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Ascites, when someone acquires ascites do they die?

Without any medical attention that is. If someone suffers from ascites, how long do they usually live after having acquired it. I know this is a symptom of another disease and not necessairly a disease itself, however, considering that its liver failure, how long is it before they die?

Yes, ascites can kill a person when it from liver failure if left untreated and if the ascites continues to collect more fluid. It can squeeze all the organs including the heart and lungs and a person can drown inside so to speak. This fluid can also become infected which can be life threatening.

Anyone with liver failure knows that they must keep this unwanted fluid under control. The doctors give diuretics to try and control it. When the liver function is near failure, even the meds won't do the job. So they can do a paracentesis which is when they physically drain off the fluid. It's a simple procedure that provides much relief when there is a lot of fluid. There is also a procedure called TIPS that can be done to help control this fluid.  (+ info)

The patient is suffering from liver mass possible hepatoma ascites.Where in Bangalore is the best treatment?

The best affordable hospital in Bangalore to treat the above said disease

There is no treatment for cirrhosis. Liver transplant is the only available option.  (+ info)

What experiences have you had with abdominal cancer fluid (ascites)?

Girlfriend with ovarian cancer and ascites.

If you are referring to treatment . . my son had ascites that was handled by using lasix . .he than underwent abdominal cytoreduction surgery and hyperthermic chemoperfusion (heated chemo placed directly into the abdominal cavity) . . he didn't retain fluid after that . . I believe that hyperthermic chemoperfusion is done with Ovarian cancer as well:


http://sciencelinks.jp/j-east/article/200417/000020041704A0545290.php  (+ info)

What is the cause of my dad's ascites?

My dad had 1/4 of his left lung removed 2 weeks ago due to stage 1 lung cancer. 9 days after his surgery he returned to the hospital with ascites. He has had a number of test and cat scans which all come out negative. His enzymes are normal and the doctor said that his liver does not look like cirrhosis. He says it could possibly be liver cancer, but obviously just his opinion because he hasn't had a liver biopsy. He had a PET scan a month ago and the scan showed that the cancer was only in his lung. He had some lymph nodes biopsied before surgery, some in his chest area and some by his lung. Those results came back negative for cancer. He is also being treated for C-diff for the past 2 weeks and that is improving.
Any thoughts on what he could have and is it possible to be liver cancer?

I read your dad's medical history . I prefer to trust on your PET scan results! ; it will not demonstrate the true and exact anatomical location , but when the liver was free of any tumor in that study - also if there was any microscopic residues - it's impossible to cause such a massive ascites! .
My probabilities is as follows :
1 - Carcinomatosis ( previously neglected )
2 - Hepatic vein thrombosis ( due to para-neoplastic syndrome or manipulations around ,intra-operatively )
3 - Previous Cardiac problem that aggreviated in post operation time .
4 - Any neglected renal disorder concomitant with hypoproteinemic state .  (+ info)

if i had ascites wouldn't the doctor be able to tell from an abdominal examination?

wouldnt the doctor wouldve been able to tell?

  (+ info)

Is there any remeady for dismorphic liver and ascites formation in homeopathy or ayurvda.?

Take the following treatment:
1. Bring 8 fresh leaves of pipal tree and grind them in 1 ltr. water & strain, keep in fridge. Take 20 ml. thrice a day diluted in water.
2. Take Live 52 two tabs twice a day.
3. Drink chaach morning and afternoon.
4. Take fresh tomato soup with boiled potatoes mashed with bread (or make sandwich of boiled potatoes with little salt) with tomato soup.
5. Soak 10 grms. giloy powder in 250ml. water at night, make decoction on slow fire and reduce it to 1/4th, strain & drink once a day.
You will be cured in 3 days but rejuvenation will take 40 days.  (+ info)

If I'm not gaining weight, can I assume my abdominal bloating is not ascites?

My weight is steady but I've been extremely bloated and uncomfortable as if my entire abdomen wants to expand and feels hard....during the last many days. It's not a bathroom problem.. that is fine and I don't feel gassy. Can I assume it's not ascites if my weight is stable?

