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I have a problem with inserting tinker toys into my anus. How do I stop the bleeding?

Recently I have discovered this amazing experince. I found my sons tinker toys and started to insert them into my anus. It felt incredible. At first it was strange, but then I became addicted. How can I stop the bleeding? I really don't wanna stop this. It so satisfying.

Quick shove a Tampon in there... next time use a gerbil...  (+ info)

Can you get a yeast infection in the anus or rectum?

I am kind of wondering about something. I went to have my rectum checked for hemorrhoids and my doctor said she did not find any. However, my anus is swollen. Is it possible that my rectum could have a yeast infection? Can there be an overgrowth of candida in my rectum and anus? Just wondering.

Yes. Candida lives in our intestines and thus, when overgrown, may travel. Yeast infections do cause itching, and may cause inflammation, too. Start eating yogurt - plain, no fruit, regularly - like one a day for about 2 weeks. If the itching persists, check out www.hufa.org, the yeast link and the library link, for info and books respectively, that may help.  (+ info)

Can the hanging skin after hemorrhoid removal be removed from my anus?

A few year back I had two hemorrhoids removed using what they called the rubber band method. I now have two pieces of skin that hang from my anus. Does anyone know if this can be removed and if so what type of doctor should I consult? I just don't want to go to anyone because I find this embarrassing. Thanks for your help!

start with your family doctor and he will refer you to a gastrologist.  (+ info)

What happens if you get Aldara in your eyes or on your anus? Why is it so serious?

I can not for the life of me find any information on this that addresses what happens if this medicine gets in your eyes. Blindness? It is a medical emergency and has been advised that after application to make sure to wash hands thoroughly to avoid this.

Also, I read it is used for perianal warts (condyloma). If it is used in this area, why is it so important that it not be used directly on or inside the anus?

Any explanation would be wonderful or if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Without looking it up I do not know anything about this particular drug but any medication meant to erradicate condoloma is an acid that burns the wart off. It is very dangerous to eyes or any openings of the body. It will burn a hole where ever it lands. So it is just meant to touch the wart, nothing else.  (+ info)

Has any one experienced having some parts of the anus skin swollen and white?

I have been having anal sex once a month, and on that day I would do it twice for the past year. And lately I noticed that the skin of my anus is swollen and whitenned in some parts but is painless.

Say that the anus is shaped like a flower, and for me some petals are swollen and white in an alternating order. But I don't feel any pain.

Has any one of you experienced that?
Is it due to anal sex?
Should I see a doctor?

Thanks in advance.

yes you should see a doctor if its not normally like that  (+ info)

How to rid of the sores on anus caused by pruritis ani?

Seriously was diagnosed by colo rectal specialist as having pruritis ani. Didn't think aobut asking how to rid of the sores though as they were not a problem then. How do you get rid of itchy and somtimes bleedy sores on anus caused by pruritus ani?

  (+ info)

Does your anus itch when you have to poop?

I want to know if this is normal. A day or two before I have to poop, my anus starts itching. It's not like drive ya crazy itching. Just sort of itchy itching. And sure enough a couple of days later, i'll have to poop. Is this normal? Does it happen to you?

First off you should be pooping daily not every two or three days. Second, you may have anal tearing, pin-worms or the early sign of hemorrhoids.  (+ info)

Why does my anus feel weird after I drink a can or so of beer?

My anus kinda loosens up when I drink beer. Anyone else feel that way when they drink beer? This is serious, not no troll,joke or funny question.

It's just a sign of the "post-beer drinking sh*t" you'll have to take the next morning.. Man, those sh*ts feel so good !  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a regular wart around the anus?

I had a wart on my thumb when I was in first grade. I remember that it went away and has not returned since. However, recently one grew on the inner side of my butt cheek, about 2 inches away from my anus toward the penis. I am a straight male and I had several partners now but, I have a girlfriend with whom I've been with for the past year. Out relationship is serious and both of us are committed. I'm freaking out.

  (+ info)

Is it Possible for your Intestines to Come Out of Your Anus?

My friend reports that she has soft red tissue coming out of her anus. It is about a centimeter long, and we suspect that it is part of her intestines. There is no pain, and when touching this tissue, there is no feeling. Her mother may have the same condition, and all she does is pushes it back in. Would anyone know what it is exactly? And please don't say "push it back in". Thanks!

It is indeed possible for part of your large intestine to protrude out of the anus, and this is usually referred to as rectal prolapse. Common causes of rectal prolapse include age, childbirth, constipation, hemorrhoids. Rectal prolapse is usually painless.
Hemorrhoids can also present as 'something protruding out of the anus', but usually are associated with painfaul bowel movements.
Depending on how serious the prolapse is, treatment options will vary. It would also help to determine the underlying cause to see if you can address the problem at its root (for example, if due to long-standing constipation, try increasing fluids, fiber, stool softeners,...).

This link may be of use to you.  (+ info)

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