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My son has been treated for Aortic Stenosis he also has a mitral valve in parachute. Is the operation serious?

My son has been treated for Aortic Stenosis when he was a baby, he also has a mitral valve in parachute. Is the operation dangerous? Is the survival rate high? What are his expectations of living a "normal" life? Is is his life expectancy normal (will he reach a common old age?)

I am sorry to read your son's condition, I have searched out this link and you will get an insight view:

http://www.emedicine.com/ped/topic2178.htm  (+ info)

rides at disney world with aortic stenosis?

my boyfriend has aortic stenosis and high blood pressure and we are going to disney world soon. his doctors have told him since he was little that he shouldn't go on rides, but his health is pretty decent and i was wondering if anyone with aortic stenosis has gone on rides? how dangerou is it if he rides very mild rides?

I worked with a cardiologist that called AS a SAD disease

S=SYNCOPE (passing out)
A=ANGINA (cardiac chest pain)
D=DYPSNEA (short of breath)

Are they planning on doing surgery on your boyfriend?
You haven't listed your boyfriends medications.
The aortic valve uses the most amount of oxygen to open.
If he developes an arrythmia the results will be a 911 phone call and a trip to the emergency.
He will develop the SAD symptoms.
Yes it really sucks but does he want to die?.
The answer from me is NO.  (+ info)

Aortic stenosis with Apico-aortic conduit, do you have one?

I have had this rare procedure done and would like to know if anyone hanging out here has had the same? There are so few of us it would be nice to share experiences, symptoms and living with it.
LOL.... tell me something I didn't already know ; ) I said I had HAD it done. I know what it is, I am an RN and nobody knows it like me. Unless it's Dr. Denton Cooley that did the procedure.

My "question" was, has anyone out there had it. Maybe if you had read the question you would have gotten the point.

No I have not had that exact procedure ...I do have an Aortic conduit though. I had the Bentall procedure done...an aortic valve and graft of the ascending aorta...I must read up on the Apico-aortic conduit as I have not heard of that.

I see on your profile you have had valve surgery as well.

I think you will find lots of useful info on this website as there are members here who have diabetes and valve issues.

http://www.valvereplacement.com/  (+ info)

supravalve aortic stenosis is my heart condition?

its not a disease. its just the valve dint grow with the rest of my heart.could i still join the marines?

my brother had a heart condition and they refuse him when finding out during physical but a lower mitaly brach will accept you just not the marines air force navy   (+ info)

Has anyone ever had "Aortic Stenosis Valve Disorder" or known anyone who has suffered from the condition and

eventually needed mitrial valve replacement or "Valvuloplasty"? It is also sometimes called ""Acquired" Valve Disease, Aortic Valve Disease or Mirtral Valve Disease. Any information would be very helpful. I was not born with this condition if that helps at all.
I need my Mitrial Valve replaced

The aortic valves and mitral valves are 2 separate valves. The aortic is the valve that leads to the pipe supplying the body and the mitral valve supplies blood from left atrium to left ventricle. Both can become thickened, making it difficult for blood to get through. You normally will have annual or bi-annual assessment of the valve using an echo and only if it is severe or causing symptoms would surgery be considered. A valvuloplasty involves inflating a balloon to split the mitral valve - this is usually performed in patients who have previously had rheumatic fever as a child and whose valve is fused at the edges symmetrically. In exterme cases a valve replacement can be performed where a mechanical or tissue valve replaces the diseased valve.  (+ info)

can an aquired aortic stenosis then become congenital in the next generations?

i recently obtained my mother and maternal grand mother's death certificate ... my grand mother died at 65 years old from aortic stenosis as a result of rhematic fever... my mother passed away at 87 years on the certificate she had aortic stenosis mentioned along with hypertension and diabetes for approx 40 years... i myself at a coartation repaired at 2 years old and have a bicuspid valve as does my daughter although her coart was more severe and she was repaired at birth...do our congenital defects have any cause/source from the previous generations although i believe gran and mums stenosis were aquired?

There appears to be a genetic component to your families heart disease. As well, I note that the disease is prevalent in the females in your family.

When your grandmother died at 65, consider that her symptoms were probably misinterpreted and/or ignored relative to heart disease!
Right now, women's symptoms may be ignored, or dismissed as hormonal, anxiety, or whatever prevailing stereotype.

Women presenting with symptoms of heart disease are often misdiagnosed! As well, women, tend to ignore and/or misinterpret, and sometimes become 'used to' the symptoms of heart disease. As a result, women's heart disease is progressed and may be harder to treat for a good outcome.

As women, we are so used to taking care of others, we neglect ourselves.

You state that your mother passed away at 87 and 'the certificate' mentioned AS, hypertension, an diabetes. Sounds like she had an autopsy performed for that kind of information.

For you and your daughter, a cardiologist should be part of your medical portfolio.
As with your primary care physician, and your OB-GYN, you should have the same relationship with a cardiologist!

Learn to interpret what your body and your heart is telling you.
Know the symptoms that are common to your family. Know the symptoms of a heart attack. Arm yourself with information.

Do not ignore symptoms! Take the time to take care of yourself!

Watch out for diabetes and hypertension which contribute to valvular disease! If you have these diseases CONTROL THEM!

Adrienne Zurub
http://www.adriennezurub.typepad.com  (+ info)

I have aortic valve stenosis and am wondering if lifting 10lb dumbbells is bad for my heart and valve?

only your doctor can answer that for you.  (+ info)

Have stenosis in Aortic valve. Can this be the cause of extreme breathlessness, will valve replacement help?

  (+ info)

if you have aortic valve stenosis can you ride the roller coasters?

my son has this and the doctors have never said he can or cant never really thought about it before cause when he was younger he didnt like them now he is 12 and wants to go on them would this be ok

my daughter was born with aortic valve stenosis and has just had the Ross procedure done.
She loves fast rides and she specifically asked her cardiologist about this: he said she could go on fast rides as her heart is ok at the moment and he thinks rides should only be avoided with conditions that effect the electrical functioning of the heart.

Please don't take my answer as conformation though. The safest thing to do would be to ask your sons cardiologist.

best wishes  (+ info)

Anyone have any information on aortic stenosis?

I need any information on the vaulve replacement procedure, recovery period, etc

I found a great web site for you. It tells you about the surgery and what they do and use for the replacement. Under "After Surgery" it states the time for recovery. It has the best information that I have read. I hope that the web site proves to give you all the information you need. I know its alot of reading but you will have your answers. I spent some time looking this up for you. I hope that my research does well for you. http://www.cardiologychannel.com/aorticstenosis/treatment.shtml click on the link.  (+ info)

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