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How does someone look if they have ascites? Can you tell by looking? What does it feel like? Like fat or what?

Ascites is like looking at somebody who looks 'pregnant'. you also look at the eyes, the white is tinged yellow, the skin is usually hot(er) than normal and dry.
The gums are prone to receed (draw back from the teeth).
hope this helps.

Signs and symptoms
Mild ascites is hard to notice, but severe ascites leads to abdominal distension. Patients with ascites generally will complain of progressive abdominal heaviness and pressure as well as shortness of breath due to mechanical impingement on the diaphragm.

Other signs of ascites may be present due to its underlying etiology. For instance, in portal hypertension (perhaps due to cirrhosis or fibrosis of the liver) patients may also complain of leg swelling, bruising, gynecomastia, hematemesis, or mental changes due to encephalopathy. Those with ascites due to cancer (peritoneal carcinomatosis) may complain of chronic fatigue or weight loss. Those with ascites due to heart failure may also complain of shortness of breath as well as wheezing and exercise intolerance.

Ascites exists in three grades:
Grade 1: mild, only visible on ultrasound
Grade 2: detectable with flank bulging and shifting dullness on physical examination
Grade 3: directly visible, confirmed with fluid thrill (or fluid wave)  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of end stage live disease caused by hep c , how much time do they have after ascites ?

my sister has hep c and ascites started how long can a person with ascites go on , last week 11liters were withdrawn and this week 6 liters

Scratch all of that... I misread the question...
This is end stage liver disease caused by hep c...
The symptoms should match simply the end stage liver disease ---- which is liver failure... at which point you need a liver transplant.

The diagnosis is simply a buildup of enzymes and toxins in the blood stream ... some symptoms :

Persistent or recurring yellowing of your skin and eyes (jaundice)
Loss of appetite
Nausea and vomiting
Abdominal pain
Abdominal swelling due to fluid accumulation (ascites)

After this diagnosis is made, there is probably a low chance of survival and not much time left. You may be able to donate part of your live to your sister... or any living relative... it may be a blood type issue though. Good Luck. My prayers are with you and your sister.  (+ info)

I had an ultrasound at the 17th week and baby has an echogenic bowel w/mild ascites.Should I be concerned?

It could be the stenographer who did the ultrasound.it is also the second trimester, so the bowels are still forming.Go to www.mommyguide.com, and they have some info on this also.I was also told my baby would probably have gastroschesis, but it was the lady who did the ultrasound had noticed the bowels weren't fully in the abdomen of my baby.Well, they aren't at a certain time during pregnancy, they are kinda in the umbilical cord, but they did go into the belly of my baby, and all is fine.I'm also due to deliver this September....  (+ info)



Ascites is fluid in the abdomen that usually isn't there.

There are many potential reasons for it when it occurs and usually linked to liver function.

Can also be seen in severe malnutrition - (pot belly)

Always needs investigating  (+ info)

I have an 80 year old man said to have intraabdominal malignancy with hepatic metastases. What is this?

After imaging he was told it was intraabdominal malignancy with hepatic metastases but no ascites. I wonder what is this. The patient had been feeling dizzy and swolen legs sometimes. It is said it has to do with the liver. Is this a cancer or what?
What happens from now on in treatment and his health?

Yes it is cancer, but it is not liver cancer. Intraabdominal means within the abdomen, so he has cancer within the abdomen that has spread to his liver without any surrounding fluid build up.

The next steps would be to do a biopsy to determine the primary site, run some tumor marker tests and do other radiographic exams to determine if there are any other metastatic sites.

When this is complete then the doctors will be able to discuss treatment options and prognosis. It is not possible to answer those questions without knowing what kind of cancer he has.  (+ info)

What are the treatment chances for this cancer patient?

Ultra sound scan impresions are as follows for a woman of 55 year old.

Huge pelvis recurrent malignant mass with minimal ascites.
Bilateral grade 3rd hyponephrosis.
Liver secondaries.
Is there any hope for this patient's long term survival?
What are the possibilities of cure or relief in allopathic as well as alternative systems of medicines?
The patient is now vomitting everything that goes inside the stomach and having intense pain at the back and at the stomach.
As regards with kidneys left kidney has severe dilatation of pelvicalyceal.
The patient already had ovaries and uterus removed surgically 5 years ago.

I know that you have provided quite a bit of information but additional information would be helpful. Was the hysterectomy 5 years ago for cancer? Was it uterine or ovarian cancer? In any case based upon what you describe the hope for 'long term' survival is minimal with allopathic or complimentary (a term I prefer to alternative) medicine. I am 55 so this lady is young and I wish her the very best.  (+ info)

Ascites with Colon Cancer?

