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How do I help separation anxiety during bedtime?

RE: My 7 month old son
breastfed and solid fed (fruits & vegetables)

He used to sleep through the night. For the past 2 weeks he has been waking every 3 hours. Because I'm sleepy, I put him on the breast and he goes back to sleep. But I believe it is separation anxiety during bedtime. How can I get him to sleep through the night again?


He may be teething. Try keeping him in the crib and rubbing his back until he falls asleep. Comfort nursing will be hard to break once it starts.  (+ info)

How long does night waking due to separation anxiety usually last?

My son will be 10 months next week. Once a good sleeper, he has recently started waking 2-3 times overnight. Our pediatrician and many others tell us night waking due to separation anxiety is normal at his age. If you have been through this with your little one,how long does this stage usually last? Are we talking days, weeks, or months? Thanks!

Its going to be different for every baby, sorry to say. Some go through the separation anxiety stage pretty quick while others never seem to grow out of it, it really just depends on the baby.  (+ info)

Can babies go through separation anxiety during the night as well?

I know my 14 month old has been going through separation anxiety lately during the day, but she is also suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and will not let me leave her sight until she falls back asleep. Before, every once in a while, she'd wake up at night, but she always went right back to sleep after tucking her back in. She still doesn't wake up every night, but now, when she does, she freaks if I leave the room before she falls asleep.

Yes! I read somewhere (Elizabeth Pantley's website?) that they go through double separation anxiety. First, they have to separate from Mom. Panic! Second, they have to separate from the waking world and the light.  (+ info)

How do you get your kids through separation anxiety?

My kids are in daycare and they have separation anxiety. They have been in daycare for 4 weeks and it is not getting better. What do I do? the oldest one refuses to eat and is making himself sick.

I just got the youngest out of the hospital for "respiratory distress," he is 6 months old. I think he caught a nasty cold from daycare and it developed into something highly infectious
The oldest is 22 months and the younger one is 6 months.

First of all...make sure you trust your daycare...

Then make sure the kids know they are going to daycare...time/day/pick up time...

DO NOT Give them a false sence that you are going to pick them up early...do not lie to them whatever you do...

When you drop them off quick good bye!! One kiss, One hug then leave....The longer it drags out the longer it will take them to recover...

Make sure your daycare provider has experience ond is willing sometimes to have to take the babies from you and tell you to leave.....If this has been going on for 4 wks you have to remember that your provider is just as tired of this as you are, and will be just as willing to work out a program to get you all through this.

You didn't mention how old the oldest is but he will not starve himself I promis.....How does the provider say they do after you leave?

This time of year is yes unfortunatly the time of the year everyone starts spreading colds....all these kids from all over are all starting back to school...and yes colds are running rampid!! Since your children are in daycare you may consider adding a vitamin for the oldest and talk to your dr about what immune boosting suggestions for the baby....Make sure your daycare uses antibacterial soap...and insists that all kids wash hands upon arrival and after bathroom use, and after sneezing or coughing...

Im sure i dont have to tell you this but dont take the baby if he is really sick.....

Look there are lots of different daycare providers....Make sure you are doing what you can do to make the transition easier...keep open comminication with your provider....and make sure you understand that anytime your children are near other kids they will have the chance of getting sick.

MOST OF ALL If you have any reason to believe your children are not getting the best care they can possibly get, get them out of there and find a new provider.....You can call your local school to get a list of licenced providers in your area, make sure when you interview them you ask how they handle separation anxiety, What their sick policy is and anything else you may have questions about...

Good Luck   (+ info)

How do you ease separation anxiety in a 6 month old?

I've been home since my 6 mos. old daughter was born and I'm going back to work part-time at the end of August. I am a teacher and will be working Thurs., Fri., and every other Wed. It's a good schedule and I have a great babysitter - my mom. The issue is my daughter already exhibits some separation anxiety when I leave her alone with my mom now. She doesn't have such bad anxiety that she gets upset when I walk away for a few minutes, but she does get especially upset if she's soothed for a nap or is fed a bottle from someone other then myself or my husband. I know it will be especially hard at first, but will it get better with time? Is there something I can do to help reduce the anxiety?

just make sure you have time to hang out for about 10 min with your daughter and daycare provider. allow her to get comfortable each time with the care taker before leaving. patience paticene paticence it will get easier. also try not to change providers offten.  (+ info)

What do I do about my 7mo daughters separation anxiety?

