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I feel stupid asking this because i've had appendicitis when i was 9 but cant remember much of it but...

My daughter who is 7 has been throwing up since 4am and screaming with stomach pain. Its probably a bug but i'm unsure on the exact symptoms of appendicitis cos not seenher in this much pain with stomach ache before.

Get her to a doctor immediately. My ex was rushed to hospital with appendicitis and i'd just told him it was indigestion! He woke up being sick and was in a huge amount of pain. Usually the pain is located on one side of the abdomen and if you gently push where it hurts it will be more painful to your daughter when you take your hand away. Take her in now, it really isn't worth the risk as a burst appendix can lead to peritinitis which can be fatal.  (+ info)


I'm experiencing pain in the right side of the abdomen. It started to hurt about 4 days ago and doesn't really seem to get worse. It hurts when i stand up and start walking, but then it goes away, and I can't feel anything. I've tried pressing the right side of the abdomen, and releasing my hand quickly, but it doesn't hurt. Could this be appendicitis?
im a man

Probably not, especially if there is no fever or vomitting or pain to touch. You should see your doctor though, that could be any number of things and depends on whether you are a man or a woman.  (+ info)

What are the differences in symptoms between appendicitis and upset stomach for kids?

My daughter is 5 years old and sometimes has an upset stomach. My wife and I worry that we might not be able to tell if she had appendicitis. Her pain usually lasts a few hours. I understand appendicitis is a more chronic pain but would still like to know any other signs to watch out for. Thankyou!

that can be difficult to catch in kids. the biggest differentiator between the two would be a fever. typical appendicitis symptoms include a fever where typical upset stomach may not. other key appendicitis symptoms are: loss of appetite, generalized pain in the abdomen (the pain starts as a generalized ache and then becomes more localised to the lower right), nausea, sensitivity to touch in the lower right quadrant.  (+ info)

What will happen if an appendicitis is left untreated?

I know if an appendicitis is left untreated it will burst and I know that can be fatal, but how much time would a person have after it bursts. I also heard that when it burst, the infection spreads to your abdominal cavity and I heard that can be fatal, but not always. I always wondered though, how do they treat that. Do they do surgery on it? Do they treat it with meds? I really would like to know!! Also, how did they treat it during the 1800's? Thanks!

E.R. NOW GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (+ info)

How likely are people to get appendicitis?

I am extremely paranoid about getting appendicitis because my husband had it and almost died from it. Ever since then, I have been really scared every time I get any kind of pain near my lower right abdomen. What are the odds of getting appendicitis? Also can I have mine removed without having appendicitis?

I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. My husband died from cancer when my children were young, so I know what you're going through. Just different circumstances, is all. The best thing you can do is talk to your doctor about your fears. Your doctor can best tell you how to avoid appendicitis and if yours can be taken out without it being imflammed.  (+ info)

Why do people say that appendicitis is a serious condition?

I met a man who developed appendicitis while hiking in a very remote area of Africa.

His appendix burst, and he developed peritonitis. However, he treated himself with medicine from his supply. Diuretics and strong antibiotics for a two-week course.

And now he is fully recovered. He never visited a hospital afterwards because he prefers not to do so.

So if appendicitis can resolve itself with mere antibiotics, what is the real danger? Why not treat it at home?

This man was very lucky. Period. ESPECIALLY since he had antibiotics available.

Appendicitis is a condition in which infection develops within the appendix, making it swell. Without antibiotics, or prompt removal of the appendix, the organ will burst. If it bursts then ALL of the infection, and fecal matter (poop), is free floating within your abdominal cavity. The infection spreads to other organs, and the blood stream. Without prompt treatment, you die.

This man you know, had antibiotics, which saved his life. But he should have seen the doctor, because when the appendix bursts it is a life threatening situation in which you can die if you don't get treatment quickly enough.

The point is, antibiotics can definitely cure any infection, but this man you know may end up fighting for his life eventually anyway because now, since his appendix burst, he has free floating organ parts. It should have been removed. Most internal organs, with the exception of the liver, do not regenerate.

Mere antibiotics can help cure appendicitis, but it still a serious condition because death CAN occur.  (+ info)

What is the very first symptom of appendicitis?

I woke up this morning and had a pain in my lower right abdomen. It's gotten a little worse as the day goes on, and it hurts when i move, or cough and such. Could this be the beginning of appendicitis?

give it a day or to, but if it gets any worse or you find that the pain is unbearable and you are barley able to walk or move at all, immediately call your doctor or just go see them, if you are in the position where you can't move or drive call 911.  (+ info)

What exactly does appendicitis pain feel like?

How exactly would you describe appendicitis pain? Is it more nauseating or cramp-like? How does it start out feeling, and how does it feel toward the end (pain scale 1-10)? How quickly does it intensify?

First hand experience is ideal.

It hurts like hell, and you will be nauseated enough that you will vomit!!!
The pain can get unbearable in a matter of minutes!!!
Pain scale of 1-10 don't even come close, if it ruptures!!!
The only pain that I can compare it to, is 'childbirth'--only not as long, because if it stayed that bad for as long as it takes for some babies to be born, you wouldn't live to tell about it!!!
For me, that was true (about the pain, sickness, vomiting & rupturing), but if you don't know what it 'feels' like to have a child, just trust me!!!
Go to the emergency room as soon as you can get there!!!
If it isn't appendicitis, there is something else very wrong!!!  (+ info)

How long does the appendicitis procedure take?

My friend has appendicitis- how long will she be in the hospital? How much school is she going to miss after that?

Two hours surgery, 3 days in hospital if all goes well  (+ info)

How long can a child go with appendicitis?

My 11 yr old son has been having severe stomach cramps for 6 weeks now. CT scan said possible beginning of appendicitis. Doctor and surgeon say nothing wrong but put him on Tylenol 3, Flexeril, Phenegrin, Prevacid OTC and Citricil. He has appt with specialist in 10 days, can appendicitis last this long or could it be something else???

I can only relate my own story and let you draw your own conclusions on how to advocate for your child. Years ago, I started having upper right abdominal pain and was thoroughly tested for gallbladder and liver problems (liver was inflamed but gallbladder was fine)..two months passed..I was on narcotics for the pain...finally the pain was in my lower and upper right abdomen. The docs said I was constipated from the narcotics (I wasn't) and that is why both areas hurt now...two more months passed...I became very angry and insisted they do something. They reluctantly operated to "remove my gallbladder"...I came out of surgery minus one infected appendix (they called it a "chronic smoldering retroceceol appendicitis"). Nothing was wrong with my gallbladder and I still have it. I had been telling the docs for 2 months that I thought it was my appendix. Apparently the appendix can have a chronic as well as acute infectious state. My liver was inflamed because of the bacteria falling away from the appendix and flowing towards the liver. The entire ordeal lasted over 4 months, and the recovery from surgery was awful because I had taken 4 months of narcotics to cope with the pain before surgery and I needed higher doses than is usually called for after surgery to quell my pain (which I did not get because of poor pain management). I am well and healthy now...I fully recovered in about 6 weeks after surgery. I will pray for your child if that is ok. Bless you both.  (+ info)

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