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If I was vacuuming chipped asbestos and my shop vac started blowing it into the air could I get sick?

I was vacuuming asbestos with a shop vac, all the rocks and debris from a pipe were breaking up and cause my vac to expel the dust into the air. I was in the basement for about 3 hrs breathing it in. Can I get sick from this?

I think you need to be exposed for longer than 3 hours for it to do any real damage. you should be fine but if you still have concerns, i would go to the doctor for a second opinion.  (+ info)

What is a low budget way I can protect myself from asbestos?

I will be entering an older building that is known to contain asbestos. How do i protect myself?

Very limited exposure doesnt causes asbestosis/lung cancer or mesothelioma (things associated with asbestos exposure).

Still you can wear a mask if there is lot of asbestos or any other dust in the air to save yourself from irritation/cough/asthmatic attack (in case you are sensitive to it).  (+ info)

what to do when in your place of work there are asbestos insulation pipes exposed and deteriorated?

I work in construction in new york and this is the first time i seen this ,and i asked to the foreman of the job and he said that he doesnt know , but i asked to an electrician and he said that it was asbestos, i don`t know but i am scare that thing might be dangerous.

I would contact http://www.osha.gov/
this is the link for the dept for occupational safety and health.Tell them your concern.
You might end up not having a place to work until this is fixed. But on the other hand you "will" be able to work.
Asbestos lung is a "BAD" thing I know as a Resp. Therapist.  (+ info)

what are the chances of a gas mask to contain asbestos?

I bought a gas mask from a thrift store today, I put it on and without thinking breathed through it a couple of times. I started looking up on gas masks and came across that gas masks developed asbestos in the canister, and now I'm starting to freak out because I breathed into it and I question what are the chances of a gas mask (it is a civilian german gas mask, a "Zivilschutzfilter 68") to contain asbestos? I've asked people, and most of them said it would be pretty steep for it to happen.

Don't think anyone would sell a gas mask that has asbestos in it. They probably destroyed all those already. People with asbestosis were exposed to it for long periods (years), you only took a couple of breaths. unless you're feeling symptoms of shrtness of breath I wouldn't worry about it.  (+ info)

Would there be asbestos blowing out of my heating system?

I know I have asbestos in my house's walling. Does that mean whenever my heat blows that asbestos will blow out with it? Is there a way to know this?

No it is stable for many years unless it is broken, cut or ground.
It is very safe when painted over.
No way I can think of to detect it except microscope examination for fibers - highly unlikely.  (+ info)

Would it hurt me if I was exposed to asbestos?

Ok, my friends and I are planning to do a little ghost hunting this weekend, but the place has asbestos.

We've got surgical masks, but I read somewhere that they don't keep the asbestos out, so... if we were there, say... 12 hours, what are the health risks, if we wear the masks?

There are always health risks when exposed to asbestos. Short term exposure can be dangerous as well, depending upon the quantity of the asbestos in the air and how long you are exposed. I suggest you google asbestos exposure, read up on the consequences, and make your own mind up. You may not know for many years the consequences of your exposure. So is the excitement worth the risk? Your choice.  (+ info)

How do I know if there is asbestos at my work place?

I work in a nice 9 story office building in houston, tx. It was built in 1988. I work on the top floor so for exercise i take the stairs instead of the elevator. One of my co workers said he thinks the enclosed staircase has asbestos in it. I thought they stopped using asbestos way before 1988. The material he’s talking about is a dark gray color....it looks like someone blow tons of dust and dirt all over the ceiling. How do I know if this is asbestos?

What you are describing can be more than a few different materials, so a non-scientific (testing) evaluation would be difficult. If the crux of your concern is if the material IS asbestos, then that is something which can be answered. As an installed material, asbestos is not harmful. When the asbestos is disturbed (construction, removal, etc.), then they become a problem as the fibers get into your lungs. Dormant or untouched, asbestos should be of no large concern.  (+ info)

Does asbestos need to be smashed up to cause effects on the lung?

I am going to transform my garage in to a home gym, but my garage roof is made of asbestos. if i am going to be using the gym will it affect me in any way or must it be smashed up to give out fibres?

It won't cause damage to your lungs unless it is broken apart to release the fibers into the air. Once the fibers are breathed into the lungs, they remain permanently. The disease they produce typically shows up years later.  (+ info)

How do I protect myself from asbestos?

Me and a couple of friends are starting an urban explorers group. Now I know that one of the dangers is asbestos exposure in old buildings. Will a simple dust mask protect me? Thank you in advance.

You should not be disturbing any asbestos intentionally under any circumstances. If you want "protection" a respirator is required, at least a half face, with a full face PAPR recommended. Both require training and physical exams to use. A dust mask will be of some protection if you are not disturbing anything and just walking. It just does not rise to a good level of "protection".  (+ info)

What did you use as alternative treatment to cure and survive mesothelioma asbestos cancer?

Hi, I'm doing a new web site about diagnosis malignant mesothelioma titled http://www.diagnosis-malignant-mesothelioma-prognosis-claims-settlement.com and true stories about people diagnosed with mesothelioma asbestos cancer and USED AN ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT TO SURVIVE LONGER THAN 24 MONTHS . This cancer normally kills people within 24 months, but some survive longer.
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The ONLY treatment I've ever seen work (and work often!) is the Immuno Augmentive Therapy (IAT) Clinic in Freeport Grand Bahamas. They are run by British and Bahamian medical doctors, and are in my opinion by far the best alternative cancer treatment center in the world.
For some reason, their treatment (small injections you take several times a day containing immune system proteins) works especially well with mesothelioma, and they are well known for treating it, and often get referrels from Stateside and British MD.s.
Visit their website at either...  (+ info)

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