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How do you know when your diagnosis of arachnoiditis progresses to adhesive arachnoiditis?

I am already in a great deal of pain with progressive worsening of neuropathic symptoms in lower back and legs. It used to only affect right leg, but now invovles left leg. Diagnosed in March 2004 after 4 lumbar back surguries in the summer of 2004. According to my research, arachnoiditis can be symptomless or if with symptoms, it progresses over many years, if at all. I feel as if it is worsening relatively quickly.Thank you.

www.arachnoiditis.com - Have you found this website?

An exerpt:
As far as medical history is known, it is likely that arachnoiditis (ARC) was present in the spines of some Egyptian mummies (estimated to have been buried over 5,000 years ago) in whom typical lesions of spinal tuberculosis were found. This dreadful disease is characterized by longstanding inflammation of the two innermost layers of the sac surrounding the spinal cord (SC) which contains the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and not uncommonly expands into the nerve roots, and the cauda equina, occasionally deforming the dural sac (DS) by scarring. This website is intended as information for the public and as a guideline to those affected by arachnoiditis.  (+ info)

Has anyone with arachnoiditis been given gastrographin and what were the effects?

I have arachnoiditis because I had 2 mylogrames despite a known iodine allergy, now I have been give a contrast media containing iodine for a CT scan because of Crohn's disease (bowel disease). Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know of any short or long term consequences?
Arachnoiditis is not a fear of spiders. There are three membranes which protect the brain and spinal cord from damage. The central of these is called the arachnoid membrane. Arachnoiditis is inflammation and scarring of the arachnoid membrane, which causes pressure on nerves and results in chronic severe pain and disability. No laughing matter, believe me, and potentially a nasty way to die. It is most often caused by injections into the spinal area such as epidural anaesthetics. In my case it was caused by injections of dye into my spine to show up problems on x-ray. All these dyes contain iodine, and I was already known to be allergic to iodine, but the doctor concerned obviously didn't think that was important. Now I have been given a drink containing iodine, despite my querying what was in it. I just have to hope it doesn't cause long term damage to my gut as it did to my spinal cord.

Seems a bit of an extreme way to cure a fear of spiders :))  (+ info)

Does anyone know a doctor who has had success treating Arachnoiditis?

Ther are some organizations listed here that might be able to assist you  (+ info)

what medicine should I take to help me with arachnoiditis?

There is no cure for arachnoiditis. Treatment options for arachnoiditis are similar to those for other chronic pain conditions. Most treatments focus on relieving pain and improving symptoms that impair daily activities. Often, health care professionals recommend a program of pain management, physiotherapy, exercise, and psychotherapy. Surgery for arachnoiditis is controversial because outcomes can be poor and provide only short-term relief. Clinical trials of steroid injections and electrical stimulation are needed to determine whether those treatments are effective.  (+ info)

who knows what adhesive arachnoiditis is? How do people deal with it? Is there any kind of cure, or new meds?

Adhesive Arachnoiditis is a disorder which causes severe, chronic, intractable pain. It is the inflammation of one of the spinal cord coverings (meninges), the middle meninges, the arachnoid and nerve roots that causes Adhesive Arachnoiditis. This inflammation causes the covering to become "sticky", adhering it to the spinal cord and the nerve roots as they exit the spinal canal. There is no cure and no treatment other than pain management. The source site below is a support group and might be able to help you.  (+ info)

Have you heard of ARACHNOIDITIS? It caused through the medical intervention from X-ray DYES?