I'm pretty sure my daughter has separation anxiety, when I need to leave the room (leave her in her playpen) she will cry and throw a mini tantrum. What do I do?? Has anyone have any helpful advice?

Maybe before you leave the room, tell her something like, Mommy's gonna be right back, and then when you come back, say, See? Mommy's back? So although she still will through a tantrum, at least she'll start to get the idea that you will come back when you say you will - )obviously they don't understand the words yet, but it can't hurt.,

My son (7.5 months) does the same thing, and it breaks my heart because he was holding out his hands for me and I had to walk away (probably to go to the bathroom or something) and he looked so betrayed and hurt! I felt like the world's worst mother, even though I know it's just a phase and I have to gently but firmly let him know that I'll be back and then go anyway. But yeah, I hope you figure out what to do because I'm in the same boat!  (+ info)

How do I deal with separation anxiety from my 19 month old?

I have 4 kids, 10, 8 and 19 month old twins. Recently the youngest twin has started suffering from severe separation anxiety. I cannot leave his side without him screaming at the top of his lungs. The weird part is, I can leave him with his usual sitter Monday - Thursday and he is fine(been going there since he was 10 weeks old), but if I leave him with anyone else he screams at the top of his lungs and is horribly attached when I get home. I feel like I have a 26 pound growth attached to my hip when I am home with him. His twin is just the opposite. I have tried everything I have read online and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Some good points have been made. I do try to walk away when he cries. I never come back if I have left the house until I need to. However, the other day, the high pitched scream was so loud, one of the neighbors complained and he would not let the girl that was watching(the daughter of my regular sitter) console him.

Our 19 month old daughter is going through the same thing. She is like velcro to my wife and has a tantrum if she can't see her. We favor the "tough love" approach -- letting her cry. I'll sit down and tell her that her Mama will be coming back soon. After a while she settles down and is fine. She is even starting to ask me when "Mama back?" If you always respond to the crying, it just reinforces it as a tactic for him to get what he wants.  (+ info)

At what age did your baby develop separation anxiety and stranger fear?

At what age did your children develop separation anxiety and stranger fear? Or did they develop it at all? If they did how long did it last?

It started at 6 month...peaked at 8 months..and is now getting better at 9 months. He no longer insists that only I hold him.  (+ info)

How do I deal with my 6 month old and his separation anxiety?

My 6 month old has major separation anxiety towards me. He doesn't do it with his dad or brothers. I am breastfeeding so I guess that is probably why but how do I deal with it? It so bad to the point if I don't even look at him in the same room he cries and squeals. I go to the bathroom for a quick second and he crying so bad. When do they get over this and anything I can do? Are most babies like this at this age? My 1st son never had it and I breastfed him as well.

my daughter was never really this bad but i have always gave her "alone time" since she was born i would put her on the floor, bouncer, swing, crib whatever and she would entertain herself in that time. when she was able to sit up unsupported i would put her on the floo in the living room with music or cartoons on and lots of toys around her and she would just sit there and play for 30 minutes while i cleaned and stuff like that. now she is 16 months and she can entertain herself for hours at a time, with toys, books anything she helps me in the kitchen. maybe if you set him on the floor with some toys and let him play alone he might get used to playing alone for a few minutes at a time and eventually finding things on his own to play with and coming up to you throughout the day bc he will always love his mommy and want to be cuddled..i hope things work out i know that when kaleigh was a fraction of this i was so stressed out i felt like i couldnt do anything or have anytime to do anything on my own..good luck  (+ info)

Can a 3 month old have separation anxiety?

The daycare told me that for the past week my 3 month old has been crying all day. Before she was a happy baby and didnt mind being at daycare and only cried when she needs something. So my question is, is it possible for a 3 month old to have separation anxiety?
Yes she does have reflux. She has been in a daycare since about 6-7 weeks and she is just now starting to cry.
This is a very good daycare. They dont put her down in a crib. The toddlers older kids and babies are all separated. And there are only 2 other babies and there are 4 workers in the baby part.

Yes  (+ info)

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