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How do you control your sleep apnea?

Does taking naps make you sleep apnea worse or better> ??
My husband has sleep apnea, mild to high condition. 28 years old, smoker, 20 lbs over weight, no significant excersize daily.
What are some ways to help ruduce his tiredness, and also improve his condition??

Sorry this is long, but hopefully helpful.

There are several things that can cause sleep apnea. There are three types: obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and mixed sleep apnea.
A blockage or narrowing of the airways in your nose, mouth, or throat generally causes obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This usually occurs when the throat muscles and tongue relax during sleep and partially block the airway. Smoking can inflame the tissues of the throat increasing the risk of blockage. His weight can be a factor as well. This is the most common type.
Central sleep apnea is caused by a dysfunction in the thalamus area of the brain and the mechanism that controls your breathing.
Mixed apnea is a disorder that combines obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. There is both obstruction of the air passages and dysfunction of the brain.
Since there are different types and causes, for one to simply say "slim down and quit smoking and it will go away" is an ill informed response. While it is true that the situation could improve by doing this, it isn't always the answer. Your husband need to be diagnosed if he hasn't been already.
the most common treatment for sleep apnea is the
use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. You have to have a prescription from your docotor to get one.
Other treatments may include mouth pieces to keep the jaws aligned, medication to signal the mechanism to breathe, and/or surgery. Your doctor can discuss treatment options with you and your husband.
Things you and your husband can do at home (remember that sleep apnea is serious and can lead to death, so work with your doc on these):
Sew a pocket on the back of his pajama top and insert a tennis ball. This will help keep him from rolling on to his back.
Raise the head of the bed (not with pillows, but with bricks under the legs of the bed frame) at least six inches.
Try to avoid taking sedatives or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. This can make the apnea worse and leave him more exhausted the next day.
Taking naps, to my knowledge, doesn't affect the apnea itself, but can be disruptive of his regular sleep cycle. Sugar, caffine, and nicotine can too. It is important to try to keep a regular sleeping habit (going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday). I know this is probably hard for him since he doen't feel rested, but it will help the body learn when to rest at proper times.

Hope the answered your question and was helpful. Again sorry so long.  (+ info)

Is there any sleep apnea beds that I can order? Like a pediatric bed or something?

I think I have sleep apnea. I really want to order a bed that fits my needs, to help me fall asleep at night at least 99% better, any suggestions, websites, etc?

Having trouble falling and staying asleep does not mean you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea means you stop breathing while asleep. My husband has it. He was always a loud snorer, and I wore earplugs for years. It wasn't until I read about sleep apnea and noticed that he actually stopped breathing that he got treatment.

You must go to a sleep specialist and be evaluated. Sleep apnea can kill you.

The most common treatment is a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. Some other treatments are available. Losing weight is important, too.

As far as beds--you can try raising the head of your bed and staying off your back, but I have never heard of beds being used to treat sleep apnea.  (+ info)

Is there anyone with sleep apnea who has had UPPP / tonsillectomy surgery and had success?

I am scheduled for UPPP and tonsillectomy surgery in 3 months. I keep reading that these surgeries have a low success rate of curing apnea. Is there anyone who has had success with these procedures?

I have sleep apnea and have NOT undergone UPPP nor will I. Another closely related procedure is LAUPP (laser-assisted uvulopalaoplasty).

You have not said why you are having this surgery, despite your reading that indicates (correctly) a poor success rate.

UPPP is very painful and debilitating for up to a couple of weeks post surgery. As with all operations, there are a host of potential complications.

These procedures have not withstood the rigors of time, follow-up and statistical analysis. While they may eliminate or reduce snoring, there does not appear to be any clear proof of lasting benefit in permanently eliminating obstructive sleep apnea.

I'm sticking to my CPAP machine, which goes with me all over the world!  (+ info)

Looking for live chat number for a questions about my sleep apnea?

