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When does your doctor usually do blood work for genetic testing?

When does your doctor usually do blood work for genetic testing? Such as looking for down syndrome?

Do you know what that test is called? thanks

I have an appointment to go in for my blood work genetic testing at 16 weeks. The test is called alpha featoprotein and they are also doing a cystic fibrosis screening too. Good luck with everything.  (+ info)

How to do spot reduction on genetic fat?

Im 15 years old, about 5'9 and 162 lbs. Im skinny everywhere except for my stomach. I need to lose it but the only problem is its genetic fat, not poor diet fat. I do have good stomach muscles and can perform more sit ups than most of my friends, but I hate going in pools because of my gut. I have tried doing sit ups but it has failed. Anyone know how to spot reduct on genetic fat generally fast?

You cant spot reduce. The only thing you can do is enough cardio type exercises to reduce your overall body fat.  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me which are the different types of genetic diseases?

Can anyone please tell me which are the different types of genetic diseases, and how they are passed on?

Types of Genetic Disorders

1 Single gene disorders including Mendelian Disorders (i.e, follow mendelian order of inheritance i.e. Autosomal and X-linked and Y-linked) and Non-Mendelian disorders (i.e, do not follow mendelian order of inheritance e.g. mitochondrial inheritance)
2 Multifactorial and polygenic disorders
3 Disorders with variable modes of transmission
4 Cytogenetic disorder: including autosomal disorders and sex chromosome disorders.  (+ info)

How strong can a genetic alcohol tolerance be?

I almost never drink alcohol. I'm male, 6'2 and about 180, to 185 pounds. I've never been drunk at all, just a little buzzed for like 5 or 10 minutes. Thing is, on the occasions that I do drink, I've had about 10 shots, (or the equivalent of that considering beers and mixed drinks), and not felt anything. I'm not really a big guy... I'm tall, but not huge.

So is this tolerance all genetic? Or is that about normal for a male of my size? Oh, and that consumption is over about an hour or two.

for a fact there is genetic tolerance its proven.... also genetic alcoholism had been proven too so be carefull....o and same problem with me i have drinken over 23 shots in like 2 hours and still wasnt horrible...but even though u might not thinking its working.. it is still destroying your body so try no to drink excessively  (+ info)

What is the underlying genetic cause for asthma?

What is the underlying genetic cause for asthma?

Yes and no. Studies show that more than half of childhood asthma cases are related to inheritance (meaning that often a parent or family member had or has asthma, too). However, a whole host of other risk factors increase asthma risk, too. Genetics certainly explains some, but not all cases of asthma. More than than likely whether or not you develop asthma depends on a combination of risk factors related to:
•Environment, such as air pollution exposure and
•Immunology, and your unique immune system are also causes.

:) :) :) :)  (+ info)

Why is it incorrect to say that cancer is a genetic disease and therefore is always inherited?

Why is it incorrect to say that cancer is a genetic disease and therefore is always inherited?

The genetic changes that occur in cells to cause most cancers are newly acquired mutations that occur during the lifespan of the individual due to various factors including physical carcinogens/mutagens like ultraviolet light and other radiation exposure and chemical carcinogens/mutagens such as those caused by smoking, alcohol, and other chemicals and toxins in the environment and diet. Mutations can also occur from spontaneous errors of DNA replication when cells divide.

These mutations are not germ line mutations meaning that they occur sporadically in individual cells in the body, but that doesn't mean they are present in the germ cells which give rise to gametes, sperm and ova. Therefore, these mutations that we all acquire during our lives are not passed to our offspring.

However, there are some inherited genes which increase the likelihood of developing cancer and therefore are genetic diseases that are inherited. For example, patients with von Hippel Lindau disease, Neurofibromatosis and others can pass abnormal genes to their offspring which makes the likelihood of them developing cancer much greater. However, most cancer is not related to familial genetic syndromes such as these and occurs sporadically due to the mutations the patient acquires during their lifetime.  (+ info)

Is there any evidence of genetic immunity to Influenza?

I am on my 4th day of quarantine/Tamiflu, 5th day with symptoms. My husband and son are showing no sign of infection, other than both having mild tonsillitis.

My mother in law had H1N1 4 weeks ago, and my father in law did not become infected.

Is there a chance that there is something genetic in the males of the family which makes them less likely to contract 'flu?

None that I know of. It would be wonderful for those if there were. Influenza is a varied disease caused by a whole range of different strains of influenza viruses, e.g. Asian 'flu, Bird 'flu, Swine 'flu and of course common endemic seasonal 'flu.
However people can have differing susceptibilites to infections, and each person builds up their own immunities which can greatly affect who catches it, and how badly they get it. Your husband and son probably both have mild viral tonsillitis possibly but not necessarily from the same virus as you.  (+ info)

Is being Left-Handed a genetic trait that will be passed to my babies?

Is it genetic or is it actually caused by something else? My fiancee is strongly Left-handed but its kinda weird because she's the only one in her family who's Left-handed so I was wondering if we have babies eventually if they would have a higher chance of being Left handed because she is. I'm right handed.

My husband and I are both right handers, yet so far three of our four kids are all left handed. Our youngest is only 3 months old so not sure about her yet, lol.
The only left handers in our family is an aunt of mine and my husbands grandmother, so it's very odd!
I did read that if you have a large amount of ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy it can result in your kids being left handed, but I don't know how much truth there is in that, but I did with all mine.  (+ info)

What are some common genetic diseases?

I am working on a research paper on Genetic Diseases in Humans and am trying to compile a list of common genetic diseases. I am not looking for specifics, but the names of common genetic diseases would be helpful...I can take it from there.

down syndrome
cystic fibrosis
sickle-cell disease
hope this helps :)  (+ info)

Do Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps really have genetic mutations that make them better athletes?

i heard somewhere that lance and phelps, along with a few other athletes, have different and rare genetic refinements that increase their lung capacity, reduce lactic acid waste, etc.

Is this true?
any advice is appreciated
thanks in advance

and seriously, i know lance takes steroids. but does he still have genetic differences?
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yeah, some genetics can be a little rarer than others which can enhance performance. look at phelps torso shape that leads into his legs, it's like his body was designed to swim.  (+ info)

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