe mental illness were sent to institutions and the family said they died. Those people were buried in unmarked or numbered graves to avoid embarrassment to the family. so there could be relatives you don't know about. this was very common in the past.  (+ info)

How can a pedigree be used to help determine the probability of having a child with a genetic disorder?

How can a pedigree be used to help determine the probability of having a child with a genetic disorder?

A pedigree is a genetic history of a family, which shows the inheritance of traits through several generations. Information that can be obtained from a pedigree includes birth order, sex of children, twins, marriages, deaths, stillbirths, and pattern of inheritance of specific genetic traits.

One of the most important tools used by genetic professionals is the pedigree, a pictorial description of a family tree. A complete pedigree provides information about the biological relationships of individuals in the family, their medical history, the pattern of inheritance of a genetic disorder in the family, variable expression of the disorder, which family members are at risk, fertility of individuals (including pregnancies, miscarriages, and stillbirths), and family members who are dead. Physicians sometimes refer to a pedigree as a "genogram." However, genograms usually contain more social information about family relationships than a traditional pedigree used by geneticists and genetic counsellors. For example, a genogram can show a teenage child who has a poor relationship with a parent or an individual estranged from the family.

Take care as always!!  (+ info)

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