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My partner has Asthenozoospermia, can we still have a baby?

I found this link, it doesn't say much apart from it is one of the major causes of infertility


You need to speak to a specialist, it could be you need IVF to conceive

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what is asthenozoospermia?

Is it curable? And how are the chances for the child birth after curing?

Asthenozoospermia (or "asthenospermia") is the medical term for reduced sperm motility. It is one of the major causes of infertility or reduced fertility in men.

perhaps you can log in here and find your answers :
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wat is da meaning of severe asthenozoospermia?

if any bactiria found in sperm, bactiria create any problem in pregnency

Asthenozoospermia reduces sperm quality, which reduces the sperms ability to fertilize an egg. There is no added risk of bacteria this way, not sure who told you that. It just means that becoming pregnant naturally gets a lot harder and sometimes IVF is used.  (+ info)

the analysis were done after 40 min r maybe a lil more to the sperm...?

my spermatozoides r 10 % fast moving,15 % slow,and 75% not moving,and i have 25 million/ml.is it very very low ??
the doctor said that i have ASTHENOZOOSPERMIA....can it be treated???
thank u


few more questions

1-whats your age?
2- do you suffer any other hormonal disorder?
3-are you diabetic?

try to answer my questions

there are many treatment available to treat Asthenozoospermia

no worries

be positive

good luck

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