This is something you need to have checked out by a Dr to know for sure because there are so many reasons why you can bloat.
Several causes of bloating are related to diet. By changing your eating habits, you may be able to prevent or treat bloating quickly, easily, and safely. Eating too much salt can result in retaining water. Eating foods that produce gas, such as certain types of beans and other vegetables, can also result in bloating, as can drinking too many carbonated beverages. Lactose intolerance is another culprit, as many people suffer uncomfortable symptoms including bloating, after consuming dairy based foods or drinks.

Avoiding foods and drinks that are known to cause bloating is good preventive medicine, but there are also other issues to consider. For example, hormonal changes during a woman’s monthly cycle can leave her feeling bloated. The effect can be mild but sometimes more severe, to the point that clothes feel tight and uncomfortable. Bloat can occur during Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), as well.

There are many other health related issues that can cause bloating, some of them minor but others more serious. Irritable Bowel Syndrome can be a problem due to trapped intestinal gas, frequent bowel movements, or constipation. Constipation on its own can also result in uncomfortable abdominal swelling as can overeating.

While some of these issues, left untreated, can lead to serious consequences there are other health problems that should be ruled out such as fibroids and other tumors, cancer such as ovarian cancer, and liver disease, which can create excess fluid. If you suffer from bloating, especially on a regular basis, it is important to discuss it with your health care provider. He or she will need to determine the cause in order to devise a proper treatment plan.

One tip to prevent bloating is to avoid chewing gum since excessive chewing leads to more swallowed air. A home remedy believed to relieve bloating is fennel tea. It is said to taste like licorice and to have soothing properties. It is imperative that you consult with your health care provider before using any remedies, including herbal remedies, as well as before trying any new medications even if they are available over the counter.

http://www.wisegeek.com/what-causes-bloa…  (+ info)

Is chronic ascites with cirrhosis a fatal disease? Is there no cure except transplant?

Is a diagnosis of ascites a year ago a death sentence? There have been nine large volume paracenties. The doctor won't or can't answer a simple question. Is this fatal?
It's alcoholic.

You are having these symptoms because your liver is decompensating; in other words, it is not able to perform the most basic functions to process your food & medicines. The liver is a very tough organ and will function with little indication that it is damaged until it is so scarred that blood cannot effectively pass through it. This happens when it is functioning at less than 10% of it's capability. That is what is happening to you now. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but at this point a transplant is most likely your only option ( BUT- I'm not a doctor!). I hope you are seeing a hepatologist or gastroenterologist. If not, you need to get to one ASAP because any other doctor is not trained to give you the answers you need. I know several people who have had transplants, and all of them are doing great! If the ascites is due to alcohol, then you will have to attend a group such as AA for 6 months before they will allow you to be on a transplant list. Livers are very hard to get, they want to make sure if you get one, you'll take care of it. Best wishes to you.  (+ info)

how much weight do you usually gain with ascites and over what time frame?


You have ascites? And this question is your concern? Hun, your thoughts are severely misplaced. you have things a hundred times more important to worry about. Find out what is causing your health problems. Take steps to correct it if it can be corrected.  (+ info)

I have trace amount of ascites seen in the pelvis. How did I get that?

I was also told that my uterus is septate

Ascites is defined as an excessive amount of fluid built up within the peritoneal cavity. Both the abdominal organs and the abdomen itself are lined with membranes called the peritoneum. Between these two linings is a space referred to as the peritoneal cavity. In pathological conditions that result in edema, or excessive fluid accumulation in bodily tissues, fluid can build up in the peritoneal cavity.
A septate uterus is a uterus with a dividing wall of tissue (septum) within the uterine cavity. It can be treated with surgery if the tissue is thick, but if the tissue is thin it usually poses no problem during pregnancy.
As for what caused your condition, ask your doctor. He or she is the best source for your medical questions. Ascites, in itself, is not a disease, but rather a symptom of several other pathological conditions.  (+ info)

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