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how do I research if there is a link between Chiari Malformation and Scoliosis?

My friend has a 10 month old child that has been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation by one doctor, and another specialist has found that the child has 46% curvature of the spine. Where would i begin to research if there would be a link between the two? Any help would be appreciated, this child is due for brain surgery and two weeks followed by a full body cast two weeks after that. Thanks in advance!

try googling it and see what comes up
i recommend gooole, google articles, google scholar, and wikipedia  (+ info)

What are good movies; documentaries to watch while pregnant?

Please, please, please don't recommend anything that has to do with miscarriages or foetal malformations. I don't think the hormones could take it. Thanks!

Titanic  (+ info)

Does right coronary artery malformation, right on the left side taking the interaterial route need surgery?

My son was just diagnosed with coronary artery malformation, right cornary artery on the left side with myocardial bridging and then taking the interaterial route, between the aorta and the pulomary artery. They are not yet reccommending surgery. Everything, I have read recccommends surgical repair. . . . .

It probably depends on degree of malformation and the affects on the circulatory system right now. I dont know how old your son is, but they are probably weighing the risks and benefits of surgery at this time. You need to question the doctor further to see if they intend to do surgery at a later date.  (+ info)

What is the percentage of americans with Arnold Chiari Type I Malformation Syndrome?

Arnold Chiari Type I Malformation is a swellingat the base of the cerebellum at the point of connection with the spinal cord.

Until recent years, CM1 was regarded as a rare condition. With the increased availability of magnetic resonance imaging, the number of reported cases has risen sharply. Current estimates range from 200,000 to 2 million Americans with the condition. Genetic studies spearheaded by Dr. Milhorat support a hereditary tendency with a transmissibility rate of 12 percent. Women are affected three times more often than men. Approximately 3,500 Chiari operations are performed each year in the United States.

I had surgery to correct mine about 12 years ago, they had to cut off about 2 inches off the buttom of my skull.  (+ info)

does malnutrition in initial months of pregnancy affect mental growth of the fetus and child born?

I suspect that malnutrition and nausea in initial months of my pregnancy could affect my child's mental growth after he is born. Any evidence or anyone knows more to this ? I am really concerned that my child will have mental growth and slowed or other malformations.

Not usually, the child will take whatever nutrition it needs from you even if it's from your bones, orgrans...(not literally of course, the vitamins that are found there is what I mean), this is why a pregnant woman needs to have proper nutrition. I understand morning sickness can prevent us from eating healthy or at all but you must at least try to have some healthy and always take your prenatal vitamins. Actually eating small meals often reduces morning sickness, even if it's watered down soup.  (+ info)

How can I stop my toenails to stop catching on things?

My "pinkie" toes have nails that are double/split down the middle, and I cut them short and put band-aids on them but they still catch, is there something tha causes these malformations or at least do something about it? I apppreciate your time and thought.

cut them, file them, use super glue...

It works!

Eat lots of jello, or take gelatin tabs to strengthen.  (+ info)

What is this really odd malformation called?

It looks as though the baby has a bottle in its head. i need to know
No because I need the name of the defect to look up an image.

is there supposed to be a link?  (+ info)

What Should I pack For My Chiari Malformation Surgery That Is Coming Up?

Hey. well im 14 and getting Chiari Malformation Surgery this Wednesday (the 21st) and Im not too sure what I should pack. They said I should be in the hospital 3 to 5 days. If you could please answer this ASAP. that would be greatly appreciated.

he recommended treatment for an Arnold-Chiari I malformation is surgery to relieve the pressure on the cerebellar area. During the surgery, the surgeon removes a small part of the bone at the base of skull. This enlarges and decompresses the posterior fossa. This opening is patched with a piece of natural tissue. In some people with Arnold-Chiari malformation, displaced brain tissue affects the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Doctors may evaluate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid during surgery for Arnold-Chiari malformation. If they find that brain tissue is blocking the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, they will shrink the brain tissue during surgery. long-term prognosis for persons with Arnold-Chiari I malformations is excellent. Full recovery from surgery may take several months. During that time, patients may continue to experience some of the symptoms associated with Arnold-Chiari malformations.

Prognosis for Arnold-Chiari II malformations depends on the severity of the myelomeningocele and will be equivalent to that of spina bifida.

ndividuals who are recovering from surgery to repair an Arnold-Chiari malformation may require physical and/or occupational therapy as they try to regain strength and fine motor control in their arms and hands. A speech therapist may be helpful in improving both speech and swallowing.

a lap to watch movies and i pod and bible  (+ info)

Does someone with chiari malformation have a normal lifespan?

My child was diagnosed with 2 mm chiari malformation 1. Experienced headaches for years, but the headaches went away. My child also has epilepsy.

Yes. However it may need to be operated on. I am 25 and went under surgery for my Chiari last year when I was 23. I had started to devlop headaches and constant pressure when I was about 15. It would come and go and then when I was 21 the pain started to be there when I woke up. I even started to loose my balance and fall down all the time. I was constantly droping things. I was clumsy, like it was a hobby of mine!!! Anywho, I started gaining weight and becoming more and more fatigued and tired and EVERYTH*ING hurt so bad on my head and would cause an enormous amount of pressure and pain. FINALLY they figured it out. I had the surgery in Jan 2006. I started to feel perfect around Christmas and even lost all my weight I had gain. Now the symptoms are coming back. So I may need to go in again. I am very very concerned. However I know it can be monitored and taken care of and I will live a normal life!!!

I will keep your child in my prayers and everything iwll be ok!

Best of luck and BUG HUGS from NC for your worries!!  (+ info)

Living with chiari malformation and no surgery?

I have been dx with chiari. I do not want surgery. It seems to me that there are many people who still feel terrible after surgery. Does anyone have suggestions on how to live a full and productive life w/o surgery? Any medications I should be trying?

I was just dx with Chiari also. I have to have surgery because my quality of life stinks. There is a site conquerchiari.org it is a good one, but you really have to take the time to look at it to get all the info. If you want email me so we can talk, meds depends on the symptoms you have. Katie  (+ info)

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