It is a disease caused through the medical intervention from X-ray DYES, inflamation of the ARACHNOID membrane covering the SPINAL cord scarring disrupts the flow of cerebro spinal fluid, causing severe LOW BACK PAIN, NUMBNESS and CHRONIC LEG PAIN, BURNING FEET, BOWEL DISFUNCTION, SEVERE HEADACHES, some causes TUBERCULOSIS, MENINGITIS, SPINAL TUMOURS, ABCESSES, SPINAL SURGERY,or trauma by far, the largest single cause medical intervention such as MYELOGRAMS, RADICULARGRAMS, EPIDURALS (STEROIDS) and LUMBAR PUNCTURES, for more information go to www.aasqa.info and www.theaword.org

a severe disease has been warning to human to take precaution or to be cured  (+ info)

i have adhesive arachnoiditis,can my gp stop 1 of my tablets,after doing so well .he said i cant have 2 pain?

i wasdoing so well, on the 2 iwas taking ,now am in a lot of pain,he said i am not 2 have 2different pain killers, is there a law or some reason i cant continue with the tabllets i have been on for many years,when i have been doing so well; on dihydrcocdeine, and tramodel, i have been in so much pain since he stoppd the dihydrcocdeine,

Go back to your GP and insist on what you need.  (+ info)

i have got adhesive arachnoiditis,, is there any cure fot it?

it affects the nerve endings, ihad a mylagram ,25 years ago,myadil dye was put in my spine

I stuck the name into yahoo search, to be honest I was curious as i had not heard of it before. This web site seems to be able to inform you - http://www.cofwa.org/Arachnoiditis.htm  (+ info)

Relief of Arachnoiditis?

I am right at the point of not being able to handle the pain!!

Has anyone ever found any kind of relief from the pain and other symptoms of arachnoiditis? Or know someone who has?

I would like to learn what other people are doing to help with the pain!

Has anyone heard of using an anti-cytokine medication, like, Thalidomide for treating the pain. It is used in people who suffer with Rheumotoid Arthritis and Crohn's Disease. I read about this on www.govhealthtrial.com (I think) It is in the process of still being tried out.

If there is any information that can help, I would be forever grateful.

I've searched, for years, for some kind of relief. There has to be something!!!

Hi there girl..I did look up and do a little research on yhour condition...as far as natural ways to go..I have never personally treated nor dealt with anyone with this type of dis-order...but I do know I have had tremendous success with Neuro-reflex therapy...aiding blood flow back to injured area with therapeutic massage...as well as B-Complex, especially B-6...lavender is great to use as a topical rub as is Arnica, oral as well as topical...here is a number on something that is being tried..it is still in its infant stages and IS invasive...but you may want to check into it if you get no relief in other ways....1-866-493-9510...it is a clinical trial and you won't be charged if [email protected]  (+ info)

Arachnoiditis? Does anyone have information?

Long story short: 14 years ago, in perfect health, with sudden onset of muscle fasciculations (twitching) pain in muscles and joints, difficulty emptying bladder, about 80% decline in orgasm reflex, extreme spasticity (especially in the morning, trouble swallowing and walking) and episodes of profound fatigue. When this first began, I saw neurologists who did MRI (saw no MS lesions). Rheumatologists first said I had a positive Rh factor... two year later, they said it was negative. They just keep trying to push medications at me (Neurontin and Celebrex... both are useless). I've even taken antidepressants and visited psychiatrists to rule out possible connections (because if a doctor can't find the answer, he/she assumes that you are crazy). Finally, about five years ago was told I have fibromyalgia... but the symptoms just don't fit. Fibro does not cause trouble emptying your bladder!

The closest thing I can find that matches my symptoms is arachnoiditis... but most sufferers have a history of lumbar punctures, and I do not. If anyone has had similar symptoms, or can recommend a course of action, I'd certainly appreciate it. I've been slowly getting worse over 14 years, and I've come to accept the fact that it's permanent... but it sure would be nice to have an accurate diagnosis. Thanks in advance for your answers.

You were very nice in answering my question so I will try to help you.

Have you considered gout? I have known people that have been diagnosed with fibro but it was gout.

It still doesn't explain the bladder problems but a lot of times a decrease in bladder and sexual function is due to the natural process of aging or a dropped pelvic floor.

What I am saying is it doesn't necessarily have to be Arachnoiditis. It can be a mixture of two or more illnesses/conditions affecting you at once making it appear as one condition.  (+ info)

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