I have been on a cpap machine for over 10 years. recently pressure raised to 11. I am having multiple episodes of sleep apnea and I want to contact some one to talk to about this.

call your DME company & sleep specialist.  (+ info)

What can I do while I wait for my sleep apnea test results?

I am scheduled to have a sleep apnea sleep study next Saturday, but I was wondering, since it takes three weeks for the results of the study, what can I do to improve my sleep and breathing until then. I am fairly certain I have sleep apnea but I cannot get the mask until we are for sure about it. I am tired all the time, what can I do about this?

Here is what you can do, but I don't know how much will help you:

* try sleeping on your side rather than sleeping on your back as it can produces loud snores because of blockages.

* elevate the head when you sleep. This measure can alleviate snoring and make breathing easier.

* Use an air humidifier at nighttime to make the air moister.

* don't smoke for at leas several hours prior to bedtime. Doing so, the smoke can cause the airways to tighten in the neck, worsening sleep apnea.

* maintain regular sleep hours. In my case, I had to quit my shift work job, to have a normal sleep.

* use a nasal dilator, saline nasal spray or breathe right strips to help open nasal passages.

I hope it helps!  (+ info)

Does anyone have a young child who had a tonsillectomy for sleep apnea?

My 3 year old is tired all day and snores at night. I am going to take her to an ENT to discuss having her tonsils out. Has anyone's child had this done to improve sleep apnea and have you noticed a difference? Thank you.

my SIL's son is 8? and has cerebral palsy and recently had his tonsils out for his sleep apnea...it did improve the problem. this should be something entered into with MUCH thought, not lightly...your child's ENT will be able to suggest the best course of action, whether it be a tonsillectomy or some other solution. good luck to you and your child! apnea can be a very serious problem.  (+ info)

Can you till if you have sleep apnea with a tape recorder?

I had a tape recorder running last night while I was sleeping to see if I snored & I did. Should I have been able to tell if i had sleep apnea with a recorder?

yes, you should be able to tell with that, but you might not have a severe condition, so you might not do it every night... also some people only do it once a night, and i doubt your going to want to listen to a complete tape of you sleeping!!  (+ info)

What are some alternative treatments for sleep apnea?

I was diagnosed with a mild form of sleep apnea. I have tried a CPAP machine and couldn't adjust to it. My doctor said I wouldn't be a good candidate for surgery. I'm considering a dental device (mouth piece), but wanted to know if there are alternative methods.

I'm in the same situation as you. I would see about the dental device. Anything has to be better than the CPAP.  (+ info)

Which hospital is the best to treat sleep apnea problems in bangalore?

I am suffering from Sleep apnea problem ,if somebody suggest me the best doctor/hospital to treat the problem ,I am very grateful...........

think the only hospital in banagalore with a sleep disorder cell is bhagwan mahaveer jain hospital, but am not sure, if you intend to go there, the link has the contact nd location info

http://www.asklaila.com/listing/Bangalore/Vasanth+Nagar/Bhagwan+Mahaveer+Jain+Hospital/vgipOzZm/\  (+ info)

respironics cpap masks : Are respironics cpap masks really effective to get rid of sleep apnea ?

I have been suffering from sleep apnea since about 2 months. I also find it difficult to have a sound sleep. I even consulted a doctor. He asked me to have respironics cpap masks. He says they can also help me to sleep smoothly. Have any body over here used respironics cpap masks ? Can I get some reviews about respironics cpap masks ?

Sleep apnea affects an estimated 30 million people in the United States. Apnea occurs when the airway partially or fully closes during sleep, restricting normal breathing. well well hold on Bottom line, if you are a mouth breather, you NEED to try Respironics cpap masks. It is super comfortable, and definitely worth the hefty price tag. you can get Respironics cpap masks over internet with great service good feature comfortability even at cheap and valid cost. some well known websites like Ebay amazon may not provide Respironics cpap masks as they are not verified in quality. So i am giving you link below the best site i recommend you.  (+ info)

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