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Has anyone been diagnosed aspermia?

This is supposed to be rare, but I would like o know if you have been told this, yet still proved to have children?

Just out of my teens I was tested and came up with almost negligent sperms (<2 million or so, which is practically impossible to impregnate). But I am having 2 kids (1g & 1B), after 3 miscarriages, now in their teens and young adulthood.  (+ info)

how come misnomer in aspermia ?

aspermia= complete lack of semen .. { but not.." no sperms in semen" as it name suggests ... actually that is called azoospermia }

I don't see how it is a misnomer. You can have semen without sperm - azoospermia.
Presumably if you have no semen there is nothing for sperm (if any!) to be in.
A in front of a word turns the meaning around as atypical (not typical)
Azoo + no live...  (+ info)

Has your man been told that he has aspermia, but still gave you a child?

I am desperate to find others in the same situation as us, as I feel so alone.

I have done a lot of study because my husband was told that he had no sperm; they did do a biopsy.

If there are any success stories out there, I would love to know.

Please don't see me as being nasty for wanting others to suffer, for actually I don't, but just feel out on my own. My husband does deal with it; not me very well. Especially, as I find that it is a rare thing to occur.

Has any of you or you know of someone who was told that they had aspermia?

my friends husband has aspermia they have gone on to have 2 boys but they r not biologically his they used a sperm donor the children see him as there dad and his name is the one on there birth certificate so he will always be there dad she did go through turmoil though when she found out because she wanted to carry her husbands children and it took them talking quite a few months to decide to go with a sperm donor but now they wouldn't look back because at the end of the day he has got his 2 boys that he wanted the most and he will always be there dad.

There is a saying he always says Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD

i hope you get to have your miracle child either way  (+ info)

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