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What is it called when your anus falls out?

I cant find the refrance in my medical guide. I am trying to figure out the term for it when you ave anal sex too much and te anus explodes out, or becomes exploded. Thanks

That's an anal prolapse. Google image search it with SafeSearch turned off and you'll get the picture(s) of the pain...  (+ info)

Is it true you can get drunk by pouring liquor into your anus?

My friend Dave Robbins of Tempe Arizona said that his brother, Michael Robbins (also of Tempe Arizona) once got really drunk by pouring half a bottle of Jack Daniels into his anus. Is that possible? He said it was better doing it that way because he didn't get sick the next day from it.

[email protected] "David and Michael Robbins"...hahahahahahahahaaaaa  (+ info)

Is it normal for female pubic hair to grow down around the anus?

For a while, I've been considering shaving all of my pubic hair off. Up until now, I've just been shaving the top part (not the part between my legs) in fear of cutting myself. I then took a mirror to observe how much hair was, to figure out if it would be outrageous or not to shave it. I noticed that it was growing around my anus- is this normal? And if so, is shaving the best solution in removal?

Yes it's completely normal - though I'd recommend that you leave the shaving!

It's a natural thing, so there's no need to go getting rid of it. A little bit here & there is completely fine - just keeping things groomed. However, there is such a thing as going overboard.

For example - you don't want to waste your night with the excuse "Sorry, I have plans - I'm shaving my anus"

Only consider hair removal if there's a lot of it. If you're only finding a thin amount of blonde, barely-there hairs, then there's no need to get rid of them.

Plus - the area's really hard to access! In other words - an accident's more likely to happen. Should you cut yourself, or you get an in-grown hair - they'll be easily infected, given the general area & the bacteria around. Plus, you'll need to use a different razor everytime since you'll need a super-clean blade (dirty blades cause irritation & sometimes bleeding - more sites for infection)

Ideally, it would be best to leave it. It's completely natural & if anyone complains about it - kick them in the face. You can groom & trim all you want but leave the more intimate parts alone.

P.S: The most I do is simply trim the extra long parts. I'm scared of cutting myself too, so I've only ever shaved once & it grew back in REALLY itchy - don't do it.  (+ info)

How can I heal a small tear at the opening of my anus?

I have a small tear right at the opening of my anus that bleeds whenever I defecate. It shouldn't really be a problem, but whenever it is starting to heal I defecate and it rips back open. It's incredibly annoying. It doesn't hurt too horribly but it's not exactly comforting to see blood on the toilet paper every time I go. Also, should I be worried at all about bacteria or other things from my feces getting into the wound and infecting me?

You'll want to take a stool softener every day until it heals. This will make your poo easier to push out and less likely to aggravate the tear. Also, use a wet wipe, like the cottonelle flushable ones. The toilet paper may actually be ripping open the tear.

You can clean the tear by taking a sitz bath each day. Instructions are here: http://www.howtodothings.com/health-and-fitness/a4540-how-to-take-a-sitz-bath.html  (+ info)

How will this pain in my anus go?

I have recently pleasured myself with having anal. I didnt use anthing irritable. I used baby oil on an unripe bannana. But i have pains in my anus now. If i have torn some skin up there, will it heal up by itself ok? And should i avoid doing anything else until its healed?

If they are anal cramps this is quite normal and should go away within 1-2 days un-aided. If this is a constant pain I would recommend taking some Paracetamol and watch out for any blood loss or increase in pain. If you find blood loss or pain increase I would recommend calling a local G.P and maybe speaking on the phone for discretion.  (+ info)

Is a lump or bloating in the anus symptoms of Anal cancer?

If a lump or bloating appears in the anus, is it defenitely anal cancer or can it be because of some other reason ?

Fewer then 1% of unexplained lumps are cancer. And the anus is very commen place to get lumps. Mainly hemmroids, cysts, and ingrown hairs.  (+ info)

What is this gunge that leaks from my anus?

It's embarrassing to ask this, but anyway. I suffer with really bad IBS and sometimes a kind of, brownish colored gunge that smells like fish (yes, fish) leaks out of my anus, what is this? Could this be causing my really, really bad IBS?

It is the normal mucus that lines your colon. And yes, its caused by your IBS.  (+ info)

How can a gay man get infected with HIV without using a condom for anus sex if he acted as a top?

I know for a gay man acted as a bottom (the receiver), the chance got infected with HIV is very high as the skin wall inside the anus is very easy to break. However, if a top guy whose f**ks the bottom with his penis, how could he get infected by the bottom guy. If yes, is the chance much lesser than the bottom guy getting infected by the top guy?

Use a condom then you won't have to worry about it so much!  (+ info)

Is it possible to toughen up a delicate anus?

My anus is super delicate. So much so that I've had to resort to stool softeners. I know, gross, huh? If I miss just one day of taking them, I have blood and lots of pain. I don't want to have to take stool softeners forever!

ew  (+ info)

I plan on having anal sex soon. What method should I use of making sure my anus is completely clean?

I plan on having anal sex soon, I know gross right, but no judgments please. I'm afraid that my anus won't be clean enough and don't won't to be embarrassed in front of my boyfriend. I read about using an ear syringe filled with water but can I use vinegar and water? Kind of like a douche I guess. Or can I use like water and lemon juice? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

There are larger versions of things that look like an ear syringe that are sold at "adult bookstores" or online (search "rectal syringe" or "anal douche"). They work well or you can also use a regular non-medicated (just water) enema. However, don't start doing enemas all the time, you can become dependent on them and not be able to have a BM without them. You don't need any additives, plain warm water will do just fine. P.S. You actually mean that your rectum is clean. Your anus is the opening, the rectum is the area past the opening. Also, use a condom and go slowly, with water-soluble lube. Have fun!  (+ info)

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