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How long is the recovery from corrective surgery for low imperforate anus?

My son will be getting corrective surgery for his imperforate anus soon and was wondering how long is the recovery. He was given a colostomy the day after he was born and is now a month and a half old. I'm nervous for the day to come because I know he will be in pain and uncomfortable for some time afterward. Any advice?
The doc said he would be able to go home a few days after and would take about two weeks to heal for the most part, but be sore for a while. I would like to know from others' experiences.

What did the doctor say?  (+ info)

Any other parents have children who have/had an imperforate anus?

I'm looking for parents who have or had a child with an imperforate anus to hear their stories. My daughter was born with an impeforate anus with a rectovaginal fistual and had surgery at 3 months old to correct this. Since then (she's almost 10 months), we have been dilating her, giving her stool softener, but yet she still has very few bowel movements on her own. I'm just looking for support from other parents. Thanks!


Are you a parent of a child with an Imperforate Anus and in Australia?

I am looking for other parents specifically in Australia who have a child that was born with an Imperforate Anus.
My son will be 3 in just over a week and is under the care of a team of specialists at RCH in Melbourne.
Would love to meet up with any other Melb parents, esp those with a young child born with IA.
Feel free to email me privately if you want.

My cousin's daughter was diagnosed with that, but we live in Michigan (in the US).  (+ info)

Are there any theoretical causes for imperforate anus?

My son was diagnosed with a low imperforate anus when he was born. I wanted to know what could have caused this, but the doctor said there are no known causes for this condition. I didn't get the chance to ask him if there were any possible causes because my son was life-flighted to Dallas. Could anyone shed some light on this subject for me?

My daughter was born with a similar birth defect that occured farther up in her digestive tract, but happened basically as the same physiological cause-basically an interruption in the development.

I found out a couple of years after she was born that it was caused by undiagnosed celiac disease in myself. I would get tested for it if I were you. Sometimes it has classic symptoms (ibs like symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, weight loss) and sometimes is has bizarre and unexpected ones(diabetes, psoriasis, depression, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, aches and pains, seizures, weight gain), and sometimes it has none at all. It's extremely common (1 in 100 people) and most people remain undiagnosed.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of a charity for imperforate anus?

I have done search on the website but I cannot find any in the US. Does anyone know of any or how can I start one?

Pull-thru Network (PTN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit support organization for parents, children, teens and adults who are living with the challenges of congenital anorectal, colorectal or urogenital disorders and the associated diagnoses. These disorders and diagnoses include: imperforate anus; cloaca; Hirschsprung Disease; cloacal exstrophy; anal stenosis; VACTERL/VATER Association; bladder exstrophy; neurogenic bladder; tethered spinal cord; caudal regression; pseudo-obstruction and Down Syndrome. Pull-thru Network was founded in 1988 and is now one of the largest organizations in the world whose mission is to provide information, education, support and advocacy.
Please visit the PTN website:

You can contact me for more information:
Bonnie McElroy
Executive Director (volunteer)
[email protected]  (+ info)

Does anyone out there have a child born with Kerrerino syndrome; imperforate anus a genetic birth defect.?

my child was born with Kerrerino syndrome, he had imperforate anus and a tumor at the base of his spine, he came through his surgery successfully, but i am wondering how much difficulty I am going to have with his potty training.
Does anyone have any stories they could share with me about their experiences raising a child with this birth defect?

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My brother he is suffering from anorectal malformation or imperforate anus.?

he is 21 now and he was born with this problem.he had colostomy when he was just one year old but he has still no control on excretion.
plz recommend me any hospital or docter for him.

Mr Spicer at the Bristol Childrens Hospital specialises in this type of work, often joining the 'tubes' up when the child is ole enough. But as your brother is 21 and has obviously been seeing a surgeon (colostomy etc) he will have had investigations done to see if there was enough bowel, nerve endings etc. to gain good control, surely?

Go with him to his next review if he want you to, or go to the GP for a new referral.  (+ info)

Who is the best surgeon for imperforate anus?

proctologist.  (+ info)

Imperforate Anus?

My nephew was just born with an Imperforate Anus. I got on the web immediately (I am not at the hospital. Someone has to stay with the kids). I read there are 2 types. He was just born about 2 hours ago and I haven't heard if it has been diagnosed as high or low. I know there is a surgery involved and the high has a much more extensive surgery. Anyone know anyone that had this?
How long were they in the hospital after birth? (He is having the surgery today). Did they have high or low? They said he will at least be there 1 week maybe 2. Does that mean anything as to if you think it is high or low?

I know that Imperforate Anus can be more than one thing. His is that there is no anus. It is not in the wrong place, there just isn't one.

Thank you for any help.

My son was diagnosed with it when he was 6 months old. His wasn't closed completely, he had just a tiny pin-hole. I'm not sure about the high/low thing - the surgeon never mentioned that to me. He did come through the surgery fine and was able to come home the same day, but he was a lot older than your nephew (I'm sure they are saying he has to say 1-2 weeks because he is a newborn). He is now almost 13 years old and does not suffer from any effects of the surgery.

I'm sorry your family is going through this. Surgery on such a little one can be a stressful thing for the family to go through. I'm sure he will be fine, though. Tell the parents to hang in there, and you do so too! I'm sure you're a great help looking after the other kids. Good luck.  (+ info)

kurt is a patient born with imperforate anus. Parents are distraught and before surgery ask the RN nurse, why?

What is imperforate anus? Like an inside out anus?  (+ info)

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