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Does a virgin girl with an imperforate hymen bleed when it's time for her first menstruation?

She is born with an imperforate hymen. If she becomes an adult with her hymen intact, and if it's time for her first menstruation, does she bleed? If not, what are the hygienic effects on her? Does the blood, which is supposed to come out, stay in the womb? What is the best thing to do before it's too late? Penetrate the hymen? Is it painful?

The hymen is not completely closed, it looks a little like the sickle of the moon, so when you get your period, the blood will come out normally.

I would recommend against trying to break your hymen, unless you know what you are doing, you may injure yourself.

It very rarely happens that the hymen covers the entire vaginal tube, and it usually has a few tiny openings in this rare case. A doctor will be able to tell you for sure if everything is ok with you.  (+ info)

Would it hurt more to have sex when you have an Imperforate hymen?

See, I learned recently that I have an Imperforate Hymen. A hymen that completely blocks the vaginal opening. I have this fear that having sex (In the future, obviously) will hurt a lot more than it would with someone who had a normal hymen. Are there any ways I could reduce the pain and make it easier on both myself and my partner?

I would guess they are surgically correcting this? I would imagine after that you would be okay unless you have some other anatomical abnormalities. This sounds like a good question for your doctor no matter what your age.  (+ info)

What is the difference between an anus and a vagina?

The reason I ask is because a prisoner compared an anus to a vagina.
I know where it is at. I am asking how are they different since they are both orifice.

In terms of temperature, the rectum is about 4 degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer than a vagina.

Obviously the anus is "tighter" than the vagina (not always, but you see where I'm going with this)

The anal wall isn't textured like the vagina, the vaginal wall is similar to the roof of ones mouth, and provides lubrication for penetration.  (+ info)

What natural remedies are useful for genital warts in the anus area?

I have genital warts (HPV virus) around my anus area and want to know what can I use to get rid of them or make the itching stop. Do the same remedies for regular warts work for genital warts? What is safe in the anus area? Do you know of any websites or resources for genital warts? Thanks for all your help

you need to see a dr. they can remove them for you even at the health department. they can treat them a few different ways. if all of the warts are removed at one they should not come back, unless you sleep with someone who has the warts also. you will still have the hpv and can transmit it, but you cant give ppl the warts once you have them taken off.

be prepared, it hurts like hell when they treat them too.   (+ info)

What should a healthy human anus look like?

I'm just wondering what an anus should look like if it is healthy. Also, how do you care for your anus?

u can start by washing it......i don't know why u have asked tht question....if u have a rash just get some cream from the pharmacy and use it....other than that if it's scally...i.e. rough...use a moisturiser....hair on .in anus(crack) is ok in adults..all part of growing up...think i've covered it all....  (+ info)

What causes a bulging of the rectum through the anus and how is it corrected?

I have a patient whose rectum ( I think) protrudes through the anus. It is not always visible but when it is it protrudes out at least 2-3 inches and is dark red in color. She state it is not painful.

So, you're a doctor.... asking people w/o a medical degree to diagnose a condition for you.... nice.  (+ info)

Does your anus ever get larger or bigger as you grow?

I'm talking about the hole in your butt, I think anus is the right word.

Does it ever get bigger, wider, or open more? Or does it just get bigger by stretching it?

Does it grow during puberty? Will a boy get a larger anus when he gets older?

...............{{{crickets chirping}}}..........  (+ info)

How should I clean my anus in the shower?

What is the best way of cleaning the anus in the shower? I usually stick the corner of a bar of soap in, but is there any better way?

You really shouldn't put anything inside there. Things come out of there, & nothing should go in because you risk cutting or scraping the inner walls of your anus/rectum. There is no need to put soap in it. All you have to do is clean the skin around it with soap and water.  (+ info)

How do I finger my anus to get best results?

I'm 16 and I've just discovered anal fingering but whenever I try it it doesn't give me any pleasure and turns out quite messy. I've even tried fisting but can't fit my hand into my anus and I wanna know if there is anyway to help me get the best results from anal fingering/fisting?

if you clean your butt hole it wouldn't be messy, get somethin' round and sit on it  (+ info)

How do i retrieve items that i have previously inserted into my anus?

I thought it would be interesting attempting to insert a cucumber into my anus, but it got stuck. I cannot retrieve it, what creams/lotions do you suggest? It's been there for quite a while, and is getting uncomfortable.

you might need a doctor to get it out for you
or when you feel the urge to go for a poo, try pushing it out yourself

that might take hours though..  (+ info)

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