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If arsenic poison tastes like bitter almonds, how can you tell if an Almond Joy has arsenic in it?

This is a bit of a rhetorical question, but really, I'm interested to hear what everyone comes up with!

Well quite ohnestly, almond joy doesn't taste like arsenic. "bitter almonds" is not exactly a taste in almond joy. If you wanted to be sure, set afire to the almond joy, and if theres arsenic in it, it will burn in a different color. If it burns a weird color, dont eat it.  (+ info)

Indoor Tanners: Are you still going to tan after hearing that tanning beds are as bad as arsenic?

Now they are saying you are as likely to develop cancer from a tanning bed as you are arsenic poison. I really like to tan but now I am a little more worried. I just thought if you tan in moderation that it would be fine but apparently I might be wrong.

A couple of years back my mom went tanning twice in a month and got skin cancer!!!! I don't suggest it, however I do suggest the spray on tans, for the most part they are cheaper and when i went and got mine done it lasted for over a month as long as you use the lotion the salon has!! And also if your spray on tan is not up to your satisfaction the person who did your tan will let you come back in and fix you up for free. ps. my tan was done by a person not by a booth!!  (+ info)

what are the effects of arsenic or cyanide if taken?

because ive heard of people poisoning themselves by taking arsenic or cyanide and im just wondering what are the effects on the body other than death, and how long does it take you to die.

Signs of Arsenic Poisoning:
Effects of mild poisoning from inhalation include loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea. Effects of more severe exposure to arsenic include (1) 'pins and needles' tingling in the palms, or cramps in calf muscles (2) Heat and irritation in throat and stomach, a garlic odor on breath, or a metallic taste in the mouth (3) vomiting, purging with very loose stools (4) neurological effects including restlessness, chronic headaches, apathy, fainting, dizziness, delirium, somnolence, convulsions or coma.
Signs of long-term exposure include (1) development of white crescent-moon marks on the fingernails (2) a darkening of the skin, skin lesions, a skin rash and the appearance of small warts on the palms, soles and torso, mottled spotting of the skin pigmentation, looking like 'raindrops on a dusty road'.


The health effects from high levels of cyanide exposure can begin in seconds to minutes. Some signs and symptoms of such exposures are:

Weakness and confusion
Nausea/feeling "sick to your stomach"
Gasping for air and difficulty breathing
Loss of consciousness/"passing out"
Cardiac arrest  (+ info)

How can I get my water tested for arsenic?

How can you remove arsenic from water if this is the problem?

Call your water company. Do you have any reason to think there is arsenic in your water?  (+ info)

does anyone know how long a poison such as arsenic be detected in lab work on someone?

i have a friend that has been ill first with vomiting for months then seizures and all sorts of nerve damage as well as other health problems. i didnt know anyone could be as sick as she. her husband took total care of her as she lay ill. she has left her husband about a month ago. since they have been apart her energy has come back gradually, she no longer vomits her last seizure was one week after leaving him. we are very suspicious because his first wife died mysteriously with no autopsy. she is gong to the doctor soon to get some lab tests done to see if she was poisoned. does anyone know how long a poison can be detected. or is it too late since she left him a month ago. please i need some advice. her appointment is a few days from now and labs take a while sometimes. i know she has to wait for the results but i need some expert advice.

it can be detected in the hair for a long time  (+ info)

What do I do about Arsenic and Floride in our well water?

We've been living in our house for about a year now, and drinking the well water the entire time. I've developed health problems and needed an MRI, EKG, and some shots. My brother, sister and mother have developed health problems too. The only good thing that seems to have happened to us would be not having to move and our dentist being really impressed with the condition of our teeth.
A couple of days ago, we found out that our well water is has nearly 14 times as much arsenic as is allowed, 6 times as much floride, 9 times as much Iron and so on, so forth. We've been told not to drink or cook with it. My doctor thinks the only reason I held out so long(my families health issues started about half-a-year ago)is because I have low iron count and the water was actually improving my system.
The water doesn't taste bad like city water, it tastes pretty good. How do we fix it so it's drinkable? It's supposedly soft water, but the only solution we know deals with hard water. Please help.

I'm surprised that whomever tested it didn't also recommend a filtering system. You're probably looking at buying a reverse-osmosis filtering system with a carbon-block add-on. You'll spend upwards of $500 but it will allow you to drink your water again.

Reverse osmosis works by forcing the water molecules through tiny pores--anything larger than the water molecule is "brushed off". (That's not a great description but the best I can do w/o coffee.)

Your local home improvement center can walk you through the steps of choosing and installing. I did mine myself in about 4 hours. And if *I* can do it, you can. ;-)  (+ info)

is food poisoning less severe if you have a healthy immune system?

If you have a very healthy immune system, will the symptoms of food poisoning be minor? I realize that some food borne pathogens can be really dangerous and can make you very ill no matter how healthy you are, but for the most common ones, will food poisoning be nothing more than a bad stomach and diarrhea if you are very healthy? (I am emetophobic.) Also, do you HAVE to throw up if you have food poisoning. If you try to keep it down with ginger, antiemetics etc. , is that dangerous?

Far less severe if you have a good immune system.

People with weak immune systems [including the elderly and very young] are frequently cautioned not to eat foods that are perfectly safe for most people, like runny egg yolks and meat that is at all pink.

But once you've eaten something that disagrees with you, let your body get rid of it quickly. Resisting the urge to vomit keeps the poison inside, and you really don't want that.  (+ info)

Does all ingested arsenic bioaccumulate in the body, or are small amounts negligible and easily discarded?

Considering that virtually all rice in the US is contaminated with arsenic, it has roused me into asking this question. Each time you consume a bowl of rice, does the arsenic therein circulate into your bloodstream and bioaccumulate permanently into all of your organs, or, if eaten infrequently, is the exposure negligible and low enough, such that the body is unaffected and readily able to excrete the arsenic out without any bioaccumulation occuring?

If I ate a bowl of rice once a week, would there be any bioaccumulation of arsenic into my organs, at all?

yeah, but arsen is habitual, and if you start by small amount , you'll probably get addicted, and need more.
Why would rice be contaminated?
What arsen does anything good at all?  (+ info)

How does the body react to food poisoning?

I need to write an essay for science about food poisoning. The bacteria that caused the food poisoning is Salmonella. Can you like give me some information about how the bodies white blood cells do to kill the bacteria or how they react. And it would be great if you gave me some links too. Please I really need help. It's due on Monday so I need to finish quick.

A good link is http://www.medicinenet.com/salmonella/article.htm this gives a lot of information.  (+ info)

Can you get bromine poisoning from drinking a lot of Ale8one?

My mom told me that you can get bromine poisoning from drinking too much Ale8one. I was wondering if this was a true fact and if there's any proof that you can point out, like a website, feel free to tell me.

http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/bromine/basics/facts.asp  (+ info)

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