My uncle has had colon cancer for about 6 months. Now he has had ascites drained twice within the last month. Is this a symptom of worsening disease or mets? He thinks maybe the doctor messed up doing his colon resection, but I do not agree with him? Any ideas?

The ascites, the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity, can be due to multiple reasons. The top on my list would be poor nutrition. The patient may be unable to absorb enough electrolytes if the colon is too short. Yes, there may also be liver malfunction. Also maybe due to poor nutrition, hepatits, alcoholic liver disease and yes a possibllity of metastases to the liver that may be causing end stage liver disease.
Your uncle needs to discuss with his doctor his concerns and get appropriate answers for himself.  (+ info)

Drs. don't know the cause of constant ascites of my brother though diagnosed to be intestine tuberculosis.

He has taken medication for 6 weeks but still continues ascites. He has been hospitalized and the watery substance
has been taken out more than 12 litres since one month ago and still the ascites go in the belly. He has lost appetite from the beginning losing weight by more than 10 kgs.
Every available test tells no cancer in his case.

Ummm ... has he seen a doctor? Simple liver function tests should be the first step.

See a Doctor, get blood tests!

If you want to add more information I can answer better.
What medication is he on?
What is his diagnosis?
Does he drink, do drugs, etc.?
Any other info you have ...  (+ info)

(Repeat) constant ascites from intestinal TB for more than 6 weeks?

1.the history of the ailment
-55 yrs, male
-The patient had teeth implant with operation in the gum
in Jan. 2006
-His abdoment swallen sometime but he didn't think about
ascites since beginning of 2006
-Some pain on his waist since last July
-Some ooze from belly button in July but cured soon after
application of penicillin ointment
-He took oriental medicine since Febraury.
-May this year, he started to have ascites, losing appetite
and hospitalized
-Taking out 12 ltrs of water from the abdomen
-Dr.s diagnoses him as TB with symptoms but failed to
discover germs instead found ulcer inside the large intestine
-TB streches to peritoneum, intestine
-Having thorough check with CT, Endoscope extracted
sample check of cells, Dr.s found no evidences for cancer
-Dr.s don't know the cause of ascites
-Inh, rfp, emb, pga
4.present situation
-ascites,weak urine,no appetite,weight loss
Question : What is the cause of lasting
ascites in the following case?

1.Background of the ailment(55yrs,
male w/ diabet)
-He had teeth implant in Jan. 2006,
since then, his abdoment swollen
-Some pain on his waist since last July
-Ooze from belly button in July but
cured soon after application of
penicillin ointment
-May this year, he started to have
ascites, losing appetite and
hospitalized, taking out 12 ltrs of
water from the abdomen
-Dr.s diagnoses him as TB with
symptoms but failed in discovering
germs instead found ulcer inside the
large intestine
-TB streches to peritoneum, intestine
-Having thorough check with CT,
Endoscope, extracted samples of
cells from various parts of organs,
no traces for cancer found
-Yet the cause of ascites unknown
-Inh, rfp, emb, pga
-weak urine,no appetite, weight loss,

You seem as if you don't agree with the Dr. s diagnosis of Abdominal TB? Maybe you need some differential diagnosis?

Ascites is a condition where excess fluid collects in the space within the abdomen called the peritoneum and can result from serous (proteinacous substances), haemorraghic (blood), or tumour cells collecting within that area.

It can be due to a complication from a variety of conditions and present as a symptom for even a larger number of diseases.

>Heart Disorders<
Cor Pulmonale
Heart Failure

>Liver Disorders<
Liver cirrhosis
Obstructive Jaundice

>Kidney Disorders<
Nephrotic Syndrome
(to name a few)

I'm presuming they would have ruled out all the above with preliminary physical examinations, blood tests (Complete Blood Count, Blood Film, Urea and Electrolytes, Blood Culture), urine tests and lab tests (Chest Xray, ECG, Abdominal Ultrasound etc)

The Dr.s seem to have ruled out abdominal cancers by doing cytology (test on cells). But how about a metastatic cancer (cancer that spread)? If it's small enough it may not be picked up on a Abdominal CT (If that was what was done) and a full body CT or MRI could be done.

Also how about immunoproliferative conditions like multiple myleoma or malignant lymphoma?

Hope this helped in some way

P.S. Couldn't quite figure out what the medications represented. inH and rfp are probably isoniazid and rifampicin which is used to treat TB; not sure about the others  (+ info)

endometriosis and ascites?

what home remedy can treat endometriosis and ascites?

I do not know what ascites is, but there is no home cure for endometriosis. For most of us, it's something we will live with for many, many years and needs the attention of a good endo dr. Please believe, there is no cure for endometriosis, even some of the common "cures" you'll hear from physicians themselves, such as pregnancy. Wish I had a better answer for you!  (+ info)

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